Hilariously rude Harry Potter throwbacks with Daniel Radcliffe | Graham Norton Show – BBC

Now, Daniel Radcliffe, presumably
you are familiar with Miriam’s
potty mouth, because… Or are you? You were in
Harry Potter, but did you actually
work together? Yeah. Oh, yes, we did. Yeah, yeah,
yeah, absolutely. But I don’t remember. I’ve been
told there was a swear jar
involved on set, but I can’t remember that. I don’t really remember
you swearing a lot in front of… I was probably careful
when it was you, but, you know, with the other kids
I didn’t bother. LAUGHTER He’s the lead. I was just talking backstage, if that’s what you call that funny,
little… ..grubby area. All right, Miriam. LAUGHTER Apparently, it’s 20 years since Harry Potter came out. Since we started
filming the first one. And your balls have dropped since
then, I can tell you that. LAUGHTER It’s a… It’s a relief for us all. I hope so. Yeah, because they were just wee
kids then. We get it, yes. It’s just… Yeah. It’s interesting
because Professor Sprout, which, you know, you were in
the second film and the last film? Yeah, I should have been in all
of them. Yes. And that was a grave oversight
and I’m holding you responsible. I told them! But, anyway, it was wonderful
to be in the two that I was in and I’m very proud of it. But you do get recognised
as Professor Sprout? I do. I mean, I think I’ve changed
since then but people do recognise me. And, funnily enough, in Lithuania… SECTION OF AUDIENCE: Woo! Lithuania. Are you from Lithuania? Have you come just
to see Professor Sprout? I don’t think so. Oh, the film’s called Professor
Sprout And The Deathly Hallows. No, but I was mobbed in Lithuania, maybe because I was Jewish, I don’t
know. I’m the only one left. Sorry. Stopped cheering now. But I just think that’s incredible.
You are being mobbed in Lithuania
and you were Professor Sprout. Imagine being this man. I know, what was it like? I mean, it’s weird and funny and I think the best way to see
it always was like weird and funny cos it
will… You know, it ebbs and flows and sometimes it’s in your life
a lot and sometimes it’s not in terms of getting recognised. And there have been lots
of very odd moments. I was chased out of a science
museum in Spain. But it was sort of fine because
everything was in Spanish there and I couldn’t understand
anything inside, so it was time to leave anyway. Yes. Um, so, yeah. But someone thought you were
something else in New York recently. Oh, yeah. Tell it, tell it. You know what,
actually, this did not come up… Yeah, so… So me and my girlfriend
fostered a dog and we sort of got our friends
to adopt it. This is unnecessary for the story.
There’s a dog with me. I was on the street with this dog and my girlfriend was in this shop
and it was very cold. Hoodie. I’ve got my hoodie
and my fleece, my fleece hoodie, and then a big coat over that and the dog was really cold, so
I was like, “I’ll just kneel by you “and stroke you and try and keep
you warm.” And then I saw this guy
look up at me like ten yards away and smile and I was like, “Yeah,” and just carried on. And then he walked past me
and he came back, he got about five steps past me
and then reappeared with a $5 bill over my shoulder and just went,
“Get yourself a coffee, mate.” Oh!
LAUGHTER My girlfriend came out
and I was like, “I don’t think I’m dressed…” I’m wearing nice clothes,
I thought. Yeah, so I was very… That was a wake-up call. Apparently,
I have to maybe shave more often. Was your dog on a string? It was not. I do maintain – because
the person that owns the dog has also been mistaken for
a homeless person with this dog – I think the dog just looks very
cold and sweet and vulnerable. Don’t blame the dog. No, no.

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