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From Comedy Centrals World News
headquarters in New York, “The Daily Show
with Trevor Noah” presents… – MSNBC is so corrupt. It’s so disgusting.
So disgusting. Here’s the good news: the guys that we love, right? They’re blowing them away
in the ratings. [cheers and applause] Hannity, Laura Ingraham,
Tucker Carlson, Steve Doocy, Ainsley, Brian,
so many others. They’re blowing them away
in the ratings. Oh, excuse me, I almost forgot. I would have been
in big trouble. The great Lou Dobbs, right? [cheers and applause] – What? How is this the president of
the United States? He sounds like a kid
saying good night to his favorite
stuffed animals. Good night, Hannity bear.
Nighty night, Tucker. Sleep tight, Double Deuce.
Who am I forgetting? Of course, the great Lou Dobbs. Lou Dobbs,
you fell under the bed. And you might think
that was weird, but something tells me
on Monday morning the Fox anchors
came into work like this. – Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, Steve Doocy. Ainsley, Brian, the great Lou Dobbs, right? – They’re loving it. [eerie music] So, though it was only 35 days, the government shutdown’s
effects will continue to hurt America
for a while. And maybe it would have been all worth it for Trump
if he had gotten some of that sweet,
sweet war money, but he folded with nothing
to show for it. – Anyone out there by the way, thinking President Trump
caved today, you don’t really know
the Donald Trump I know. He right now holds
all the cards. He will secure the border
one way or another. – I don’t see it as a cave. I see this as a process. This is a half time, uh, stop in the action. – So did he cave?
Did he not? The answer is absolutely
he did not cave. – He did not cave. He made a tactical decision, a strategy decision to
pick the ground to fight on. – To pick the ground
to fight on. To pick the ground. You know, this–I’m sorry.
This is unbelievable. No matter what Trump does, he’s always a mastermind who’s accomplishing precisely
what he wanted to do. Like if Trump was boxing
and he got knocked out cold, like Jeanine Pirro
would be like, “Brilliant. “Another strategic
consciousness pause “by President Trump. “You can’t get knocked down if you stay on the ground.” [laughter] [eerie music] No one knows. No one knows for sure what’s
hiding in Trump’s taxes, but last night,
the New York “Times” found out what
he used to be hiding. – This morning
a bombshell report in The New York “Times” is casting doubt on President Trump’s
self-proclaimed wealth. The “Times” reporting
it has obtained years worth of previously unrevealed
figures from the president’s
federal income tax returns. The real estate mogul spent at least 10 years in the red, reporting business losses
totaling over $1 billion from 1985 to 1994. According to the “Times,”
year after year, Mr. Trump appears to have
lost more money than nearly any other
individual American taxpayer. – Holy shit. For 10 years, Donald Trump might have lost
more money than any person in America.
That is crazy. The guy who lost
the most money is the same guy who claims to be
the best businessman. It’s like finding out that
Hugh Hefner died a virgin. I did not see that coming. And you might think
it’s bad news for Trump to be exposed
like this, but that’s because you’re
looking at all of this the wrong way. – He lost a lot of money
over the course of 10 years, if you consider a billion
dollars a lot of money. – If anything, you read this
and you’re like, “Wow,” it’s pretty impressive
all the things that he’s done in his life. It’s beyond what most of us
could ever achieve. – I- I don’t know that
there’s any suggestion that he broke the law. – You know, say what you will
about “Fox & Friends,” but when they are with you,
they are with you. Ride or die. That’s the squad
I want in my life. They’ll spin any negative
into a positive. Like every leader
would be lucky to have that kind of support. If Kim Jong-un
had a “Fox & Friends,” they’d be like, “This haircut
is the best one yet.” Every leader. Hitler’s “Fox & Friends”
would have been like, “You know, the haters
are saying that “he’s a mass murderer
und he lost the war, “but people don’t focus on
how well-traveled he was. “Yeah, all the way from Paris
to Russia in just a year, yeah. “And Charlie Chaplin
even made a movie about him. How many people can say that?
Yeah.” [eerie music] But maybe
the most shocking scandal roiling the Democratic Party
right now, is that Cory Booker
is a healthy eater. – First off, if Cory Booker
became president, America would have
its first vegan president. – So is 2020 Democratic
contender Cory Booker trying to impart
his vegan, animal free diet on the rest of us? He says that eggs, he discovered, do not align
with his spirit. – Eggs do not align
with his spirits? That sounds like
a really classy way of saying eggs give me diarrhea. Cory Booker’s walking out
of the bathroom like, “You might wanna
give that a minute. I had a spiritual crisis
in there.” But look, I don’t even understand
how this is on the news. I say, if Cory Booker
wants to be a vegan president, he should go for it. His diet choices
are his business. They don’t affect anyone else. Or at least
that’s what I thought. – Good luck
running for president trying to take away meat. – Are Democrats really trying
to take the White House on a platform of banning meat? – He wants to be the most
powerful person in the world and he wants to impose his meat rationing
on the rest of us. When you’re eating a steak
and you go yum, yum, yum, that is so delicious.
– Right! – What does–what does Cory
Booker counter that with? – So lock your freezers, save your meat now.
You may need it. It would be very valuable, a great investment
for years to come. – Oh, man, you know,
I’ll tell you that I feel so bad for people who
take Fox News seriously. It’s gotta be so much work because
they’re always telling you, it’s like, “The Democrats are
coming for your shit. “You’ve gotta stockpile
a lifetime supply of meat. “You’ve gotta stockpile guns. “You’ve gotta keep
your fossil fuels, your Bibles, “American flags,
Confederate statues. “There must be one closet
at your house that’s just chaos,
complete chaos.” Fox News is like
reverse Marie Kondo, “Just put everything
in your house as long as it sparks rage.” – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. By now, you probably know her as Congress’s superstar
freshman Democrat or if you watch Fox News, what would happen if Stalin
was good at Instagram? Either way, you cannot deny
she’s making waves, because she’s only been in
office for six weeks. But already, she’s put forward a blueprint to combat
climate change which is one of the more
ambitious policy proposals Washington has seen in
a very long time and it’s called
the Green New Deal. – We are going to transition
this country into the future. – The Green New Deal calls for a 10-year national
mobilization. The goal in one short decade to bring greenhouse gas emissions
to zero, meet 100 percent of energy
needs by renewable sources, overhaul
transportation systems. – Expanding
a high speed rail to, “A scale where air travel stops
becoming necessary.” – It would modernize US
infrastructure upgrade or replace every building for
energy efficiency. – Bring equality and equal
justice for undeserved minority
and impoverished communities. – The main part of the bill
is about climate change and Ocasio-Cortez
is right that the US needs to take drastic
measures to prevent climate change’s
worst effects. Of course, over at Fox News,
as soon as they heard “Cortez” and “climate change,” sirens started going off
like bin Laden just emerged from the ocean
holding at Aquaman’s trident. They were like,
“This is not a drill! We have a code AOC!
Man your battle stations.” – What is this Green New Deal? Answer: radical
environmental socialism. – One of the most
dangerous, impractical, misguided economically
guaranteed to be devastating plans ever. – There is another victim of the Green New Deal
is ice cream, livestock will be banned. – Green New Deal wants to go
after flatulent cows, so what are they saying? We’re gonna ban hamburgers
and Americans are never gonna have a barbecue
and flip a hamburger again? – No more steak. I guess government forced
veganism is in order. – Yeah, they’ll
force feed us broccoli while giving us a tofu enema,
yeah. We’re all gonna be gang-banged
by vegetables, yeah. Yeah, that eggplant emoji
not funny anymore. Yeah.
[laughter] You know, you know what
I love about American politics is that whenever someone in the opposing party
says something, there is this weird thing
where you immediately have to take
the exact opposite position. Ocasio-Cortez says
that cow farting contributes to climate change, which is true, by the way.
It’s true. And all of a sudden Fox News
is like “Cow farts are the smell of
freedom, okay. “Every time a cow farts, George Washington gives me
a thumbs-up from the grave.” [eerie music] So, Desi, I have to ask. What do you think about
female candidates getting less coverage
than the males? – Well, I’m offended, Trevor,
not just as a woman, but as a person
who enjoys camera time. – Ye–yeah, Desi, and you know
what’s really messed up is– – No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, camera, stay on me.
Stay on me. Nice try, Trevor. And female candidates aren’t
just getting less camera time. When they do get coverage, people talk about them
like this. – Kamala Harris,
she’s running for president. She does what she does. She’s snitty.
She did her little thing. – That’s Kirsten Gillibrand.
She reminds me of a wafer. You know, you put it
in your mouth, it’s odorless,
it’s colorless, and then you think to yourself,
“What did I just eat?” – Senator Harris has California and South Carolina advantages. She’s very attractive.
Elizabeth Warren is a scold. – Elizabeth Warren has
a likability problem. – Kamala, she wouldn’t even
answer any of their questions. Instead, she just acted
like she is beautiful, which is
how she handles everything. Do you think
she’s beautiful? – Look at those pipes, Smooch.
– Yeah. It’s not doing it for me.
– No? – I just gotta be honest
with you. Yeah, I mean, she’s–she’s–
she’s not gonna make the next Jane Fonda
fitness video. – Oohh, Scaramucci
with the burn. I think he’s just mad that she lasts longer in the gym than he did in the White House. [cheers and applause] Yeah, you know what? You know what, instead of
mocking female candidates based on their looks, Scaramucci should be out
looking for his neck. Look, there is
just something about a woman running for president that brings all the sexism
to the surface. And I don’t have
to remind you what happened in the 2008 election, but I will anyway. – Men won’t vote for
Hillary Clinton because she reminds them of
their nagging wives. – Is there somebody
in your life whose voice just sticks in your ear
like an ice pick? Well, Hillary Clinton has
a voice like that. It makes me–
makes me envy the deaf. – She’s also shrill, angry, and she needs to lighten
up a little bit. – When Hillary Clinton speaks, men hear,
“Take out the garbage.” – There’s just something
about it that feels castrating, overbearing,
and scary. – I have often said, “When she comes on television,
I involuntarily cross my legs.” – Okay, first of all,
that was horrendous, but also…castrating?
Crossing your legs? Tucker, what’s going on with
your balls? – Fox News. It’s the number one cable news
network in America, and probably the last thing your grandpa saw
before he died, and right now, Fox News is at the center of a big debate
among Democrats, who are running for president. – Elizabeth Warren’s refusal
to hold a town hall on Fox has sparked a debate among
Democrats in the 2020 field. To Fox or not to Fox? – Fox News is a hate-for-profit
racket. I’ll talk to
Fox News reporters, but what I’m not gonna do
is give them a full hour of my time, so they can raise money, and they can raise
credibility off it. – That’s right.
Elizabeth Warren, for one, is refusing to go on Fox News, which is a little ironic because her tribal name is
Woman Who Talks To Fox. But I do understand where
Warren is coming from. You see,
Fox News at this point often acts more like
a propaganda outlet than a news outlet. So, why would you go on
there and give them legitimacy? You don’t argue with a crazy person on the subway
who says, “The earth is flat.” We all know that the earth
is round, right? With a little handle on the top so that God can spin it. That’s–yeah, I mean,
what do you think? It just spins on its own?
You guys are crazy. But seeing as
there’s 200 Democrats running for president, there’s bound to be
differing opinions on how to deal with Fox News. While Elizabeth Warren
and Kamala Harris are avoiding Fox News
like cooties, Bernie Sanders,
Vermont senator and guy who uses a Walgreens
bag as a briefcase, has gone for
a different approach. He went on Fox and held
an hour long town hall. – Millions of people
every single year lose their health insurance. Now what we are talking about
actually is stability, that when you have
a Medicare for all, it is there now and will be
there in the future. -Senator–
– A show of hands of how many people
get their insurance from work, private insurance?
Right now! How many get it from
private insurance? Okay, now of those, how many are willing
to transition to what the senator says, a government run system? – Wow, that had to be
a shocking thing for Fox News viewers to watch. All right.
Turning on their TVs, and seeing a crowd cheering for a socialist’s plan for
Medicare for all. In fact, that’s probably what
killed your grandpa. That’s what that was. But you see what Bernie Sanders
did there was interesting. Right, he didn’t pander
to the Fox audience. He stuck to his principles and, by the end, the audience
was on his side, which ends up being good
for the Democrats, because normally
when Fox viewers hear about Medicare for all, it’s stuff like,
“The government will only pay for your pills
if you go trans.” And that’s what
Elizabeth Warren’s point about legitimizing Fox News. Pete Buttigieg, he showed that there’s not necessarily
the case, right? He showed that you can do it
a different way. Because the mayor of
South Bend, Indiana, and host of “Nathan For You,”
he did a Fox Hall. He did a Fox Town Hall
on Sunday. And he showed that
visiting Fox doesn’t have to mean that you
endorse them. – You know a lot of folks
in my party were critical of me for even
doing this with Fox News. I mean, when you got
Tucker Carlson saying that immigrants
make America dirty, when you’ve got Laura Ingraham
comparing detention centers with children in cages
to summer camps, then there is a reason why anybody has to swallow hard
and think twice before participating in
this media ecosystem. But I also believe that
there are a lot of Americans who my party can’t blame if they are ignoring our message ’cause they will never hear it if we don’t go on
and talk about it. I hope you’ll join me
in making sure that that next era is better than any that we’ve had so far. [cheers and applause] – Thank you, Mayor.
Thank you. Wow, a standing ovation. – Wow, standing ovation. Pete Buttigieg
went on Fox News, trashed
their most popular anchors, and then got a standing ovation
at the end. That is amazing. [cheers and applause] That is amazing. Because–because if someone
came to your house and told you how ugly
your kids were, you’d probably be like,
“Get the hell out of here.” You wouldn’t be like… “Someone had to say it. “You got a big-ass head, Billy, you’ve got a big-ass head.
Someone had to say it.” And it wasn’t
just the audience. Some reporters on Fox News actually credited Buttigieg
for coming onto their network. But the kids with
the big-ass heads, they weren’t as happy. – Mayor Pete, who desperately
needs a Reboot-tigieg. Now when he wasn’t pushing
for tax increases or lobbying lame cheap shots, he was trying to pass off
political pablum as some type
of high-minded oratory. Maybe we should call him
Pope Pete, because don’t you love how he, you know, he–
because he attends church we’re supposed to treat him as the be-all and end-all
moral authority, or the arbiter of who is and who is not operating
in good faith. – Okay. I get that Laura Ingraham
is trying to diss Pete, but I don’t know
if she achieved that by calling him “Pope.” People like the pope. It’s not a great diss.
It’s like going, “You know this guy Steve “is always walking around,
being a dick to everyone. “Let’s call him Big Dick Steve. “That will show him.
Then everyone will know “what a big throbbing
dick he has– I-I mean is.” So Laura Ingraham, Tucker
Carlson, and Brian Kilmeade, they were all pretty pissed with Buttigieg’s
star turn on Fox, but there was one Fox viewer who was downright heartbroken. – Last night I watched
Alfred E. Neuman. What’s going on with Fox,
by the way? What’s going on there? They putting more Democrats
on than you have Republicans. It’s something strange
is going on at Fox, something very strange. Did you see this guy
last night? I did wanna watch it. You always have to
watch the competition, if you call it that. And he was knocking
the hell out of Fox and Fox is–but somebody is
going to have to explain the whole Fox deal to me. – Oh, poor Trump. You realize what happened here. The news network
that he loves the most, flirted with
a younger hotter candidate and–and he’s clearly shook. He’s clearly shook. You heard when his voice broke. “What is going on with Fox?” – New York state lawmakers
will consider making it illegal for pedestrians to text
or even look at their phones while crossing the street. Fines under a new bill
would range from $25 to $250 for repeat offenders. Exceptions would be made
for emergencies. – So how do New Yorkers feel
about this new law? Well, the folks over at “Fox and Friends,”
they wanted to find out. So they sent a man named
Steve Doocy to find out. – We’ve been watching all sorts
of people walking by with their texting device.
Excuse me, ma’am. Hello, hello, excuse me. Going forward,
you could get fined $250. Is that a bad idea?
Or a good idea? – I really don’t wanna. – Okay. I don’t think she has–
she’s in a hurry to go to work. Okay, this guy right over here. Hi, how are you? Looking at
this guy right here. See he’s using his phone to– Hi, excuse me,
can I ask you a question? Can you tell that New York City
is a very busy place? Here’s a guy.
I’m going to surprise him. I’m going to see if I can get
his attention. Excuse me, excuse me, sir. Hi, excuse me. Can I ask you a question? – Oh, man. Oh, man. You realize that last guy was literally about to step
into the traffic, rather than talk to
Steve Doocy. He was like,
“Uh, taxi, Fox News, “taxi, Fox News– I’ll take a chance
with the taxi.”

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  29. What will fox trumpies say when he comes out one morning and takes a dump on the Whitehouse lawn? He's already babbling like a fool. The signs of early dementia are all there. But the trumptards still love him. Pathetic.

  30. Can't wait to see his ass behind bars and bankrupt for all of his actions. Its amazing to me how many people were so easily brainwashed in believing in a person of such low IQ.

  31. Sean Hannity you're such a f**** pathetic idiot with misinformation and line for a POTUS who's corrupt and obstructionist ways have hurt this great country of ours and yours right on his lap Hannity for hell

  32. Greenhouse gas emissions

    Elizabeth Warren – break up monopolizes. Fight drug companies. Give workers control over corporations

  33. FOX News is so ridiculous, it's make a paradise for comedians. But not for those who insist on watching FAUX News, and you can tell who they are by reading the replies here, and their poor grammar.

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