How Will Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Pay Their Bills After Megxit? | TODAY

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  1. Leave them alone! Let them have peace! Parents will do anything for their child, they have money and will have jobs to support their child at the same time doing charity works! You shld report about prince pedo andrew instead!

    And the Disney Deal was already done since july for the benefit of elephants without borders! God bless H&M!

  2. Imagine there's cheating or divorce in the future ( which is very common nowadays) who they gonna blame? Britain? Queen? William and Kate? Megan markle better be happy for rest of her life because if there is any sign of unhappiness believe me most people will favour Prince Harry because he will be the prince that fought for his wife to give her everything she wanted and the queen and royal family agreed to their terms of "stepping back " so she cant really blame anyone and the backlash will be on her. It will be a bigger mess.

  3. They said they will go on TV shows and write books. I hope the media, tabloids, etc. dump them. Please show respect towards the Royal Family. They welcomed you and this is what you do to them. SHAME!

  4. Why they never had enough and saying quit people who quit will not ask more but leave at what they will have in future too -shame they can't get enough of any country want more more greedy currenciesWhy must they enjoy 2Continenet and 2Currencies or 3 better die -Harry unfit for commonwealth leaders both children women youth other must foff

  5. pretty sure he will be a successful business man, and she can go back to love to see them start some sort of business

  6. Meghan in Canada for 2 minutes and already turning people against her

    Come February Meghans obsessed American fans will be calling everyone in Canada RACISTS 100% GUARANTEE


  7. British media still hatin on her lol. They will make far more here in the states due to their former royal status and also Meghan's professional career in acting

  8. They want to leave their duties because of the racist and toxic environment on top of all the racist news coverage. All of the royals use tax money to support their self no need to bring up numbers and what a bias news article giving Obama, Oprah and Serena Williams as examples what is the point? Just like the cousin who wore the black face brooch to the royal event with Meghan, Disgusting behavior. Racism sticks out like a sore thumb

  9. Let’s not forget the media murdered Harry’s mother Princess Diana…. so he’s leaving to protect his Wife anything else is not worth talking about. People need to focus on the facts or leave the story alone just making it worse with bias views and feeding the ugly and evil of people that take joy in havoc.

  10. That is not your problem it is harry and meghans problem where to get their revenue and Im sure they will have the means and brains how to go about it

  11. They have bring in 1.8 biljon£ comparing to 3 milj. Here is a cocktail of overt racism and jealousy of the highest order!! They intelligent , they will not sleep under the bridge if they step back from the RF. Google the different between STEP back and STEP DOWN. They ask to step BACK . The RF should start calculating the compensation of Prince Andrew's victims. They need closer. Psychiatrists, Psychologists bills are high. Prince Harry is man enough to look after his family. Let him go in peace. The paedophiles daughters are working monarchs, why is there no noise about them?? The problem here is racism. We are not stupid. I am sure they see to it to be 1000% independent from the British tax payers money. Prince Harry and his son are royals by birth, nobody can take that away from them.

  12. I want to really understand what's wrong with them, Kate Middleton and Camila were harassed by the press calling them but they knew what there were getting themselves in to, but they decided to deal with, so as Meghan and Harry, the queen broke so many protocal to accept their marriage

  13. Is not mare welfare was living a luxury lifestyle with people's money changing mind after taking money, very sad situation. If they can do better on their own then is a good decision and keep their privacy and choose what to disclose to keep their fame. A big decision to make.

  14. Harry has always come second to Wills. Remember when Diana went on tour and when she got bag the boys ran to greet her? she went straight to Wills and hugged him tight leaving poor little Harry waiting patiently for his turn for a hug. She never even looked at him. I used to like her until then but after that i hated her. Can you imagine how that must have felt to little Harry? He has grown up knowing the only reason for his existence is as a spare in case anything happened to his brother. I wish Harry and Meghan the very best and they are well rid of the Royals. Archie will at least have a life where he is loved by both parents and free of the strict rules of the royals.

  15. She could go back to acting and make millions of dollars, this girl got lucky with ignorant prince Harry they deserve each other

  16. Harry and Meghan can pay their bills like everybody else they are workers and they are hard workers! they make more money for the Royals they can make their own money and keep it for themselves and that'll be how they'll pay their bills !she has books and she has clothing lines so I'm sure they'll be more than capable of paying their own bills!these people act like if Megan and Harry doesn't have a royal life but they're going to fall off the cliff and falling the into the poorhouse!they pay millions to the other Royals they haven't paid any more for Harry and Meghan then they do for Kate and all the the rest of them! Meghan and Harry does not need the Royals or your taxpayers money!

  17. We can look forward to a future of Royal Sussex preserves, jumpers, toys for tots, totes, handbags, and pie in the sky

  18. Megan markle never sparkled as a royal not from good enough stock, intimidated by Kate who looks the part and plays the part, Meg can't hack it, she's better off in the wilderness of Canada up in the mountains fur trapping or whatever she's doing for money, we won't miss her, bye bye

  19. we dont care what they do! boring. prince harry looks old fat and is balding now. megan has a HUGE nose and chunky body

  20. I wish social media and the news media would asking stupid questions and insinuating that this couple won't be able to do what other grown ups do. Harry is the most mature one out of all of them. And he has a woman he loves supporting his desire to get from under the craziness of the monarchy.

  21. Meghan Markle has dominated the news far beyond any worthwhile contributions she nay have made to the world. Here's hoping the media will stop covering her and she can sink back down into obscurity where she was before she married Harry. I for one am tired of hearing about her and intend to ignore any news about her from now on.

  22. Why do people even care about how their finances? They will be JUST FINE. This is so tacky @Today. Very distasteful.🤔

  23. He could live an extremely comfortable life, solely off of his interest earned by his bank account. Oh yeah and his daddy is going to be king.

  24. First of all Harry married a girl from a very very different class & they were so much in love that they didn’t think about anything but themselves.
    He is a British Royal & She was a raising star actress (from a average family), that made a huge differences for the media to discuss about them.
    Please give them their space, they are already married & have a beautiful baby boy. Harry just wants to protect his family from nasty medias.
    I believe racism was felt by Meghan, you know how the history went where skin color had so many differences. Royals all go according to their traditions, so we can’t really comment on them anymore.
    Hats off to Harry for going on war with the nasty medias to protect his loving family.
    I just hope the best for HARRY & MEGHAN.

  25. I think we have to see them as people here guys, be proud of the fact that their trying to literally escape the royal cult, their starting their own organization to help others in need, let's be patient and see where it goes. Remember Meghan didn't come from a brainwashed country.

  26. Love Canada , its a beautiful country , love the Royal family too but since I'm an American I'm staying out of this one LOL.
    I'm sure the Royal family has already got a plan in the works no matter where they live.
    I can't see them putting their family in harm's way , Maybe they have their own personal means of income. Hope it works out for everyone

  27. They are loaded they can affords big chunk of their bills.why the globe are talking to much .there are no enough shelters ,food and money for the poor to pay the bills.just enjoy watch the new Robin hood the movie.

  28. Ignorance at its finest some of these evil and hateful comments… I applaud Harry and Meghan for doing what’s best for their family and not what’s best for the royal family

  29. This non story is to take our minds of his paedophile uncle. Worst family tree in history. Cept for the Borgias……

  30. If Harry and Meghan will still be during charity work for the UK they should be paid for their work and be able to stay at Frogmore they just wanted to step back not quit.

  31. He won't starve. Of course, if she continues to live the high life style and get setting she is accustomed to, they will be through that. They will find a way to keep up with the jet set, I am sure, schmoozing their rich friends and Harry hitting people (like Disney) up for jobs for his wife. It's all so ludicrous. Who cares, really. Not a lot of people really really care. Let them do whatever they want. Just don't make the British taxpayer foot the bill.

  32. Canada wants Meghan as a former working actress. Harry has no secondary education, no job ,except the army.They are in their thirties; not a good risk for Canada.

  33. The $65 Million the Obamas got is actually AMERICAN TAX PAYERS' MONEY laundered through the book company. The Obamas are globalist whores who think they've got us fooled.

  34. I am not British but Canadian and all I have to say is that her Majesty is the only one with a sense of duty and service to your country. They should have pushed through it. I know that the press was and still is vicious towards Meghan but she should have persisted. Disrespectful towards the Queen and just proved everyone who was against her, right! Unfortunately, Harry wed beneath him!

  35. What a debacle. In twenty months MM was able to create all this mess, but she didn't have the courage to meet the Queen.

  36. Get a f—ing job like to rest of us.No free hand outs.Dont come to Canada.We dont need you here.We already have enough illegal immigrants.

  37. Never underestimate the power of money over loyalty and family especially in Hollywood. Thank God Will was the oldest child and not this weakling lead around by an experienced middle aged actress of little fame or fortune until Harry. . Sad for Will though

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