Inside the Kashmir That India Doesn’t Want the World to See | The Dispatch

It’s Friday on the streets of
Kashmir’s largest city. It’s the day Muslims
normally gather to pray. But in recent weeks, it’s also become
a day of protest. Indian authorities
are working hard to keep a lid on
displays like this. But they can’t change
how people feel. As protests break out
across Kashmir, Indian officials
repeat what has become a well-worn soundbite. “There have been no major law
and order situations reported from across the Valley. Life is slowly
returning to normal.” “And the situation is returning
back slowly to the normal.” But things here
don’t seem normal. Kashmir has been a
conflict zone for decades. But when India moved to strip
the region of its autonomy on Aug. 5, the
situation came to this: thousands more troops and a curfew bringing
daily life to a standstill. Phone lines and internet access
were shut down, cutting off around eight million Kashmiris from
the outside world. So, we came to see what’s
actually happening here. We visit a neighborhood
known for frequent clashes between protesters and
Indian security forces. People, here,
are in mourning. Fahmida Shagoo was at
home with her children and her in-laws on Aug. 9. Police started firing tear gas
at protesters outside. Fahmida’s husband, Rafiq,
helped rush her to the hospital. But doctors could not revive her. A sudden death and no one
to hold accountable. In addition to tear gas, for years, Indian forces
have used pellet guns to quell unrest in Kashmir. These shotguns fire cartridges
full of lead pellets that lodge themselves
in the flesh. They are supposedly
non-lethal, but can cause life-changing disabilities. Parvez Sofi says
he was at home when he heard
a commotion outside. When he opened the door
to see what was happening, he became a target. In the name of maintaining
law and order, Indian forces have
license to shoot with near impunity
in Kashmir. There is no official
number for the injured. But in just one
hospital here, sources told us over
60 people had been admitted with pellet wounds
since the lockdown began. Still, this doesn’t
stop some people. And lives here have been upended
in other ways, too. This woman’s
22-year-old son, Mehraj Ud-Din,
was arrested. She doesn’t know
why he was taken. Since then, authorities have
been giving her conflicting information. This is not
an isolated case. Since early August,
thousands have been arrested
without being charged. And there’s no indication
when or if they’ll be released. Although some landlines
have been reconnected, Kashmir is still
largely cut off from the rest
of the world. That helps authorities keep
stories like these quiet. But as the days pass, they’re getting louder.

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  1. Freedom from what? From their own people? The administration is Kashmiris. They have full religious freedom. They have all freedom which is available to any other Indians. If they stop throwing stones and stop asking for freedom which they already have and stop working for Pak, the military also will disappear from Kashmir.

  2. Q: If Texas want to separate from USA just because some thugs want to run drug cartel, can we allow that? NO
    In Kashmir Jihadi ISIS supporter Jaish E Mohammad want to separate Kashmir from India. Will never happened.

  3. Yes well. Muslims attack Christians too we always piggy in middle what they say. Why you not pray to Jesus. Why can't he have the pellets removed.?

  4. Dear people of Kashmir. I know you can't see this because the BJP Indian government has done a complete media blackout while trying to ethnically cleanse your land. Just know that I'm praying for you.

  5. What do you expect to be done to stone pelters? Where were you when Kashmiri pandits were kicked out from their own houses and it was announced from mosques for them to leave their daughters and wives!

  6. Did you reported that day when these bloody innocent people were hitting security forces carrying voting machines?

  7. you really demand justice than curse the person who had done that to your wife. curse them it's enough. curse him with torture with drowning dead. read the hadith of the curse of injustice you ignorants. and if you didn't curse them you are a great fool.

  8. This is a biased report. Why don't you show people throwing stones at security forces and leave no choice for security forces to retaliate? And this small number of stupid people throwing stones are funded by radical Islam/Pakistan.

  9. 'Our History will be erased' You think the same thing will happen to you because that's what you did to the KASHMIRI PUNDITS.

    But fear not Indian Army are not inhumane like you.

    Embrace Peace.
    Stop the Violence.
    Ditch your 'Gun Solution'.
    Move towards a better future.

  10. My question to whole world why dont u raise voice from 70 years about kashmir independence i m from azad kashmir and demanding to all the world whoever read this comment. Raise voice for kashmir.

  11. Shame on you India for what you have done to your own people especially to the Kashmiri and Northeast Indian…. Am from Northeastern India… Yeah we love our country India.. But I don't think this would be India what my India is a Democracy Country… Come on India wake up India.. 🙏🙏🙏

  12. Some indians are barking in comment section that "New york times" is spreading false news 😂😂😂😂😂 i mean bbc, new york times, dw news, al jazeera, vice news all are spreading false news and according to indians "who is spreading the true news?" 🤔🤔🤔 zee news, abp news, aaj tak news, ndtv news and bla bla bla bla 😂😂😂😂 hmmm impressive 😕😕😕😕

  13. Why anyone not talking about Kashmiri pandit. Where was you all liberal when Kashmiri pandit was murdered in Kashmir .why? You all didn't raise questions about them.

  14. Thank you for showing the dirty face of Indian army and indian's brutal and unjust treatment with civilians. The indian army will pay the price of every single drop of blood in occupied Kashmir.

  15. New york times sat at zenith of journalism but i cannot believe they portray such pointless videos. This is fake. We indians always wanted peace with Pakistan. New york times should change their reporters if this is the content they gather and show world. Shame on such journalism!

  16. Old videos but edited recently, all because of jealousy, don't worry brothers, we , indian are well educated and gaining knowledge,will teach you oneday how to love, we will prosper more, anyway, be a true journal don't spread manipulate old news .. be mature .

  17. Very sad. Today muslims r suffering and i knowone day hindos ll pay for it. It should be stop that otherwise situation ll get worst. Allah bless us all either we r muslims or hindo s.

  18. I'm from Kashmir and I feel proud to be an Indian. Everything is OK and normal in Kashmir. This is 2016 video if anyone has dout can search on Google.

  19. Arey bhaiyo aur behno pehle yeh batao Jab Pakistan nay Kashmir ka ek hissa China ko de diya toh tum logon ki kya pratikriya thi?

  20. firstly , You do not know the terms and conditions in between kasmir and INDIA. That's what I can certainly say.

  21. Everybody of Pakistan sapporter is aatankwadi in Kashmir khata hai India Ka aur gun gata hai Pakistan Ka gaddar,doglla,mahla Ka aulad , bhaduva, Randi, madarchod sala

  22. Madrchod kashmiri SB Milla hua ho ok SA 70years SA India na to tmha nhi Mikayla lkin tm logo ka bahn Randi ho hai hai chudagi

    Ita phakte ho Chod degi Indian army

  23. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 kishmir is part of India and the kishmir are our brothers and sisters

  24. @The New York Times
    Why you guys only see one part. Why are you not showing largely inflicted corruption of state governments in Jammu & Kashmir, What about the exodus on Kashmiri pandits’ & their migration in 90’s, what about the mass atrocities on minorities. And for a very cleared matter of fact Pakistan & China has occupied some part of old Jammu & Kashmir state. Indian are only living up their commitments else wise, it was many a time never hard to recapture PoK. Why don’t you worry about Pakistan, created by western now enemy of whole civilisation, the biggest exporter of terrorism. No country denies this very fact.

    This is completely rubbish, do you ever discussed

    1. How much Indian Govt invested in last 70 years in J&K with respect to rest of India and how much people of J&K received.

    2. Where all those money gone in between from the Govt funded to what end recipient received.

    3. What is ratio of expenditure allocated by the J&K state Govt on basis of demography, religion and economic status of individual.

    There are many other questions need to be understood.

    I will again request to show pros and cons both in a single stream of news. I request you only to report the facts only instead of drawing conclusions.

  25. Now feel 20% pain,what u radical Islamist have done to kashmiri pandit nd wait……80% u face when we takeover whole kashmir valley just wait

  26. Kashmiries are Brave people….. Will not bow to Indian acrocities and genocide…… Pakistan Army has good reason to intervance….

  27. We Kashmiris are so fed up with every day atrocities that we want nuclear war so that entire Sub continent gets annihilated with us and ends our long suffering and serves a lesson to the world that
    Selfishness and denial rights serves nobody interests.

  28. Y cant Kashmiris Integrate with India, We love Kashmiris, Y to Protest, We can Leave with Peace and Harmony, Look the History, Kashmir Was a Part of Inida, Infact even Pakistan for that matter was the part of India, we as Indians are not going to leave Kashmir at any cost, We can have a Developed Kashmir, like other parts of the countries, which is developing at a rapid pace, artice 370 was Temporary Measure. Muslims and Hindus Leave Happily in other parts of the Country, we have Masjids and Hindus Temples Together near where I leave. In History it was Jinaah and Nehru, for their political gain divided the Country, just Imagine if we were one Country, we could have been the Super Power by Now, we could be the best Cricket and hockey Team, We could have the Best Singers, Artist across the world, now its not Possible, we have Tri Color flag where we respect, every Religion, Caste, Creed. My Request also to the News channels, where there are Majority of Kashmiris, who wants to Integrate with the Indian as One Nation One Constitution, Please also cover that part as well. This was the issue since last 70 years, ofcourse it will take time to get things normalise. but one thing is for Sure, Voice of Indians are same, Kashmir Was a part of India and will Remain the same.

  29. I'm not saying what you say in the video is not true, I just want to hear the government's explanation, these kind of report seem very biased compared to the report of events in the US.

  30. Kashmir belongs to india and if anyone from kashmir wants to go pakistan they are free but kashmir is integral part of mother india

  31. साले इंडियन ओ कब तक सच को छुपा आओगे कश्मीर तुमसे कितनी नफरत करते हैं देख लो यह चैनल पाकिस्तान का नहीं

  32. ye log haste muskurate haat me pattar lekar pekk rahe hai kya inlogo ki galtiya nahi dikti bbc news reports ko agar army unke pattar uniko return mare to kaisa rahega tab bataiye .
    in bewakufoo controle kar rahi hai army aasu gas se varna inki in pattar pekne valo ki ukaat 2mint me samaj aa jati

  33. pellet wounds are for those who protest against the government. Fight for your economical growth not for other things which is against indian constitution

  34. These white sit talking about humanity
    What about nuclear bomb attack on japan
    What about britishers who ruin the hole world

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