Hypnobirthing: Why ‘The Green Calabash’ delivered their baby on YouTube – BBC Africa

When I realised
I was having urges to push, that’s when I realised there was no way she
[ midwife] was going to make it because I could feel the baby coming out. I knocked all the fear all the
doubt out of the park and I said: ”You know what, if I have to
be a midwife for the next 15 minutes then I have to be a midwife. Like, I don’t have an option.” My name is Rama. I’m from Kenya and I am a YouTuber. Hi my name is Shiko Nguru. Most recently, we gave birth to our third-born
live on YouTube. Was it live though? I don’t know. They call them live videos meaning like it
happened live. During our pregnancy journey we studied hypnobirthing. Hypnobirthing is a childbirthing method that
emphasises relaxation as a way to eliminate fear. Having a water birth is definitely a more
calming experience than a non-water birth. It’s a good way to manage pain. When the baby comes out all the pressure you’ve
been feeling just from a physical standpoint, you feel a release. If you noticed in the video I am looking up
and then when the baby comes out I look down and that’s because
I felt the relief, I felt the pressure leave my body. When the baby came out I was just as excited,
I think I reached out for the baby but she was in the water so she so
she caught the baby before me. We are aware of the health risks involved
when non-medics are delivering the baby at home. For us it wasn’t a deliberate thing that we
did, that we decided to have the baby by ourselves, that just happened because the labour progressed
very fast. I have a background in first aid. I have a lamaze [birthing technique] class
background which I went through a few years ago and so for me that was more of the foundation for why I decided to do that. The response to the video was overwhelming. And I think for me the biggest take away has
been that a lot of people seem to be appreciating the fact that they could have a positive birth
experience. And I would encourage more women to share
their positive birth stories.

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  1. A relaxed surrounding is best for giving birth. Something clinics and hospitals can't provide. Even the position of the mother is right for pushing and the baby to drop out.
    Unlike the lying down in hospitals on those "torture"chairs.
    Thanks for this video in particular. And others showing a natural birth.

  2. BBC Stop Making Africans Appear like that . Your propaganda is exposed in 1991. You are over, no one is watching you anymore. And Tell your queen to return our Treasures you stole during ww2 in 1945.

  3. They really like killing black babies here in the USA and call it abortion… Not for nothing that they’re always white women protesting for abortion..

  4. I wanna do this too!! i don't care! as long as the midwife will be there cz in their case she was abit far and it was time to deliver.

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience on your YouTube channel. It was encouraging, knowledgeable and inspiring.

  6. It’s important to share positive birth stories as Shiko rightly put it. Whatever method a mother chooses to bring her baby into the world is completely up to her, after extensive research of course. At the end of the day all mothers want healthy babies.

  7. These are the realest and most genuine youtubers I know I thought handling a home birth was the most courageous thing they did and in the calmest way possible. I love the green calabash anyone who hasn't watched their vlogs should.

  8. I think the title of this video is misleading. They have a message to convey, not necessarily looking for views, which ain't a bad thing anyway.

  9. Aww 'Green Calabash' made it to BBC..more so this story.I'm so excited for you guys and the beautiful experience.

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