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  1. It looks to me after much research, that only the rich are going to be feeling the pain of these China tariffs. Yes some items will increase in price, but items have been increasing in price every single year despite any of this China tariff stuff. Every single year our rent goes up which has nothing to do with China. So once again I see this affecting only the very wealthy used in the very richest of America. And as you have probably noticed the middle class of America hasAll but dwindled away. And the gap between the rich and the poor grow bigger and bigger every day.

  2. I spot some empathy on trump.

    On recent; I have yet to find ms's Clintons opinion on Andrew Yangs views and intentions. I see forward to her welcome concise ebndorsement.
    Dems Unite! Dont fckn fight!

  3. The same people that did this, offered subprime mortgages.

    Greedy bastards will destroy our country to make themselves rich.

    Notice in the stupid comments herewith just how many anti-American, pro-China, Leftist/Marxists and other assorted malcontented, subversive, miserable, misfits disapprove of what the Trump administration is doing.
    These are the enemies of the United States!

  4. Americans spend billions on Chinese goods every year and rising fast how is going to stop,, us cant make its own goods, the iconic iPhone is a pure Chinese cell phone which you all love

  5. Why faggots at CNN sides with CCP is beyond comprehension. Look at facts, US economy is fine. China is suffering. REPORT FACTS, YOU FILTHY FAGGOTS!

  6. Unbelievable , you morons the Tarriff cost have not even reached the consumer. If the prices are raised its because your Left wing business man is taking advantage of you . And blaming it on President Trump.

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