Is President Donald Trump Violating The Constitution’s Emolument Clause? | NBC News Now

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  1. Let's dig up some more ridiculous archane language.
    How about something more understandable, like " private email server" ?
    How about "repetitive" ? How about "obsessive compulsive media coverage" ?
    You guys are dumber than a bag of hammers.

  2. If there is a law to be broken , Trump breaks it. Just yesterday he showed a fake weather forecast. An actual federal offense ! 🔐 him up !

  3. Of course he is but that's okay we'll just turn our back on it let this man get away with anything… Like he says he could shoot somebody and the streets of New York and get away

  4. Nah! It's like supply and demand. If you offer good services and products, we buy them. We pay for what we want. Similarly, Trump supporters would love to stay in any of Trump hotels or play at any Trump golf courts to enjoy the presidential spirit and support our beloved president. Fake news is exaggerating and distorting the truth.

  5. Humpty Trumpty is building a wall to fall from and all the king's horses and all the king's men won't be able to put Humpty Trumpty back together again!

  6. Why are we still talking about this? Congress is the only entity that can do anything about this and its been this way over 2 years.

  7. How very FUNNY… Presidents can't make Money WHILE they are in office, but can make 100's of Millions after they leave in books and memoirs, or speaking engagements, or just being on Sir Richard Branson's Island and playing with his toys … all that is OK. Now, if a president had a farm, and it produced a fruit , lets just assume anything, say Oranges or Avocados, it would be wrong for his farm to sell its fruits to the Federal Government ? Even if he is not actively running the farm while in office ??!! Hmm.. I wonder who was buying George Washington's Cotton and making cloths for the army with it ?! Or was he selling it to a foreign government ( like France) , and then buying the french made shirts for the US Army ??!! Wake up guys, this is the USA not a communist country. Most presidents had and have bussiness.. so the US should not have made any deals with the Carlyle Group while Bush and Cheney were in office ?! Or anyone from a foreign country should not go watch a sports team that Bush was a co-owner of !!! Or else that would mean the $100 they paid for the ticket to watch the game, was in fact a Bribe to the commander in chief, and treason !!!! REALLY …FAKE NEWS.

  8. The first president to have business with foreigners while in office was George Washington, you deranged never Trumpers. By the 1790s, Washington was wealthy primarily because of real estate — renting and selling his vast holdings. As with Mr. Trump’s hotels, Washington’s renters or purchasers could include foreigners, you hysterical fools.

    One letter written by Washington deserves great attention in the current debate. On Dec. 12, 1793, Washington wrote to Arthur Young, an officer of the U.K. Board of Agriculture, an entity newly created and funded by Parliament at the initiative of William Pitt. The president asked for Young’s help in renting out his Mount Vernon lands to secure an income for his retirement. Not finding customers in America, he wondered if Young, with his agricultural connections, could find and organize some would-be farmers in his home country and send them over.

  9. Why wouldn't Congress have standing?
    Even though Sen. McConnell, Former(ly) Speaker Ryan, and now Speaker Pelosi have abdicated their respective roles here, they are the ones who have the power and the Duty to act on this.

  10. Why do we have to keep talking, investigating, meeting, running it by Pelosi, Schumer, discussing, getting more facts and on and on??? It's right in our faces! It's on film! trump admits it! Are our Democratic leaders just too lazy to do their jobs? Impeach the guilty f*cker already! WHAT on earth are you waiting for???????????????????

  11. He has been taking miney from the start. He invited all these big wig gathering at his resirt in Florida. What about his Children top child has a Contact with Sauda Arriba that gives his daughter 1 million dollar's for what ever they agreed upon. She is flying Airforce one with her father to other Counties why? That kid who is his adviser, why is this private citizen gets to know our weakness, security ways, and not even passed security checks. That man took several millions of dollars on his hotel from investors. Please no more Trump, no more Republicans decideing who is President. They have the media and Republicans only counting the Eletrical Colleges Vote. 270 gets you the White House. 19 States have passed Laws to do away with EC. Stand up be proud and make changes, hold him on Impeachment for Russia, the Wall, and get his tax returns. He works for US.

  12. I want to see the moneys spent on the Wall. He has his pockets full of money. 25 million to build 1 Mile of Wall. He getting sued for trying to take Citizen Property to run the wall over it. He has to have an Audit. He needs to be investigated in all his secret banks that him and his children have. What about Global warming. He as hasnt heard of Category 5 Hurricanes. People stand and be heard!!!

  13. That clause has been violated by pretty much every administration, yet you only bring it up with Trump. Yeah, could you be more obviously anti-Trump? Propaganda artists, thats what you are, albeit not particularly clever ones…

  14. If you guys don't want Donald Trump to violate the constitution.please . first someone needs to explain to him what the constitution nice to this guy.he have experience about buying building's and other stuff

  15. We continue to Pray for President Donald Trump, his Family, the Cabinet, every one that works in the White House. May the Lord continue to Bless them and their Families. AMEN!🙏🎶 AMEN!🙏🎶AMEN!🙏🙋🙌📖🎶🎺⏰

  16. Red Hats, BURGERS, STRAWS ? The Trump derangement syndrome is a virulent disease, SEEK HELP!!
    Best president ever, Donald Trump. 💯MAGA 2020 KAG
    Keep up the great work you are doing, SIR

  17. 🔨🚅"Oooh, My Goodnesssss," People Get Ready, The Trump train is coming with ( Obama's hammer) to clear the way and the Bar Bill must Be paid!! I love it when a plan comes together!! There will be people dancing in the streets…!! American Born Black Men For President Trump!! WWG1WGA!! ***(Can't you hear all the Cackling, Clucking Hens and the Roosters Crowing?!!)***

  18. You freaks, the corruption is coming from all elected. You pick n choose your concerns for corruption as it suits your biased agenda. Sad that journalism has died. Replaced by propaganda whores. Pathetic.

  19. NBC sucks–biased against YANG. Trump's FAKE media! Saying 10 candidates for DEMS Sept debates but shows only 9 to the exclusion of YANG!

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