If Rappers Were News Reporters

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  1. Damn it’s been a minute fam!! Thank you so much for watching. As always I appreciate your time and energy so so much. Had a lot of fun creating this one! Which rapper was your favourite?!

  2. When she is eminem everything she says it true donald trump isnt doing anything for the usa

    Maybe he is doing some good promoting fake tans

    And comeovers

    Edit: hes done a few good things just not a trump supporter dont even live in the usa just got a load of family there and its not like hes never been on the news hes all over it

  3. its been a month 😮 r u okay lilly? idk if its just somethin im missing out on but its been a while since youve posted ;-;

  4. Yoooo…. This is hilarious hahaha…. Just created a new pharmacy channel for anyone interested.. Talking about the profession of pharmacy for those watching these entertainment videos happen to be interested in… Come check it out and Subscribe!!!

  5. Lilly, needs a huge collabo, when u rap eminem verse like that, u need a chance in the real rap Game….😂😂😂

  6. it's been two month now and I am still waiting patiently for a new video…..School is starting and I hope to watch at least one video before I have no time for youtube😥

  7. This became my favourite rap song XD also i love how Lily singh is so talented at making these hits 👏👏👏👍👍👍

  8. With your huge platform, please can you bring at least a bit of awareness of the injustice happening to Sikhs. An elderly Sikh man was murder while going for a walk by a white teenage. There have been many hate crimes towards Sikhs yet the media doesn’t talk about it or bring awareness of it. Please I request you to use your platform to bring some sort of awareness and help those who are going through such injustice. Thank you. 🙏🏽

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