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  1. Does anyone know where we can find more about Mr. Savory's projects? Do they run under a certain project name, and is there more material about the steps involved to 'greenify' the soil?

  2. All the elephants killed for no reason.And he has the answer? Peoples greed and wars won't stop.Reminds me of the song the eve of destruction.

  3. Now you bleive why Indian worship.. Cow.. Elephant.. 😇🙏👼The most genius. .. Tamil people say… Nature🌿🍃
    Is God….

  4. Thank you for this fantastic presentation . I have been sharing it widely, this important message is so simple and logic. We need to work with nature .

  5. So You are responsible
    Day 0 ☀2017-18.. South
    Africa.. Now I realise…
    One small miss dessison..
    It effect.. My country.. I been world tourister.. I finding.. Culture.. Human
    emigration.. Same day my village.. Day ☀0 no water.. My 40 years.. Well
    3 months dry…. That time I was Alaska.. There is highly temperature.. I shign off my job.. I feel..
    It happen… I share.. No
    Blame.. Anyone.. Safety
    Up to you…

  6. to bad cattle also produces CO2 would like to see how the amount of Co2 that is saved is calculated. Nevertheless AWESOME talk. Especially due to the social impact this has on third world countries, who get a way of improving their situation basically on their own, without huge economical interventions from the outside which are susceptible to corruption and other negative economical and political consequences within that country.

  7. The global picture is not very fair…

    My state is almost entirely grassland, yet when you look at it from space any time past June, it's yellow and brown like a desert… Yet, I can guarantee you there are more healthy grasses in my state than rats and roaches in New York City…..

    Worse, all grasslands are going to be yellow and brown like a desert from space… Most grasses don't stay green once they get tall enough, and they cover vast swaths of ground… This is why it's not actually green in those areas; the soil is still more than healthy, still producing tons of grasses, but it doesn't look "green" from space…

  8. How to reverse "climate change"??? WTF does that even mean? So we can control the climate? control the weather? What imbecile believes hogwash like that? What a bunch of mindnumbed morons.

  9. I'll educate you all about THE REAL FORTHCOMING GLOBAL EXTINCTIONS: : Open a Bible and read Zephaniah –
    Zephaniah 1 King James Version (KJV)

    1 The word of the Lord which came unto Zephaniah the son of Cushi, the son of Gedaliah, the son of Amariah, the son of Hizkiah, in the days of Josiah the son of Amon, king of Judah.

    2 I will utterly consume all things from off the land, saith the Lord.

    3 I will consume man and beast; I will consume the fowls of the heaven, and the fishes of the sea, and the stumbling blocks with the wicked: and I will cut off man from off the land, saith the Lord.

    4 I will also stretch out mine hand upon Judah, and upon all the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and I will cut off the remnant of Baal from this place, and the name of the Chemarims with the priests;

    5 And them that worship the host of heaven upon the housetops; and them that worship and that swear by the Lord, and that swear by Malcham;

    6 And them that are turned back from the Lord; and those that have not sought the Lord, nor enquired for him..'

  10. I have thought about this and thought about this over the last four years since I've watched it, and I still can't escape the conclusion that his explanation of huge amounts of animals, trampling all over an already barren land in order to "green" it, is crap!!
    NOBODY in this very learned and aware audience gets it either. Every time they state the perfectly obvious, he quotes "Ockham's razor", as if that just changes simple physics.
    To me, he seems like the quintessential Pied Piper/Emperor with no clothes on.

  11. The only way to stop global warming is either to kill 6.5 billion human or at least neutering 95% of them, off course global warming will go on for millennia until all is settled again!

  12. I'm sharing this to my Instagram stories, please do the same to help spread the word. Allan Savory made a horrific mistake in killing 40,000 elephants but if we all share this video and help educate others, hopefully this education will prevent other tragedies and help reverse climate change at the same time.

  13. Shocking really. The guy offers incredible solution for humanity and morons give it thumbs down. Negative People like you them have no business breathing

  14. But not true in Europe. You will see large mountain meadows with cattle that eat grass. No desert. Only a lot of grass that would to be cut. But it is much better when it is eaten by cattle. Nothing else can grow in these areas, only grass. And cattle is a right tool, that transform the only plants that can grow there, grass, to something eatable by people, meat and milk.

  15. If every country abandon their military funding and spending, we might reach a fully covered green planet and develop the technology to explore habitat planet in less than 50 years.

  16. My honest opinion…?

    I think it sounds like a marketing video of the beef and cattle industry to sell massive cattle production in Africa as a environmental act.
    In other words “bullshit”. But ey, he’s the “expert”. 🤣

    I could post some pictures of green land and dry land too saying, this is before my beetroot smoothie, this is after. Therefore my smoothie makes the land green.

    What about;
    – biodiversity?
    – water use for the cattle?
    – mono cultural grains that need to be grown and watered for cattle?
    – Antibiotics?
    – Methane gas? (25x more potent than CO2)?
    and far more…

    This is a marketing gag to sell the people “Let’s start massive cattle ranches in Africa to save the environment”.

    Calories from animals require 8-10x more land than plant calories. Reforestation instead of deforestation. The solution; Plant trees, bring back natural habitats for insects, animals and plants, bring back natural animals, including predators, not cowherds.

    Why should I trust a man who was reday to kill 40’000 Elephants 30 years ago, in the name of protecting nature? No sir, you don’t have the solution. You probably have an interest in producing cheap meat in Africa.
    Like the dairy companies from Europe that go to Africa for „humanitarian advice“ and teach Africans how to become more efficient in dairy production. In a Continent where 98% of the population is lactose intolerant.

    Come on, this is a salesperson selling an idea that people want to hear. We can still breed and eat cows an save the environment at the same time.
    What a load of cow dung.

  17. Oohhhh, this guy is a livestock farmer telling the world that livestock farming is good for the environment.
    Marlboro is good for your health! Doctors payed by the tabacco industry said that in the 60’s and 70’s regardless to the 8’000 scientific studies saying that it kills you. Sounds legit!

  18. We desperately and urgently need Australian farmers to learn and adapt this technique. And our government should encourage others and be involved in supporting the greening of bare land. We could change desert land in Australia. Imagine what this could do to climate change?

  19. From a botanical point of view, we are in a carbon drought. All life needs carbon, everything, without it we are no longer. Plants actually need another 400ppm> of carbon in the atmosphere to really start to thrive, fire burning plants to make carbon (ie nutrients) must happen in Australia for plants to regenerate. Oh, and stop over grazing in the first place to stop localised environmental damage. Outside of those comercialised farms is lush bushland, did you forget to mention that? So all in all, anthropogenic climate change is not the cause at all in your example, but rather poor farm management and environmental practices brough over from Europe which did all the damage on the farms you mentioned yeah? So I guess your wrong again Allan. Sorry mate.

  20. What we need is perma agriculture that is attractive and open to wildlife. (*´ ︶ `*)ノ
    We also need to to use the plants that originally grow there, before humans got to it.

    The reasons that there aren't any wild species anymore, is because they cannot live in monocultures. (*´ – `*) ‾

  21. Now don't let the industry come by and say: Hey, now that we now how we can store all that carbon up in the ground by letting the cattle run around we don't need to cut down fossil fuels and we have to eat more meat to create demand for more cattle.. because I can already hear them saying that.

  22. Did he ever figure out why the land where the elephants were shot was becoming desert ? Because he said it wasn't the elephants

  23. Stop to war to each other, grab resources from each other – lets start to save the only Planet and grow renewable resources and use renewable and clean energy sources like sun and wind.

  24. Agree, but wild stock produces other greenhouse gas – methane. With the increase of wild stock, methane will also increase. How do we get rid of that?

  25. Ok Allan I found u about 4 days ago on YouTube and have been watching and hanging on to every word u speak since. I’ve watched u grow from a sexy middle age man to a even sexier man as years go by. I made a remark on another video of how painful it must be for u to live with the death of all the elephants. My heart breaks for u and the elephants but u sir are one of few who has done everything he can to make his wrong right. I truly believe God holds a special place for u and ur beautiful wife when u leave here and go to ur next adventure. Thank you thank you so much for taking your pain and turning it into wisdom and sharing it with us.
    Went to YouTube and ur the first name I type in on my Search and go to. I thought to myself omg I’m YouTube stalking this man. I would love to meet u one day, shake ur hand and give u a hug. U have become my hero. Will u be coming to Texas in the future? Arkansas? Louisiana ?Oklahoma ? How do other help support you On your journey to help others. I ask because u said in one of ur videos that u allowed game hunting in order to support ur educating of others. I live in Texas where hunting of wild bore and deer is a necessity or the deer would overpopulate and die of the Red disease. The wild hog would just over populate. We have 100s of thousands of them here.

  26. sorry but the prosi set in motion years ago are irreversible combined with the long term pollution from centuries ago ( did you know Gengis Kahn's troop was so large that they were the cause of desertification in some countries) sorry people but false hope? is just wrong so be prepared for a good ole volcanic winter….it will come..think, people.

  27. A.S.A.P. plant tree, make the planet green again ! stop the greed and restore our planet ! clean not waste use our resources very wisely,

  28. Not entirely correct https://www.fcrn.org.uk/research-library/holistic-management-%E2%80%93-critical-review-allan-savory%E2%80%99s-grazing-method

  29. The world needs carbon. We are made of it. It's on the periodic table. Carbon dioxide feeds the planet. Check out Dr. Patrick Moore. He tells the truth.

  30. this doesnt work. it reduces earths albedo by just enough to not really be feasible (EDIT: albedo is the value of how much light a body reflects back into space. basically an index about how light or dark an object is)
    so it is a little helpful, but far far away from being the best option

  31. Even if this is true (and I sincerely doubt that, as it doesn't account for negative repercussions of adding livestock – as George Monbiot and James E. Williams have suggested), given the pace of global warming, this is simply not going to work, as it doesn't take into account the wildfires that are already on the verge of turning all forests and grasslands from carbon sinks into net producers of CO2. Finally, Savory is not a scientist – he's just a farming advocacy spokesperson. This talk is not representative of science or the scientific method.

  32. I would look for other opinions about this affirmation… as it is difficult to believe a guy who has mistakenly ordered the massacre of 40000 éléphants. The science of this guy can be flawed!!! He should really explain what "mimicking nature" means (did he explain how 'mimicking nature can be put into practice?), as we all know that the meat industry is destroying the planet!

  33. i think it takes a lot of insight, reflection and courage to say, that you are in charge for killing 40.000 elefants. I think he is a good person.
    i wish all these people also in charge for environment destruction would also be as brave and comprehensible.

    the only think i dont understand. Why is he only talking about grass and not about bushes and trees?
    Lifestock can also live from bushes and trees. so we need complexer ecosystems than only grass land.

    And i think lifestock has to be a little smaller. There has to be smaller droves. We cannot have these massive droves anymore.

  34. Guys, at first I was so amazed watching this. I wondered why this information isn't more public so more people could apply this solution. Turns out Mr. Savory for whatever reason is spreading false claims and his solution isn't a solution at all. The following video debunks his lies and brings forth actual solutions : https://youtu.be/_EDpuQMpyYw
    I would prefer the truth over anything. This comment might come across like I'm trying to take your hope away or make this man look bad, but that's really not my intention. I think in the times of climate change we all have to work together and make reflective, effective decisions 😊

  35. All lies. Animals help the ground keep most of the co2 by just stumping on it, defecating, re-grazing. I've grown up around animal farms, I've never seen more lush green grass than in grass raised animal farms.

  36. The great kill of bison (Buffalo) in the US did this in this country. The buffalo killers killed approximately 90,000,000 buffalo to render the native tribes helpless, and starving. That is what destroyed the wide grasslands here. It was the fecal matter and the hoofs of the buffalo that nurtured the grasslands. In order to plow through the grass, it was necessary to develop "breaker" plows to cut through the heavy mat of grass in order to plant anything.

    I suggest that today arable lands need a fallow/grazing cycle. Crop farmers permit a live-stock farmer to graze his herd on their lands in a planned cycle. That way, arable lands get naturally refreshed.

  37. Oh my, I can't believe the wonderful comments and Knowledge! I just now came aware of the comments! Honestly I have never had anyone respond positively, I tried to share things like this with people and often get "your crazy" as a response. I've been trying to figure out the science of it which is why I looked it up and found this video! I have tears rolling down my cheeks! It is enough to have the result and the the appreciation from the plants, and birds, and creatures and know God is smiling at us and surrounding us! I must always be thankful of that! However, I must say that there is another type of healing and joy that I feel now! To have connected with so many other humans who understand and get to partake in an actual conversation about a matter. so close to my heart! Thank You all so much for sharing your thoughts and knowledge! I need time to read through the comments and digest it all! I will comment again and respond! think this is beautiful that so many out there understand this and I had no idea I just stumbled upon it myself! In fact I have a couple ideas that I think may have played a part in attracting the rain and I would love to share it and get some feedback! Thanks again, for this great unexpected news! I look forward to talking to you again soon!

  38. Sounds like we need more cattle ranches and every country and every place in the world. G's is that mean we all start getting to eat steak?

  39. Yes but we should increase the buffalo population in North America and each region with its native animals not just cows ….please. Haha.

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