House Judiciary Approves Articles Of Impeachment Against President Trump | NBC News

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  1. All the Republicans face looks like crying in the shadow, not one is happy. Sad day for the future Republican party to stand up as one in 2020?

  2. A personal Christmas president for this corrupt president. 🎁🎄🥳🥂.
    He deserves impeachment , this will follow him to his death & Beyond.🥳

  3. GOP'S your vote will be on your opponents next election campaign ad.
    AMERICAN to see you have betrayed our country just serve one master Trump.

  4. This video needs to be preserved for history. Every single one of the "no" voters needs to wear the their vote like a scarlet letter. This is the day they broke their oath to protect the constitution to enable a treasonous, corrupt president.

  5. It is time for the Commander and Chief to activate the US marshals with military support to put down the treasonous coop and arrest all involved. All conspirators including the fake news reporters must be lined up against the wall and shot by firing squad for treason

  6. Every GOP "No" is a permanent blight on their record – history is written – permanently – in full colour video for all to see forever

  7. The traitors of the USA voted no to appease their beloved leader who they hope will enrich them. The constitution is dead

  8. I thought I saw some of the republican congressmen look down after they cast their vote against the second article of impeachment. Trump very clearly and blatantly obstructed Congress at every turn. Just goes to show you how low they're willing to go.

  9. Debbie votes Impeachment! It ain't over until it is completely over. Soon and very soon. Merry Christmas America and a Very Happy New Year!🎉🎉🎉🎉!

  10. Very serious indeed. Trump who is a wall street oil boy and even lambasted a 16 year old girl Greta Thurnberg who made the front page of Time. Trump is a danger to our country and needs to be removed.

  11. Talk about a bias impeachment lol! I can’t believe they even brought this forward? Do they think that people won’t watch the testimony’s?

  12. The Republicans showed that they don't care about the Constitution and the People. They only care about their party; a party that should find new members.

  13. How can ANYONE not vote "YES" on Obstruction of Congress!!??" Trump has obstructed in EVERY… POSSIBLE… WAY!!!

    Can ANY Republican tell us ANY way that Trump "assisted" Congress? Anyone? Anyone?

    Nothin' but the sound of wind.

    This is yet another day in history which will go down in infamy! Shame on the GOP Trump cultists!

  14. The Republicans are for Russias, just like Trump , Russians have paid them off, after this the Republican will be loat no one will v not vote for them again, ((( that is so sad )

  15. Hans von Spakovsky: Trump impeachment by House Democrats means a trial in Senate — How would that work?

  16. Demo….rats you just sign your job to the voters my vote is your fire start looking for a new job you ungrateful wordless Demo rats. your going to see the power of the voters and judgement of God hope you don't sleep good tonight 🤡🤡🤡🤡👹👹👹

  17. House Judiciary Approves Articles Of Impeachment Against President Trump | NBC News

    THE US!!

  18. This is the third impeachment in only 46 years. There's something rotten with the American political system. The entire thing appears to be corrupt.
    "The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable" as Wilde might describe this circus.

  19. Lottsa white men in suits. This display of utter childish nonsense is bought about by the culmination of 50 years of greedy, corrupt and incompetent government. It's so apt that it happened during Trumps administration.

  20. I think this is great! The crooked and corrupt House of Democrats following the leads of misinformation and lies by the FBI and their own fabricated charges are assuring Trump and his supporters of a big win in 2020.

  21. Flush this communist turd…all no's be looking for a new job….maybe bedbug removers from your buddies motels



  24. Right down party lines. Seventeen Republican "Nos" on both counts without the slightest regard for the truth. None whatsoever. Meanwhile, McConnell sits on nearly 300 pieces of legislation so that nothing "gets done." There are no "do nothing Democrats." The truth is, "do nothing McConnell," all for the purpose of allowing Republican lap dogs to bark at full volume about "do nothing Democrats.

    Move by move, accusation by accusation, disrespectful insult by disrespectful insult, oft repeated lie by oft repeated lie, every machination by the most vocal Republicans throughout this whole impeachment controversy has been straight out of a textbook: Propaganda 101.

  25. Those spineless republicans deserve to go down as traders and should be imprisoned for their willingness to be complicit to the crimes trump has committed

  26. What a farce! The insane clown president is but a symptom of our problem. The corporate coupe has long been a fait accompli. This …… well this is just Kabuki for the stupid. Bad Kabuki at that.

  27. anyone see whats his name judas next to nadler…. looks like someone hit him upside the head as to why he was covering his forehead haha

  28. The Democrats have been trying to over throw the government the majority of the U. S. Citizen's voted into office during the last election, since day one. They hate the fact that the people, put into power , a people's man who gets things done, and isn't part of their corrupt program. They could not believe that we the people , took back the power. They have done all they could to block and derail the government we put in power. We should have expected this behavior , as they realize it is the beginning of the end of their corrupt business as usual, political agenda, that's gone on for too long. The last election was only the beginning of the fight to take back control of our government. The real battle is the 2020 election. Now, more than ever, we need to stand behind OUR President and show our UNWAIVERING support for him. Just as he has stood strong in the face of this constant adversity. He has stood strong and so should we. Further more, ask yourself, how much work have these people accomplished while trying to weaken and overthrow a government put in place by the people of this country. President Trump has worked endlessly and accomplished more than any other. Even though he has had to deal with these non stop attacks. Can you imagine what could have been accomplished had these people worked with him rather than against him?? I say, Thank you President Trump! God bless you and your family! TRUMP 2020. !!! And to the rest, we know who you are , and will vote accordingly !!!

  29. The republickers put 17 more nails into the coffin of the Grand Ostrich Party. Their party will now, and on into forever, be known as the party of traitors, betrayers of democracy and enemies of the republic. So much damage in such a short time, epic sadness and grief for America.

  30. Those w/@GOP #RepublicanParty who voted "no" voted AGAINST saving, protecting & defending our U.S.Constitution. Let it be also known tht w/their vote against our U.S.Constitution, they have also violated their Oath of Office & they deserve to be removed, asap. TY.

  31. I am elderly, poor, and disabled. When working I earned $250K+ a year, so the gov loved me. Now? I'm dead in the water. Think Trump and his party give hoot about you if you aren't in the top 1%? Wrong. Remember this: Trump was NOT voted into office by the American people. Get him out of office, now!

  32. this process people is not a joke and it's not a hoax this is real life and this is what our constitution is all about.

  33. In 1996 the openly racist team owner Marge Schott said, “Hitler was good in the beginning!” She was banished from baseball for life.
    In 1936 the Nazis in Europe said, “Hitler is doing great things for Germany!” The U.S. and allied military annihilated them.
     In 2019 the Republicans say, “Look at all of the Tremendous things that Trump is doing for America!”
    What are you going to do about them?

  34. Pathetic republicans! They have put their party and their own interests ahead of the country in spite of compelling witness testimonies and first hand witnessing of obstruction from the White House. We have a presidential election exercise that is corrupted by gerrymandering, the electoral college, polling restrictions and any other type of dirty politics republicans can conjure up to keep themselves in power. Wake up America! It’s time for change!

  35. NO WORRIES PRESIDENT TRUMP We now have a long list of people(DEMS) we know aren't right in the head & the next 4 yrs will be dealt with

  36. Out of all the years Congress wanted to see that the word prejudice would never be or congress just show today how prejudiced they are and are being

  37. Gaetz was overheard saying that he thought the purple heart guy was lying and should be executed. Totally inappropriate for him to say that.

  38. The Republicans are afraid of Conman Trump. These clowns need to be voted out of office. Trump must have something on them. They know Trump is guilty but are too afraid to go against him. Shame on them.

  39. TRUMP and patriots much more intelligence than what the LEFT think. They TRAP the LEFT into power Greed in the House. TRUMP let the House controlled by the LEFT. So the American people can see the SWAMP revealing themselves their True Color = the Enemy of USA. They will be Wiped out in 2020 – WATCH !!!

  40. The Republican Party have no mátala or scruples nor do they care for the constitution, they all committed a grave act against the people of These United States of America. History will judge them for standing on the wrong side of history. The Republican Party has disgraced our great nation by not upholding the la of the land The Construction. May God bless These United States of America for we have now entered a Dangerous new era in our political forum.

  41. When it gets to the Senate there will be a majority of NO votes and that will likely happen fairly quickly. Not a single Republican will vote yes. Anyone who thinks otherwise is living in a fantasy.

  42. Wonder if this prez ever considers the kind of legacy he will be leaving behind, what his presidency will be known for. Impeachment or being voted out or being able to healthily complete a 2nf term without that predetermined 50% chance of a possible heart attack, he is like going to be past presidents, he isn't going to be a United States president forever and ever.

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