Hevrin Khalaf: Death of a peacemaker – BBC News

This is Hevrin Khalaf. A 34-year-old Syrian Kurdish political leader. As the secretary general
of the Future Syria party she campaigned in Arab areas
as well as Kurdish ones looking for all ethnicities
to work together. She was also a vocal opponent
to Turkey’s operation in North East Syria calling it an occupation. But on the 12th of October she was silenced. Video emerged of her bullet-ridden car on the side of Syria’s M4 motorway. Ahrar al-Sharqiya, a faction which fights for an opposition militia known as
the Syrian National Army backed by Turkey, was blamed. But they denied having any responsibility
for the death of Hevrin. BBC News Arabic has used open source journalism techniques and spoken exclusively to a witness to find out what happened. Nubahar Mustafa and Hevrin Khalaf
were old friends. They also worked together
at the Future Syria party. Everyday Nubahar travels
the same routes as Hevrin campaigning for the party On the 12th of October Hevrin Khalaf set off from al-Hasakah
around 5.30am with her driver heading west on the M4 motorway for the three hour drive to her party
headquarters in Raqqa. Earlier that morning eyewitnesses report that a military convoy was seen crossing
into Syria from Turkey. The convoy was a part of the
Syrian National Army, the SNA. Not to be confused with the army of
President Bashar al-Assad’s central government, the SNA is an umbrella group of 41 factions and more than 70,000 soldiers formed by Turkey in 2019. They’ve been fighting Kurdish forces in north-eastern Syria since the US forces pulled out and Turkey launched a military operation there in October 2019. Turkey trains and arms these factions. Then they are sent to the Syrian border to join the offensive against the Kurds as shown in this footage obtained by the BBC. Their convoys cheered on as they make their way to the frontline. The SNA faction that crossed the border
on the morning of the 12th of October and made its advance to the M4 motorway was Ahrar al-Sharqiya. This video, filmed by
an Ahrar al-Sharqiya fighter shows the sun has just risen putting the time between 6.30am and 7am. Videos shared on the encrypted messaging app,
Telegram, show them arresting people. And then executing one person on the road,
after taking over a checkpoint. On a satellite image we’ve been able to identify these features which are also in the
background of the videos: a concrete barrier this raised area this telegraph pole and a dirt road enabling us to locate the videos
to this point on the M4. This is the Tirwaziya checkpoint. This means that Ahrar al-Sharqiya were killing people trying to pass through
the very same checkpoint Hevrin Khalaf was travelling towards
at that time. So what happened when her car approached the Tirwaziya checkpoint? The car was shot at blowing out its tyres. Most of the bullet holes are on the left
hand side of the car. We’ve geolocated Hevrin’s car to here,
off the main road, near the checkpoint. The SNA faction, Ahrar al-Sharqiya,
told BBC News Arabic that a number of their fighters were at
Tirwaziya checkpoint that day and that they opened fire at a car
they claim did not stop. They also added that they didn’t target
Hevrin Khalaf specifically and do not know how she was killed. But our evidence tells a different story. This video shows Ahrar al-Sharqiya fighters
surrounding Hevrin’s car. There’s a dead body on the floor believed to be her driver, Farhad Ramadan. It’s at this point we hear a faint female voice coming from inside the car. We’ve amplified the sound so you can hear it. We showed the video to Hevrin’s mother. It appears that Hevrin Khalaf was alive and able to identify herself to the fighters
when her car was stopped. There is also further evidence
that she did not die inside the car. The windows of Hevrin’s car were bulletproof. Most of them stayed intact,
protecting the passengers inside. A farmer, who has
spoken exclusively to the BBC and has asked us to conceal his identity was travelling nearby when the faction
took over the checkpoint. The farmer found nine bodies
at Tirwaziya checkpoint. At 12pm the body of Hevrin along with the bodies of three other people were delivered to Malikiya military hospital. This medical report states that Hevrin Khalaf was shot more than 20 times. Both her legs were broken, and she was subjected
to severe physical assault. Leading us to conclude that Hevrin
was dragged from the car alive physically attacked and executed outside the car
by Ahrar al-Sharqiya fighters. In a statement Ahrar al-Sharqiya told the BBC: The Turkish government,
who back the SNA group, have not responded to BBC
requests for comment. Since the start of the Turkish military offensive in northern Syria Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan
has maintained that the military operation was needed
to stop terrorism and to secure peace. Hevrin is one of hundreds of people killed since the US troops withdrew in October leaving a vacuum in which
the Turkey-backed SNA group and factions within it, like Ahrar al-Sharqiya,
can operate with impunity.

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  3. Alot of Crimes like this take place in Middle East, Third country like Vietnam, Malaysia. The corrupt elites who also hold the chief of military even directly kill Innocent people with no hesitation. Trump is the first one who have balls to kill Dictator like Solemanie who had open fire thousands of Iranian protester

  4. More than 12 men against a female activist and her driverุŒ what a shame.
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  6. The murder of Hevrin a brave women ..by an evil regime…
    Jesus Christ the Creator and Savior freely gifts the grace of Redemption for Eternal Life…
    Allahammad only gives death..

  7. I said this would happen! Turkey and the opposition are obviously stomping any Kurdish nationalism to build their own power!

  8. She was in a heavily armored, bullet proof vehicle and they still got her !! That's a serious effort to silence a critic of Turkish aggression. If only her vehicle had the bullet resistant run flat tyres these vehicles normally have. What a horrible waste of human life…

  9. they fight everyday die everyday never safe and yet they are still breeding , people or animals only breed when they feel safe and secure , they are difficult to understand

  10. Why does the Nation of Islam always turn on peace makers, that fight for their peace and world peace (when I say nation of islam, I mean the number that, find war as the answer for everything, I still believe that their are muslims that walk in peace, it's just the chaos around them, stops them from being seen)

  11. Seems like anyone trying to stop ISIS are being killed. Solemani defeated them in Iraq 2014. Turkey has taken 3m Syrian refugees. After Turkey fighting ISIS in Syrian provinces for refugees to return, Trump gets all upset over it, now this and Trump slips up in an interview, said he was taking oil from Syria. Can now see why, right wing governments are forming all over the world. They all have the same political agenda. Capitilism and Globalism.. The Biggest crime against humanity.

  12. Those Criminal groups are like a Toilet paper they been used by Turkish government for implementing their devil agendas and soon they will be thrown away

  13. Sad music, jump cuts, pious semi-religious voice narrating a fantasy — It's first year media student manipulation of the mindless sheep who believe the BBC

    Hevrin Khalaf was a dirty little thief on the take who traded lives to enrich herself.

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  17. May those who killed her suffer a fate 100 times worse. God rest the soul of a peacemaker ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผโค๏ธ

    3700 INJURIES
    33 LOSE EYES
    21000 ARRESTS

    3700 INJURIES
    33 LOSE EYES
    21000 ARRESTS

  20. those are the ''moderates '' ''freedom fighters '' that will bring ''democracy'' to syria if assad go out of syria ? well the u.s.a regime and the lapdog nato say that

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