How to identify Fake News in India | By Dhruv Rathee

The phenomenon of fake news like WhatsApp ,Photoshop and fake article I have already mentioned in previous videos that How the fake news are spreading But nowadays The phenomena of fake news is increased day by day which that turns to death On 31 May 2017 in Jharkhand Seven people are lynched by mob They killed believing in fake WhatsApp Message Now you can see the dangerous phenomena of fake news From this you can also be killed So it is important to know how to fight against fake news In this video I would like to tell you How to spot Fake News How to identify fake news How to distinguish between fake news and real news Lets see The first source of fake news is WhatsApp forward For WhastApp forward , I have a simple advice If WhatsApp forward has a simple text without any source link then don’t believe because the chances,it would be fake Specially if it has Praised anybody or insulting somebody These are the two purpose for spreading fake news Praise somebody which is High positive Or insult somebody which is Highly Negative if it has only text then don’t believe it would be fake if you want to know the text is fake r not for that you just want to search the keyword in Google Search the main content in Google from the Google Search Results you can know the content is fake are real. Now i will show you the Example Recently One of the famous fake WhatsApp Message is gone Viral Congratulations Modi has been declared the best PM by UNESCO Now Search the Main keyword in Google Modi best PM UNESCO See After Searching the Result shows fake news , Hoax like this you can know this is fake news Similarly now one of the Message got Viral Unite Nation honours Mamata Banerjee for public service To see this news is fake r real Google it as mamta banerjee un award from this Google Results you can know this is real news,because there is not any mention about fake news Here all News websites has same News which is all Credible top Mainstream News papers Outside of Politics also it happens One company defame to other company Just like one fake WhatsApp Message as Cancer causing Blood has been mixed in to Pepsi To defame Pepsi the opposition company may be forward this fake Message The next Dangerous is Photoshops Those who are doing Photoshops they also have same agenda of those who are WhatsApp forward Praise someone Or to Insult ,defame If you see photos like any from this two then you can suspect it may be photoshope How can we identify it is Photoshoped or not ? To know Use Reverse Google Image Search Download that Image and upload it in I will show you the example This is Yogi Adityanath Photo which shows it defame him Just download this image and upload it in you can get Search Results like in Google Where the photos has been used After seeing the Search result we can easily know the left side image is photoshoped from the right side of image This image is photoshoped Now 3rd thing is Fake News Articles here you should need to Check the Websites name which you are reading If the Website is from Mainstream media like Indian Express, Times of India,Hindustan Times, Economics Times then 99% of the times it is true The 1% which is not true , We will talk about later If the Websites is not above , then you need to see the Websites name Mostly Similar sounding names from Mainstream websites are being used For Example which they have fake website Lots of fake messages has been spread from This is fake news Website. There are lot of fake Websites is there Which has similar sounding names of Mainstream Websites They spreads fakes news Here they call Independent blogs but they also spreads fake news and propaganda regularly. The well known fake blogs i have collected Don’t believe from this listed blogs Because they will not mention any source and regularly spreading fake news , which also have many proofs To Identify fake news i would like to give u more tips Check your bias Mostly if you not like someone and to need to know bad about him.if you read it without any knowledge and you shared it This is one of the reason of spreading fake news It is important to control our Bias Whenever you have doubts in nay news Google it Using this techniques which i have shown. Fake news always attacks our Emotions , happiness angryness, sadness ,enticement Our tendency is increased to sharing the fake news Similarly Don’t trust any Government agencies and any Government officials tweets Because lots of cases we have seen that where our politicians , Ministers sharing the fake news. after all this one good thing is Some fact checking websites are there SMHoaxSlayer and AltNews Visit this page they will give regular Updates about fake news The 1% of fake news in Mainstream media is also spreading From this websites you may know which news is fake .Regularly The new people who have not subscribed they can also think Which I make videos Is fake or Real ? How you can know. Good Question .if you taught In my all videos you can see Whenever i say facts the News paper cutting is shown in video If you search that cutting headlines in Google then you can get the actual source Source is the differentiating factor Which is used to know Who is creating Factual real Videos Who is just spreading lies without any source You can spot it I expect that you like my videos and you have got some information Share this Video to fight with fake news For all Updates Do follow my Social media Instagram, Twitter , Facebook We will see in Next video . Thank You

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  1. विषय :- जनरल जाति वालो के साथ हो रहे जुल्म की इंतहा का बयान :-

    ( चंद वोटो की खातिर देश के नेता जनरल जाति वालो पर इतना जुल्म कब तक करेगे )

    मानयीय प्रधानमंत्री एवं देश के जिम्मेदार न्यायधीश इस व्यवस्था पर जोर दे जनरल जाति पर जुल्म ना हों :—-

    *पता नहीं इस पोस्ट को किसने लिखा है लेकिन सभी मित्रों से निवेदन है कि इसे पढ़ें अवश्य और संभव हो सके तो फॉरवर्ड भी करें*।

    एक सज्जन से एक सवाल पूछा गया कि भारत में जनरल कैटेगरी वाला होने पर आपका क्या अनुभव है तो उन्होंने जो जबाब दिया, उसे पढ़िए…….. (हिंदी में अनुवाद)

    प्रवेश परीक्षा:
    मेरा स्कोर :192
    उसका स्कोर :92
    जी हाँ हम एक ही कॉलेज में पढ़े…..
    College Fees,
    मेरी हर सेमिस्टर की फी 30200. (मेरे परिवार की आय 3 lacs से कम है..)
    उसकी हर सेमिस्टर की फी 6600. (उसके माता और पिता दोनों अच्छा कमा रहे हैं……उसके माता पिता दोनों की आय 6 lacs से अधिक )
    जी हाँ हम दोनों एक ही होस्टल में रहते थे…
    Mess Fees,
    मैंन 15000/- हर सेमिस्टर के देता था….
    वो भी 15000 हर सेमिस्टर के देता था लेकिन सेमिस्टर के अंत में वो उसे रिफंड होते थे…..
    जी हाँ हम एक ही मेस में खाते थे….
    Pocket Money,
    मेरा खर्चा 5000 था जो कि मैं ट्यूशन और थोड़ा बहुत अपने पिता से लेता था…
    वो10000 खर्चा करता था जो कि उसे स्कॉलरशिप के मिलते थे…
    जी हाँ हम एक साथ पार्टी करते थे….
    CAT 2015,
    मेरा स्कोर : 99 percentile. (किसी IIM से एक मिसकॉल का इंतज़ार रहा.)
    उसका स्कोर : 63 percentile. ( IIM Ahemedabad के लिए सलेक्ट हुआ)
    जी हाँ ऐप्टीट्यूड और रीजनिंग उसे मैंने पढ़ाया था….
    OIL Campus recruitement,
    *मैं : Rejected*. (My OGPA 8.1)
    *वो : selected*. (His OGPA 6.9)
    जी हाँ हमने एक ही कोर्स पढ़ा था…
    GATE Score,
    मेरा स्कोर : 39.66 (डिसक्वालीफाईड सो INR 1,68,000 की स्कॉलरशिप भी हाथ से गई )
    उसका स्कोर : 26 (क्वालीफाईड और INR 1,68,000 के साथ-साथ अतिरिक्त स्कॉलरशिप भी)
    जी हाँ हमने एक जैसे नोट्स शेयर किये थे…
    कौन हूँ मैं ????

    मैं भारत में एक जनरल कैटेगरी का छात्र हूँ…
    दिमाग में बस कुछ सवाल हैं…..

    क्या उसके पास चलने के लिए दो पैर नहीं हैं ??

    क्या उसके पास लिखने या काम करने के लिए दो हाथ नहीं हैं ??

    क्या उसके पास बोलने के लिए मुंह नहीं है ??
    क्या उसके पास सोचने के लिए दिमाग नहीं है ??
    अगर हैं तो फिर हम दोनों को एक जैसा ट्रीटमेंट क्यों नहीं मिलता ???
    मेरे साथ हर कदम पर अन्याय क्यू जनरल कैटिगरी का होने की वजह से।??

    ये बात राजनितिक पार्टीयो के बजाय देश के सम्माननीय. न्यायालय के सभी महानुभावों तक पहुंचे
    तब तक forward करे
    ताकि देश आरक्षण की दीमक से बरबाद होने से बच जाये।सहमत हो तो फॉरवर्ड करना वरना इसे यही पड़े रहने देना
    Sir is message ki reality k bare me kch sear h krke btaiye. Ye bhut viral ho rah a

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