How to Catch the Latest News on YouTube

>>How to catch the latest news on YouTube.
Every hour, thousands of fascinating news stories are uploaded to
YouTube by news organizations, commentators, matshups artists, and
people like you. Here are a few tips to help you discover the
best news videos on YouTube.
One: The first place to look is Here, you’ll see the headline news of the
day in video updated every 20 minutes.
We service these videos through a formula that tracks the rising
stories across the web. They’re the same videos you can also find
embed into Google News. Two: Want to see what’s happening closer to
home? Just below tag headlines is a news near you
box where you can find local news videos.
If YouTube has channels from local news providers in your area, their
most recent videos will surface here. Our local news partnerships are expanding
so if you don’t show any news results show yet, keep checking back.
Three: Want to see what’s rising in the YouTube community?
Check out the most viewed, fastest rising, and most popular videos of
the day. These are videos tagged as news and politics
by any user so you’ll find a wide variety.
We also have a featured spotlight video that we program with feature
content every day. Four: If you are looking for something specific
then it’s time to search.
Be sure to take advantage of our advanced search options so that you
can filter news videos by location, date, or duration.
Five: You can also subscribe to the dozens of major news
organizations who have YouTube channels. Use our channel search functionality to see
if your favorite news organization has a YouTube channel and follow
their daily feed. Six: Finally, you can take news videos with
you by grabbing the YouTube news gadget and embedding it in your
web site, blog, or social networking profile.
It allows you to browse and to watch the top news stories of the day
from a select list of YouTube news partners wherever you are.
And, if you’re interested in creating and distributing your own news
videos on YouTube, check out the YouTube reporter center at

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