Indira Gandhi Interview | TV Eye | 1978

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  1. Everybody is speaking about her way of being the boss..but most of us don't know the life in India during emergency. I think we should be proud about her attitude , charisma but without accepting the brutal days of emergency.

  2. "The future of India is for us to decide and we will fight it out in India. I don't think it's anybody else's business."🔥🔥

  3. अरे ही तीच भवानी आहे जिने देशाच्या लोकशाहीवर दगा आणली होती।
    Oh, this is the 'Bhavani' that had betrayed the country's democracy.

  4. She was an iron Lady… But her economic policies were disastrous… Salute for her decision to start nuclear program and order security forces to enter Bangladesh… But she would score a big fat 0 on economic front…..

  5. People can not compare Uk and Indian democracy because uk people are smart and educated moderates and Indian people are illetrate.

  6. At least she's giving an interview after her Period of Rule
    That's called Accountability
    Not Like the present time politicians who keep taking off eye from Bold media Anchors

  7. Y even she is answering these propaganda media oulet… They dont have soverign rights to question this way. They are not stockholders of indian democracy.

  8. Look at Mrs Indira Gandhi, the way she replies to the interviewer with confidence and putting him away when he, an international media was trying to get into sensitive questions related to the state and look at the clowns in the same political party we have now….what a sharp contrast!!

  9. She is the smartest PM India ever had, represented the interests of people women culture and nation. Defeated terrorism both in Bangladesh and Punjab.

  10. The thing about Indira Gandhi is she NEVER accepts a mistake was made by her. She used to think that their family is God's gift to India or perhaps the humanity itself. Empty and hollow family

  11. Clearly she couldn't defend herself on Emergency…"External threat to India" what a lame excuse.. by the way hats off to journalist for keep pushing her.

  12. Even today the British Government hinders India's growth and prosperity using British media on Kashmir…Because a prosper India can become a world leader…Then who will praise the British???
    Salute to the great Iron Lady of India…The only congress personality I praise.

  13. She was STRONG. Agree or not with her politics. After her only Modi who has the guts. She treats this interviewer like hes nothing! At work I was talking about the whole Kashmir issue with a coworker – learn from her she kicked butt. Remember, she was the leader during the 1971 war..the results were better than boys who preceded her. Whatever her politics, INDIRA=GUTS

  14. I was born in the 80s and never saw Indira Gandhi rule… Every regime has its share of controversies and I believe her imposing the emergency in 1975 is a highly debated and debatable part of her rule!! Whatever the truth and the facts were, this Lady is definitely strength personified. Such fortitude and fearlessness! We need more leaders with such qualities for our India. Her choice of words, poise and grace… she was probably very angry and hurt inside but such calm and gentle demeanor. So much respect and adoration.

  15. Interview kaisey liaa jaata hai aur interview kaisey diaa jaata hai. Please godi media must watch and Mr modi and amit shah kaisey baat ki jaati hai please dekho.

  16. No government has ever been okay with dissent, therefore the terms such as naxalites,anarchists etc are thrown around even today.
    Basically shows that irrespective of the party, its all an endeavour to stay in power. But evidently, 40 years from today we won’t have such an interview of any of our current leaders which we would proudly revisit. Speeches though, surely there are plenty.

  17. It's quite ironic everyone here is try to their fullest in praising Indira over matter like free press, journalism to that extent over mocking the current state of journalism completely and comfortably ignoring the fact that Indira in that whole interview got bewildered by all of the questions Jonathan raised, she didn't answered over facts, completely dismissed Shah commission, refused of jailing students, academicians and political opponents in large, And laughably says in a desperate manner to save face, that they didn't hold elections that because they wanted to ensure stability, I ask after what? After a 21 month long State of Emergency without ever declaring on what grounds, she had the audacity to make such a statement and embarrass India over the world politics. Only traitors like her have the capability.
    When you praise the above interview over free press and try to draw similarities b/w then and now, don't forget the interview happened in Britain. This facts screams for itself. I need not press upon it.
    And she was the same person who demolished all the press freedom in all of India for 21 fkin months and forcibly sterilized Indians over a mockery on the name of population control. By this they were going to control population? WTF!
    She had no clear answer over any of the question asked. She tried to assert her dominance over him but he budged not at all. That's called Journalism. And that's what you should commend him for.
    And then the joke at last-

    'Because I am not guilty"

    One thing I really found amusing all of the comments below making heaps of praises for her, were made exactly 4 months ago only (the time when 2019 elections were held) when the clip is 4 years older.

    Dear Proud Bhakts, We all know who are these, aren't we?
    I hope they all had their burnol moments after 2nd landslide victory of the BJP XD

  18. Iron lady because of her courageous speech and service..the only Congress leader I admired with her managerial and administrational skills..

  19. she was afraid of opposition & launched an emergency what a lie. The subcontinent was under threat. Ofocurse RaGA has to learn a lot from her.

  20. Salute to late Indira Gandhi.. salute to Narendra Modi, in reality he is the one carrying her nationalist legacy. Har har modi ghar ghar modi.

  21. This is the same woman who was on KGB pay roll, and she and her party put India on sale for foreign intelligence agency. And yer here she is…… and clean PM. What an actor!!!!!!

  22. Mrs Gandhi ka asliyat samne agaya…Corrupt govt and corrupt family…Corruption ka root…dusron ko galat batao aur apne Aaude ka fayada uthawo…Selfish hypocrites…

  23. Why are people lashing out on Modi here? Cant we appreciate Mrs Gandhi without bringing Modi in comparison every single time? Can't we love one, w/o hating the other?

  24. Indira – The Murderer of Democracy. (Indian Emergency 1975-77)
    Example of Nepotism in the highest office. India is ashamed of her.

  25. This is gold! Especially if you are a student of constitutional law and political science.

    I wish there were such gutsy journalists and leaders today!

  26. I loved the newspaper part👏🏻 exactly what is happening against India even today. International media agencies reporting on the surface and not digging deep enough to reveal the truth.

  27. Nixon: This is just the point when she is a bitch.

    Kissinger: Well, the Indians are bastards anyway. They are starting a war there. It’s—to them East Pakistan is no longer the issue. Now, I found it very interesting how she carried on to you yesterday about West Pakistan.  🤣

  28. English people 😆 shovel ur hypocrisy up in ur ass .. i know this is past… but yea they are still pursuing such way of poking.

  29. If you ask people who lived from Independence day till present day and they still say Modi is better. Present day people blame modi including myself, imagine the condition of those people who lived in those times.

  30. Thanks to the reporter to penetrate into the vital issues and aftermath of power gain! 👏
    Sterilisation has been forced on one community only which is still following it. Resulting to which our population has dwindled drastically.
    But the minorities? They were 5 crore and they are 200 times more.

  31. Now this is what you call a real ,honest and powerful interview, today's journalist should be shown this ,not even for a second I thought that the interviewer is an asslicker and even Indira Gandhi took it confidently, just look at today's journalist specially In india and you'll feel ashamed

  32. Chilling and sadistic display of pack of lies by a ruthless Dictator whose rule only gave misery, autocracy, hypocrisy, tyranny, megalomaniacal rule by dynasty… 😱
    Wish the interviewer had asked her about her real surname 😊😀😁😁😁

  33. Indians are a very different species of people . The world must know that. India has a culture of more than 7000 years.It is one of the oldest countries in the world.The people of India are proud to be Indians

  34. @ImranKhanPTI


    Imran Khan stop worrying about Kashmir, just go through this:

    Indira Gandhi said: "

    The future of India is for us to decide and we will fight it out in India. I dont think it is anybody else's business."

    Look at 20.33

  35. Modi does not have 0.5guts of india have she is straight forward and strong modi is not modi fattu hai aaj indira hoti definitely we are supreme in world

  36. She faced tough questions and she did not always give convincing answers, many answers were ridiculous, but she did not evade anything. Today feku is scared of any interview other than from sycophants who will not dare to ask difficult questions.

  37. As soon as you nationalise the central bank and kick out the Zionists that own them you are in grave danger and this proved correct when they organised her murder.

  38. Im British but seeing Brit telling an Indian about human suffering when our governments killed 30 million Indians is not only an incredible insult and hypocrisy but also arrogant.

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