How to Speak Like a Canadian – 21 Funny Canada Slang Words and Phrases

that’s good eh? yeah yeah that’s good Oh Canada! oh so patriotic it is hey everybody we are celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday this weekend and we are so excited because Canada’s getting old old by our standards but not by everybody else’s I don’t think yeah exactly and to celebrate we thought that we would teach you how to speak Canadian because we’re a little bit different up here in the
great white north and if you come to visit us you might get a little bit confused by the way we speak well these things that we’re going to go through today will teach you a few words a few a few phrases a few how to say a few things so when you do come up here you will fit in the first word we want to
teach you is something that every Canadian uses from birth I think it’s
the first word I said when I spoke it is the word eh there was a dramatic pause there that was a very dramatic pause you have to learn how to say the word eh properly everybody always puts emphasis on eh and it shouldn’t be that it should just be a easy flow with the sentence exactly and when you use the word eh it’s just to add a question to something so if you’re asking a question we just put eh at the end of it like if you meet me and you find out I’m Canadian
you can come up to me when we’re traveling and say oh so you’re Canadian eh? so let’s do a little bit of a breakdown of the words that you need to know when you come to Canada ok Dave, What do Canadians call a backpack a knapsack ok what do we call a couch a chesterfield Chesterfield what do we call the letter
that comes after Y Zed what do we call underwear gitch it’s true well let’s move on to something a little more sensible ok do we have Do we have any sense up here? of course sticking with the tradition of
shortening things when we go to the beer store and we want to buy a case of beer what
do we ask for well we asked for a 2/4 because there’s 24 beers in a case of
beer now most people call it a case or I know in Australia they call it a flat a
beer and they get a really good laugh out of us calling it two four but that’s
just logical if there’s 24 beer I get a case of two
four and I’m going to drink for the weekend and then you know what’s even
better is we have a long weekend at the beginning of every summer that is a
queen Victoria’s birthday its Victoria Day It’s what the traditional name is
called but Canada calls it My 2-4 Weekend we know that we pick up a 2/4 of
beer and then we go up to the cottage we grab a Timmy’s on the way because it’s
always a three-hour drive to the cottage because everywhere you go in Canada is a long drive and then we drink our beer all May to for a weekend long ok what’s Timmy’s is our National Coffee store yeah it’s our coffeehouse It’s our really that like at national source of pride a Canadian icon started at hockey player Tim Horton only do you need to know that it’s
called Timmy’s but you have to know how to order when you go If you pull up to
a drive-through Dave what do you order? i order a large double-double you’re probably going what the heck is a large double-double well it’s a large coffee
with two cream and two sugars oh yeah that’s Canadian slang a large
double-double what’s next Deb I would say the next thing that Canadians have a pet peeve with is when people say to us oh you’re Canadian eh are you gonna go oot and aboot Canadians do not say and
aboot no that does not feel good on the ears don’t I’ll ever say that We say oat and a-boat that’s how we talk about it’s more back in the throat oat you know and about is more like a boat not a boot Not a boot you put on your foot But a boat that you go rowing in yeah that’s exactly it. so it’s aboat four o’clock that’s how we say it not it’s a boot four o’clock so let’s hear everybody is
said about four I just said a boot What do we call a small bottle of booze a Mickey 375 mil what do we call a brown-noser a a keener you’re a keener what do you call a guy’s potbelly why that’s a Molson muscle and why you call it a molson muscle well because
we’re very good at drinking beer our beer is made by Molson and hey it does a good job of building up this muscle they work very yeah the men up here work
really hard on that Molson Muscle there’s a little bit of pride there now I thought the whole world knew that we called our $1 coin a loonie I thought so too. but I was telling some people when we were in Istanbul a couple months ago and they were like you call your currency a loonie? and this is what a loonie is people it’s our one dollar coin Dave why do Canadians call our one dollar coin
a loonie? well you know it’s actually for a really good reason because in Canada as you know we’re very practical it’s call things what they actually are it’s because on our loonie is an actual picture of a loon. a loon is a bird that goes, coo coo Well, the call of the loon So when you’re sitting on your deck at your cottage consuming
one of your two fours Or perhaps perhaps having a Timmy’s you can listen to the call of the Loon oh I know one other thing. okay it’s washroom oh yes that’s what we call our toilets up here it’s not toilet
it’s not bathroom It’s not ladies room, it’s not powder room it’s not water closet there’s so many
different names it’s actually washroom yeah we call it a washroom because you go in there you go to the washroom and you wash your hands we call trainers I guess
or sneakers or tennis shoes runners yeah any sort of athletic type
shoes is called a runner up here so you can run in any type of athletics shoe we’re not we’re not prejudiced against what kind of shoes you wear no we call it all the same I call them running shoes tat’s what I personally calls them all my
life like I said I need a new pair of running shoes not sneakers I never ever called them sneakers now we don’t just have the loonie Toonie came about just because it sort of made sense and it rhymes with loonie what do we call macaroni and cheese that’s KD I don’t think anybody who
is not Canadian will guess what this word means are you ready pogie who knows what pogie means you know it’s not like a stick you jump on it’s not like uh uh the wiener on a stick no, pogie is our um, slang term it’s a slang term for unemployment or social assistance yeah well no we don’t call it social assistance up here we call it unemployment if you get laid off from work It’s pogie. yeah, you go collect your pogie. okay the next thing that is very Canadian is something that we all wear in the wintertime we wear something called a tuque what a tuque is, is it’s a hat it’s usually a wool hat or something very warm that comes down over your ears and usually it has a pom-pom on the top as well that’s very very
Canadian and we call that a tuque so if you’re wondering what a tuque is, it keeps your head warm and it’s quite fashionable and one final word work on learning how to apologize apologize to a table if you run into it apologize to a pole if you run into it apologize to the person that runs into you that’s what we do we always say I’m sorry to everything and that brings us to the end
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  1. When I be a grown up I'll go to Canada now I live in North America I'm going to be an adult I'll go to Canada

  2. So true. But ginch instead of gitch. May long weekend instead of May 2-4. 2-4 of beer is a pack of 8, and a 24 pack is a case. Mickey is a flask.

  3. This was awesome! But, I gotta say, I am from the East Coast and I have never heard the word "gitch" before. 😅

  4. In Labrador, we say say out which sounds similar to oot but not oot, neither oat. It's between those two like owt and abowt.

    Lunch is known as dinnertime and dinner is called supper.

  5. Good video with useful tips.
    However I don’t get why foreigners think that the Canadian dialect is to say “oot” when it clear is heard as “oat”.

  6. A lot of the stuff that they said we don’t actually say in Canada some of the stuff they actually say though

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