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Hi, everybody. Ian Bremmer here. I’m in Mumbai and I’ve got your World In 60 Seconds. Questions are here and we’re ready to go. Absolutely is. They’re losing states, the BJP. You know, I mean it is absolutely true that there is strong anti-Muslim sentiment here. But there are also a lot of people among Hindus and in the opposition parties that see an opportunity to rebuild as a consequence. And with the economy doing worse, both those things are hurting him. Putin is going to be leader forever. And his popularity also decreasing, he’s making sure that he’s not gone in 2024. I mean, the big winner actually is got to be Biden, right? Because, I mean, despite the fact that he continues to have kind of lackluster debates, nobody else is really challenging him. So even though everyone is still in the mix, Biden is still number one. And the fact that Warren and Sanders are hitting each other certainly doesn’t help either of them at this point. We still could have though, a brokered convention. And anyone’s guess. Who the hell knows, it’s 2020. See you guys next week.

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  1. 0:43 Honestly love the way traffic in Bombay or what you call (Mombai ? or whatever that is not Bomb but rhymes with it) , moves at the true speed of honest to goodness, few steps per green traffic light!

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