I Didn’t Live As Your Average Twentysomething | Misfits Salon Episode 5

In the time between my leg breaking
and me deciding to go for amputation, I just kind of felt
a bit like a shut-in. You can say what you want,
do what you want, be who you want, and we don’t care. I would say this is probably
going to be the biggest makeover I’ve ever had, and I think
it’s been a long time coming. Just after I turned 20, I literally
took a step and my leg snapped. It turns out that I’d broken
both bones in my lower leg. What followed that was seven years
of pain and not being able to walk. My leg never healed properly
within that time. I had a lot of surgeries – a lot. I decided that I didn’t
really want to do it any more, so elected to have my leg amputated. In the time between my leg breaking
and me deciding to go for amputation I feel like I didn’t live
as your average 20-something. I just kind of felt a bit like
a shut-in, and it’s a lifestyle I’m still trying to get
myself out of. I feel like most people discover who
they are in their 20s, and on some level I feel like I had
that taken away from me. I just want to be able to feel like
who I feel like on the inside on the outside, and I need the help
to get there. The whole point of these makeovers are to make people comfortable
in their own skin. What brings this whole thing on,
why would you like a big makeover from me today? What I’ve been
through in the last two years, it’s felt like it’s all been about
the leg and all been about that. And it’s not the only part of me,
it’s not all I’m about. Do you feel ready now that it can
not be the only thing about you? 100%. I bet you have a lot of
situation with how people perceive you now. People look at me
quite a lot, um, like, whenever I walk down the street,
people have a look. So what sort of colours are
you attracted to in the hair? I’ve always loved blonde hair. It’s just something I wanted to try
out. It’s different to my natural hair
colour, but it’s still, like,
work appropriate. But I’ve never really quite
had the confidence to just… ..go for it. Because blondes,
blondes get attention. Well, if they’re staring, may as
well give them something
to stare at. It’s going to be blonde. Yes.
Very blonde. Yes, OK! THEY LAUGH
Let’s do it! I think what’s really important with
this look is that we go blonder around the face, cos I imagine that
when you tie your hair back… Well, you’re a brunette… Yeah.
..aren’t you? And there is SO much dark
under here. Yeah, I’ve got a bit of work to do
on you, girl, I’m not going to lie. But it is possible. So, I think I had four or five
surgeries before the amputation and every time I was, like, right –
this is the last one, we’re getting there now. And it was
never the end of it, really. How tough was that decision
to say, right, I’m going to get my leg amputated? I always say to people, it was, um, a horrible decision to have to make,
but ultimately it was an easy one for me. Like, don’t get me wrong,
it’s hard, like, my life is never going to be easy. It’s really exhausting, I cannot
get across how tiring it is lugging a prosthetic
leg around all the time. Life is very different.
Life’s difficult. Um… You know, I take a limb off
at the end of the day. There are things that are not
very easy about it. I think a lot of the time I do
struggle more than I let on. I sometimes feel like I can’t say
that because I never want anyone to think I’ve regretted this. Every now and again it’s still
really weird to me that this is forever, like, you
know, I’d like to think I’m going to get married and have
children and do all those things. But, like, I don’t know that that’s
going to happen. But I know that, regardless
of what does happen, I’m going to have one leg
while I’m doing it. All right, then, where does relationships fit in on
all this, then? Um, I’ve never actually had a
boyfriend, so it’s just… It’s never been a priority
in my life. It’s an area of my life I’ve always
been under-confident in. Since the whole situation with my
leg, I feel like that’s got worse. Um, I’ve been single throughout all
of my 20s, and that is because my confidence is very much reliant
on, oh, what if someone doesn’t want to be with a girl who’s got all
these issues going on? Every time you open your phone,
you’re hit with this image of what everyone expects a woman
to look like. That gets to you. I wanted to be OK with myself
before I started trying to be OK with someone else, and I think
for a long time I wasn’t. I am so proud to know this girl.
Everything she’s been through. It’s just that one thing, the love,
the relationships. And if I can help her get
a little bit closer to that, then that would be so beautiful. So, how do you feel about the new
look giving you the confidence to, you know, go out there, flirt?
VICTORIA LAUGHS Probably not very successfully.
But, yeah, I think it’ll be good. It’s like the final kind
of piece in the puzzle, I guess. So, talk me through what your
wardrobe revolves around. At the moment, I’d say it’s just a
bit of a mishmash of everything. I have a lot of clothes
from when I was a teenager still, so I feel like I haven’t fully
gone past all of that, but I think most my clothes are probably
work clothes.
SHE LAUGHS I always look the same, like, I
think I’ve had similar hair and similar clothes
for a very long time. I just think that I could do
with a refresh. Vicky 2.0. With the leg, how has it changed how
you get dressed, how has it changed your wardrobe, the pieces in it,
like, shoes, for instance? I could definitely do with some help
with shoes, because I have very specific limitations on which
ones I can wear and heel height, and, also, I didn’t wear shoes
for like seven years, so I have no idea, like, what’s in
and what isn’t, cos I haven’t been paying
attention to it. You can’t be wearing the same
clothes as when you were a teenager, however nice they are, and to find
that distinct, capsule style, I can help with that. So, talk me through a look
that you would, like, love to rock. Um, I absolutely love co-ords,
so I like that that’s fashionable, and that it’s stayed in style
for a while as well. I really enjoy that,
so I like suits. Well, the thing about the suit trend
is that it’s really strong. So, although it’s sexy and feminine,
it’s representing a really strong, bold, boss-like version. I do love a suit. Like, when all
those women are like walking the red carpet and they’re wearing
those tuxes, I think they look incredible. I also kind of like it when people
are a little bit more OTT, so, Katherine Ryan’s amazing,
anything Real Housewives, I like how over the top they are.
I don’t care, this is who I am. Bossy but glamorous.
That would be, like, my ideal, yeah. I’ve never quite had
the confidence to try it, though. SHE LAUGHS I’ve actually managed to achieve,
by some miracle, a really cool ashy blonde, which is
going to be so gorgeous. I’ve never had the courage to go
full-blown blonde, and I think it’s partially cos I worry what
other people would think. Today, I want to take you out your
comfort zone. Yeah, mm-hm. All right. And I really like the length
towards the front, and I think it really elongates your face
fantastically. Yeah. But I’d like you to have
a bit of a stronger look. OK. So, I’d love you to come a little
bit shorter in this back area here, around one side here. Yeah.
I want to show your ear off, and I actually want you to go quite
forward with it here. Yeah. Which I think it’s going to look
really, really beautiful. Yeah. I’d very much like it just
to be a little bit shorter, so it’s more styled
than just kind of…this. How are you feeling, seeing
more blonde? Do you think it’s going to make
you feel more confident, do you think it’s just great to feel
different? I just feel like it’s because I’ve actually finally
had the confidence to go for it. That in itself is probably
going to make me feel better. Oh, Victoria’s just so beautiful. She’s a banging canvas,
so just to really enhance her and really push her confidence –
THAT’S my job today. Do you usually wear make-up
yourself? Yeah, I love make-up. I really like that, like, you know,
it’s a form of art, really. Yeah. And I really like how people
can use it to express themselves. I’m not very good at doing
anything in between. I always feel like I either look
like I’m wearing every piece of make-up I own…
PAIGE LAUGHS ..or I look like I haven’t slept in
like three days. Whenever I try out a new eye make-up
look, I second-guess it, like, it’s just part of who I am. So, I don’t think I’ve ever
had a situation where I’ve looked in the mirror and my inner voice has
gone, yeah, you look amazing. I’m not great at contouring, I’ve
never really got the knack of that. We are going to give you
a beach-ready contour. So, you’re going to be
all bronzed-up. What I’m going to do is use
a powder to contour. It makes it a lot easier for you.
OK. So, this softens it up a lot more,
instead of having a harsh line. And I like to take it up
to the temples. So, can you see the difference it’s
already made here between this side and this side?
Yeah. I feel like in my life I haven’t
made a lot of choices that are solely for myself,
and this could be something that’s just for me. You know,
hopefully when I look at it in the mirror I’ll love it,
and I’ll think, you look good today, Victoria.
SHE LAUGHS That would be nice. I really hope that her new look
is going to make her feel as beautiful as she really is. OK, Victoria. Open your eyes in three, two, one. I’m going to cry! PAIGE LAUGHS
Yes! That’s amazing. I think after this I might feel
a little bit more confident in the dating world. I mean, I’m
still going to suck at flirting, the hair’s not going to change that,
but I’ll give it a go, probably! You’re beautiful! Thank you. Aww! I didn’t even know I could look
like that. Look at you! This whole experience has been
amazing. Everyone here is lovely and I think I’m still in shock
a little bit. SHE LAUGHS I hope Victoria’s look makes her
enjoy being stared at and not something that she has to
turn her head away from.

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  1. First off never compare your personal growth with your peers, or others. You’ll just put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Waste precious time and cause yourself self hatred and neglect. We are all beautifully unique. Victoria loved your new look.. x

  2. She has such a vibrant personality & now her outer appearance matches how she feels on the inside. So beautiful! They did an AMAZING job!!! 💕✨

  3. Never had a boyfriend? Wtf? She's smart and obviously a tough chick to deal with all the crap she did. Besides she's actually quite beautiful, she looks like she could be related to Emilia Clarke.

  4. I like how they say at the beginning of each episode “say what you what” lmao no i bet you couldn’t even say stuff that isn’t “progressive”

  5. “You can say what you want and no one cares’ the definition of nihilism. The loss of all value and meaning. To be worthless.
    Sheesh this hairdresser is garish and foul. Fits perfectly with clown world.

  6. Hey everyone! I’m the Victoria from the video – thanks for the nice comments. The story of my leg breaking is both as simple and as complicated as it sounds. It just broke and they still don’t really know why – beyond the fact my tibia and fibula were not the correct shape.

    If you want to follow my story and what I get up to next I’m on Instagram at @torie_snelvis

  7. Clothes didn’t do it for me or the makeup..hair was excellent…but imho I thought she was very nice looking before the makeover.and as for the leg…didn’t even notice….2 of my best friends are leg amputees so nothing special to me

  8. I don`t watch this show as it not my type of thing but out of interest i clicked on the video.
    I don`t think Victoria is a misfit and it is a shame the show suggests she is.
    She looks great as a brunette and seems to have a nice personality as she is which is all that matters to me. 🙂

  9. Ive never understood these makeovers. One set of clothes, makeup that (hopefully) is washed off in a few hours, and a haircut. How does this help anyone, longer than one day?

  10. As someone who had to deal with stuff like this since a young age because i have very twisted legs (both sides) i can totally feel her 😯😯. I had a lot of surgeries, went in and out of hospital, still no normal walking, scars everywhere and pain. For me it got to a point where i had severe nerve damage and almost suffered a stroke age 21.

    It's that thing just one day you walk and the other day you never have your leg the same.

    But she is a strong one i know it and i'm so happy seeing her happy all the best to her ❤

  11. Shes so pretty. She just needs to own up being unique. I could never even imagine what shes been thru that it was an easy decision to amputate her leg. I just hope she owns it bc thats all she can do. If she likes tattoos i would get an artist to work on my leg to be more comfortable in my skin.

  12. Wow. She's amazing. I feel I can relate to her in some ways. My 20s were robbed by medication side effects that i wasn't even aware of until i came off it. I'm a compeltely different, awake and real person now but get so sad about the time that has been wasted. I'm still at the beginning of the journey to finally find myself but the future is bright.

    Best of luck to her ♡♡♡♡

  13. Victoria is pretty and her laudable lack of past partners is a HUGE benefit in starting a successful lasting family with a quality man who will love her

  14. I live in the US & I think this lady looks great after y'all made her all dolled up. Wonderful job ladies!
    Only if they did this kind of thing where I live in Springfield Missouri. I would love to do it.
    I don't wear make up or dress up looking as good as this lady does. But wood try it if someone would give me as chance.
    Keep up the great work team,
    Chris from Missouri

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