International World News Headlines – 31 October 2019

A gas stove has exploded on a train in Pakistan sparking a huge fire that killed at least 70 people. Survivors recorded what happened as the flames tore through several carriages. The train was on its way
from Karachi to Rawalpindi which is just outside Islamabad. There are more casualties due to the speed of the train. Wind accelerated the fire, that’s why dozens of people
are dead and wounded. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has sent his condolences
to president Moon Jae-in over the death of Moons mother,
Kang Han-ok. The presidential office says
a letter was received through the Panmunjom channel and was delivered
to the president last night. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un delivered a message of condolence
on Wednesday to president Moon. He expressed his deep condolences over the death of the president’s mother,
Kang Han-ok. The message was sent through Panmunjom yesterday afternoon
and it was directly delivered to the president at Namcheon Cathedral in Busan
late last night. We begin the hour with breaking news Seoul says Pyongyang has fired two unidentified projectiles into the sea between the Korean Peninsula and Japan. They said the projectiles were launched from a central province in the DPRK and headed east toward the sea, but it’s still not clear if the devices
could be identified as missiles. This is the latest in a series of launches by the DPRK in recent months as nuclear talks between
Pyongyang and Washington remain deadlocked. A former Juul executive
is sounding the alarm in a new lawsuit
against the vaping giant. Alleging at least 1 million
contaminated vaping pods were sold to customers
and retailers. Former Juul senior vice president
Siddharth Breja claims he was fired in March
for raising concerns about at least a million
contaminated pods the company allegedly shipped to customers and retailers. The lawsuit cites several instances
where Breja expressed concerns about the quality of the products
being sold. lawsuit claims then CEO Kevin Burns responded to those concerns saying half our customers are drunk
and vaping like expletives who the expletive is going to notice the quality of our pods. Burns, who stepped down
from Juul last month told Tony Dokoupil in August
the company’s products are safe. And now to the campaign 2020. Twitter says that it will no longer
accept political ads on its platform. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted yesterday we believe political message reach should be earned, not bought. He went on to tweet internet political ads present entirely new challenges
to civic discourse: among them, he said, unchecked misleading information
and deep fakes. Dorsey’s decision puts him at odds
with Facebook’s policies. Some believe Twitter’s move
was in relate, was related to backlash Facebook, Facebook’s
Mark Zuckerberg received on Capitol Hill last week when he was asked
about paid political ads. Well of course I mean incredibly frustrated that we’re not able to get
Brexit done today but let there be no doubt
what happened. We had a fantastic deal on the table. The House Commons voted it through but then they voted again for delay and we went round it the whole exhaustively with members of parliament there’s no way they weren’t again
get this thing done not just by today
not by the end of this month not by the end of next month and not even by January 31st. I offered them more time
to debate our deal twice we were at it
we can sit round the clock and debate it and they still
wouldn’t get it through and after three and a half years it was perfectly obvious to me that this Parliament is just not going to vote Brexit through. Monday marks the first official day when the United States can formally request to leave the Paris climate Accord. All signs suggest the Trump administration
plans on doing that. It’s a promise the president
has said many times. Mr. Trump first announced his intentions to withdraw from the Obama era agreement
back in 2017 The president and his re-election team do not appear to be making climate change a major talking point on the campaign trail. But not all Republican lawmakers agree with the president’s approach. On Tuesday I asked Republican senator Mike Brown of Indiana how he hopes to get more
of his GOP colleagues interested in climate change. A few of us lead on it and articulated differently than we tried
with health care where we were apologists for a broken industry that’s brought most of this on themselves,
maybe they’ll learn the lesson from that. Shuri castle is one of Okinawa’s best-known tourist spots and had earned World Heritage status in 2000. The fire broke out in the main buildings
before dawn and the flames spreading quickly through the ancient timbers. More than ten fire engines were sent to tackle the blaze
but there was little they could do. Local people looking on helplessly. The full extent of the damage
was revealed at first light. Many of the buildings
reduced to smoking ruins. The castle dates from the Ryukyu Kingdom which spanned 450 years until Okinawa was annexed by Japan in the 19th century. As a symbol of the island’s heritage it had in recent days been holding
an annual festival recreating rituals from the past. Sydney woke up with a heck of a hangover. The sky looks more like a swamp. Low cloud and fog combined with the smoke to reduce visibility and breathability. It was Mother Nature’s message
to stay in bed bed but on the pavement, on the water, and on the leash there were those who just wouldn’t be told. There are more than 60 fires
still burning across the state many on the Mid North Coast. They’re basically in under
a northeasterly breeze which has pushed them
straight down the coast towards Sydney and I think that smoke that Sydney’s experienced the Hunter’s got worse smoke conditions and the the smoke is extended all the way down to Nowre. The air quality was classed
as hazardous in some areas and paramedics had
dozens of call-outs for asthma related cases but pretty much anyone
or anything with lungs was better off indoors. The government has unveiled a blueprint of its ambitious plans to reduce traffic and slash transportation fees in metropolitan areas
over the next decade. South Korea’s Ministry of Land,
infrastructure and transport unveiled its so-called 333 Metropolitan Transportation Vision which seeks to expand
transport infrastructure in five major metropolitan cities. Seoul, Daejeon, Gwangju, Tegu
and the Busan Busan region. Under the measures
the government plans to reduce travel times
between major regional hubs to 30 minutes. Cut travel cost by 30 percent
and shorten the transport time from buses to other means
of transportation by 30 percent. The land minister says the country’s railway system will see
the greatest changes. She vowed to add a new high-speed train service along the
Great Train Express line to accommodate the growing population in this whole
metropolitan area.

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