I Needed a Break (but I’m back)

hi everybody, I’m Amanda the G I needed a break from social media so I took it I was feeling like I should probably take a little bit of time off just for my head and my own mental state and I was thinking I’m just gonna take a weekend off and then I went and looked on Facebook and saw some things that I didn’t really wanna see that made me feel worse, and you know, I was like, you know what, forget it forget it, I took a weekend off, a full weekend off and if you follow me on twitter, you will have known that this is you know, a few weeks ago now but here is some of the stuff that I got done on my weekend off made my bed like an actual adult cleaned out all the overgrowth from my back yard for the fall ignored my laundry went to the gym three times knit a hat had coffee continued to ignore my laundry cleaned and vacuumed my ENTIRE house made tea meal prepped got furiously angry at my fantasy football team painted my nails, ooohhh holo filmed and edited two videos which got me ahead, and I’m not ahead anymore called my brother and talked to him for like an hour went to a dinner party and befriended a cat did a face mask and yes, continued to ignore my laundry so clearly, taking some time off of social media allowed me to be productive and beyond that, I also sat on my couch for a while and did a whole heck of a lot of nothing so I still have a lot more on my to do list but you know what? it was nice to take a break, so let me just tell you right now if you are feeling like you need to take a break from all the frikin bombarding of social media, just take a damn break it’s so much better stay fresh cheese bags also, I don’t know if this is my first video back or not I haven’t decided what order I’m putting these videos in, cause I’m just fliming a few right now, but uh yes, my hair changed color and yes, I’m very HAPPY with it

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