How Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 Should Have Ended

She is so perfect. She’s like the most amazing like, half human, l half vampire baby ever. I know. She’s beautiful. I mean there’s like nothing strange about this baby at all. She’s so hot! Omegherd! (sigh) Can I make out with your infant? How Twilight: Breaking Dawn- Part 2 Should Have Ended (battle sounds) And that’s your future. Oh my! Yeah! Just like that? Just like that. All of our heads? Yep. Ripped right off? Yep! And the ground opening up with lava? Uh huh! Goodness! Well, thank you for sharing, Dear Alice. You have truely done an amazing thing here today. Thank you. Yes thank you for showing me exactly what to watch out for! What?! This is bad. (screams) Okay everyone! I’ve seen the future and I know exactly what they are capable of! All right Volturi! You two just had to have a baby, didn’t you? Lets do this! (laughing) Well, at least we have eachother. You know I didn’t imprint on you, right? Hey everybody I’m back from fishing. What’d I miss out on? Oh.

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  1. “SHE’S SO HOT OH MA GAD…..*sigh* can I make out with your infant” too funny I can’t take it😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Actually, this wouldn’t have happened because Aro believes Alice’s visions are true and they will always happen unless you choose another way, so yaa…….

  3. 생각해보니 그렇네요. 미래 다 보여줬는데 뭐 조심해야 되는지 생각해봤으면 볼투리가 이겼을텐데.

  4. The outro 😭😭 I fuckin can’t 😭😭😭😭😭 “if you feel like it for like a thousand years” omlllll

  5. “Hey everybody I’m back from fishing, What’d I miss? Oh, no.”
    I love Charlie so much 😂😂

  6. This ending makes so much more sense. The first time I read this scene in the book I was like "WTF!". When I watched the movie "This makes no sense!". Cause I realized to that Aro would have probably stayed and fought despite knowing the future.

  7. When they look up all the actual birth years of the Cullens, but not that imprinting is mutual
    XDD ahh, people and Twilight

  8. I was always annoyed Zafrina and Bella’s powers downplayed. I mean Zafrina coulda made them all blind and Bella coulda shielded all of them, and then the fight woulda been 2secs

  9. That was awesome I really really love twilight but now I like this video a lot more than that and the final ending was so funny and keep up your work it is so so funny

  10. Anyway, it wouldn't have worked out the way it did in the vid since Alice saw things as they changed and she could see all the possibilities that would push it all in their favor anyway. That's the real reason they didn't fight because the future she saw wasn't set in stone, and if it had any possibility of turning back on them, Aro wasn't going to risk it. Plus, everyone there already knew they wanted to instigate a fight for no reason. The Volturi were just cowards because they didn't want any potential threats to their power lying around, and they thought they had a good reason to attack.

  11. xD I watched the whole series of Twilight And i cried soooo hard, but then this just makes everything a MILLION TIMES BETTER! i love it! But like imagine it actually ending this way 0-0

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