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  1. I am sorry about that verdict, I remember that night standing outside Toxteth cemetery gates in Smithtown road, my mother had only just died and it was dark, police cars whizzing past with their sirens on, I thought it was in Liverpool and my Dad said no it is not here it was an away game, they obviously knew what was coming. I am sorry it never did.

  2. I dont see why this was feds fault…they are responsible for their own fate…when you take the risk to go anywhere in the world…but these where a bunch of football hooligans

  3. Fans are stupid anyway, as seem from many videos of them going bonkers to breaking shit, starting massive fights, causing all out riots and such. Nothing of value lost.

  4. Unlawful, no law to excuse what happened exists
    Illegal one or more laws has been broken
    Criminal pertaining to the section of laws dealing with actions deemed to be between a defendant and the Crown.(cannot pursue private interests in criminal natters)

    It''s a heartbreaker but the only thing to do is learn the lessons and change the rules so it won't happen again.
    And mourn of course.

  5. A bunch of drunken futbol holligans doing what they do best: Get drunk, act like idiots, people die, THEN, they try to blame somebody else for their foolishness.
    Stupid is as stupid does people!

  6. Fake news never stops with these clowns. Just read two articles from fnn, SMH. Biggest black hole ever found,lol sorry but black holes are as fake as the moon landings. Trump's sneak trip to Afghan. CNN wouldn't even report Obama's failed trip to China. You clowns care nothing about the people of this country. TT-T

  7. What happened to the 24/7 impeachment news CNN? 😆😂🤣
    Must be trying to show they have a soul? BWAAAAAAAA!
    Trump 2020🇺🇸👍🏼

  8. The DemoCult members are in a “Walk Away” movement from this “party of corruption”. Hahahahaha!!!
    The Democunts are freaking the phuk out!😆
    -absolutely priceless

  9. Impeach… Impeac… Impea… Impe… Imp… Im… I… HAHAHAHAHA!!!
    The Democunt support is waning Bigly!😆😂🤣
    Trump WINS in a Landslide 2020🇺🇸👍🏼

  10. Choose your battles wisely. This one brought exactly ZERO people back to life, while keeping the families of all of the victims in emotional turmoil for 30 years! How much better might they all have lived had they found a way to reconcile themselves to the tragic loss and simply moved on?

  11. Oh come on CNN! Change that title! This is an absolute disgrace! Either someone on your end is being stupid or just an absolute cunt with a gross sense of humour! Seriously…wtf

  12. It was a totally unfortunate accident and must be awful for the families of the dead. Justice has been done. The unfortunate families should ask questions of the people who put on these football matches. The police don't, they are there to keep law and order. The Superintendent, surely wouldn't have done what he did, if he had known this was going to happen?
    If he hadn't done what he did; there could well have been a riot outside! Therefore he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.
    It seems the police cannot win, whatever they do! They are there, to keep law and order! Unfortunately most out of control men don't want law and order! They only do what they want to do and couldn't care less about the consequences. All of which they think they shouldn't have to face! They are not man enough to face what might come, but instead will make themselves the victims and then blame everyone, but never themselves! This is a world of sheer utter madness!

  13. আমাকে সাহায্য করবেনা। আমি জানি।আশ্রয় দেবেনা। আমি জানি। শূন্য দেবে, জানি। ১৯৮০=বিধান ১০০।

  14. This was a horrendous tragedy. But if there had not been gates blocking people from getting onto the pitch to escape the crush, this disaster would never have happened. David Duckingfield was not responsible for the decision to put up the gates, intended to stop hooligans and others from invading the pitch. David Duckingfield was put in charge not long before and could not have known of the many things, aside from the gates, that had the potential to cause a disaster. David Duckingfield made the wrong decision as it so tragically turned out, but he could not have
    Possibly have known that this would lead to the awful events that followed. It is right that not one individual should be held responsible, many, many were, so it is wrong for David Duckingfield to be singled out solely to blame. He was the captain of the ship, but the ship was already sinking by the time he was appointed her captain.
    This was tragedy for everybody involved, above all of course for the victims and their families, who have every right to be angry and disappointed, now that no individual or individuals have been found responsible, but this tragedy was a terrible accident, no one obviously planned for this to happen and for so many deaths to occur. Those in charge at the time will have to live with the mistakes they made for the rest of their lives, just as the Hillsborough families will have to live with their loss for the rest of their lives.
    The most important thing now is to ensure that such a tragedy will never occur again and the lessons learnt in such things as handling large crowds of people in a safe way will never be forgotten.

  15. I would just like to add that if the police had admitted making mistakes at the time and not try to put the blame on the fans then the unnecessary
    Extra pain the victims’ families have had to endure for so many years on top of the pain of their loss might have been avoided. David Duckingfield and others in charge should have admitted their mistakes and done the honorable thing and resigned their positions.

  16. Why do you care, CNN? Do you want something bad to happen in our stadiums? Not gonna happen! CNN, you don't get to decide when bad things happen. Nothing bad is happening now or anytime soon.

  17. If people had maintained a personal boundary space and just taken their time, as painstaking slow as it was, instead of pushing and rushing, this would not have happened. People in that crowd created the catastrophe. This is what happens when you mix alcohol with testosterone/ bravado.

  18. Hammered Democrat, obviously you are right that this happened here in Britain and not in the States, and because of that nobody in the States should care. Well, by your logic, the 9/11 attacks occurred in the States and therefore people in Britain and anywhere else in the world
    Outside your country should not have cared either, although there were some non Americans who were among the victims.
    I would not necessarily agree, but some or many people would have reason to believe that Americans only think that a tragedy is only one which happens in their country and if it happens outside the country, then it is not. In other words they believe that Americans only care
    Exclusively about terrible things happening in their country and could not care less about disasters that occur elsewhere.

  19. Welcome to the millions people spread throughout the world, living, suffering with disappointment from injustice to their black loved ones: victims of prejudice and racist crimes. Who feels it, knows it. I feel sorry for these families but at least you now understand what we innocent colored people go through every minute of our lives. Caught living innocently.

  20. 1 Trump tweets out his Rocky Photo. 2 Press goes nuts 3 Hops on unmarked plane to Afghanistan 4 Sends fake motorcade to golf club 5 Press goes nuts; says he’s golfing. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  21. The guy had a tough call to make given the propensity of UK football fans to sit drinking in pubs up until the very last minute then all heading to the ground at the same time, all expecting to get in and into their seats for kick off.
    There were huge numbers outside getting angry that they couldn't get in quickly enough and the cop obviously feared a riot, perfectly normal thing to think in that era of English football because that's all they did back then. Riot all over the country.

    So he took a decision to open the gate. Normal people would amke their way in one at a time, these fans charged in and the resulting crush proved devastating to those who were already in the ground.

    The reason the fans got crushed and couldn't escape onto the pitch was, again, English football fans fault. Due to rioting, violence and pitch invasions, fences had to be built around the pitch which meant fans at the front had nowhere to go when the drunks arrived at the last minute.

    I don't thik you can call what that cop did as criminal. The fans could have acted more responsibly by walking into the ground instead of charging in, puching and shoving.

  22. In the US, I would think the venue would be to blame because it should have capacity limits and exits in case of fires. I would think the venue would then sue the ticket sellers for bringing such an unruly audience. In any case, how could this be blamed on one man?

    Thank You

  24. I agree. An organization is responsible not one individual. They should be saying, not is he or is he not guilty. They should be asking is "who is responsible?"

  25. What happens when too many stupids get together. Besides some body has to play the victim card and use the blame game.

    Epstein didn't kill himself.

  26. Were the fans without tickets on trial? What about the fans that clearly could not tell when a stand is full yet still pushed and forced themselves in? Rip the 95

  27. Why would you think your purchased corrupt courts would find any damages against their 1% masters. So much human livestock for your masters to use and abuse.

  28. This was a real tragedy, but I can't believe anyone would have deliberately made a decision that would cause the deaths of so many people. What this was and is is a learning opportunity to make huge improvements in crowd management and safety.

  29. Thirty years for the wheel of injustice to revolve. Thirty years of incurring teams of lawyer fees. A career for most lawyers. A bonanza for lawyers and their staffs. Thirty years of defending the indefensible bought the lawyers and their staffs nice houses while some of the 96’s families are still and always coping with their biggest loses. Shakespeare was right!

  30. Wait, it took THIRTY years for a verdict?!?!? As flawed as our legal system is, and it is flawed…I’m glad that it doesn’t take MORE THAN A GENERATION to get a verdict in America. Am I missing something?

  31. Were there jurors in this trial? I would imagine not ‘cause half of them wouldn’t have been born yet or would’ve been little kids…and they wouldn’t be able to understand the gravity of what happened. I was in high school when this occurred so I know how horrific it was at the time.

  32. Britain is turning into USA's even more fucked up little brother. Fucking sad country, thank god you will be out of the EU. May your fall last as long as your Empire lasted.

  33. Margaret Aspinall does have the look of a person who is bitter and hateful. She's doing herself no favours by continuing her life loke this.

  34. That's the price people pay for paying to watch a bunch of clowns running around a field, scrapping over a bloated bladder. These people were killed by their own insanity.

  35. It certainly is the end of the legal road! But it’s merely the beginning of another road! The establishment think they’ve won! They’ve just handed duckenfield a death sentence! The people of Liverpool won’t be having it! They will have their pound of flesh! Watch!

  36. Reading through these comments has shown just how random the political pro Trump bots are – perhaps CNN should put more global coverage on line to show them up.

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