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Hey! I am very excited to share a good news with all of you. Yesterday on 16th September 2019, Mirror Now the TV News Channel’s journalist Faye D’Souza – Sign Name – invited ISH News CEO & Founder Alok Kejriwal – Sign Name – and Aqil Chinoy – Sign Name – Head of IT and Interpreter Mansi Shah. The three of them were invited to have a conversation with Faye. Mirror Now has a show called ‘The Urban Debate” where discussions regarding urban issues are carried out. Faye spoke about the Information & Broadcasting Ministry’s new rule that News Channels in India must carry out news show with Sign Language Translation. During Mirror Now’s show, there was a headline that said,”Deaf, Not Dumb.” It means that Deaf individuals are not dumb. Another headline, “Lets Make India Inclusive” was displayed as well. These were headlines displayed on Faye’s Mirror Now show. Faye questioned Alok & Aqil and asked them to share with everyone the problems & difficulties faced by the entire Indian Deaf community. Because the world is completely unaware and they must watch this. Mr Alok stressed the importance of Sign language. Deaf individuals who understand Sign Language will succeed very fast. It is very useful and extremely important. Mr. Alok said that the different news channels on TV do not provide accessibility. Since they do not understand the spoken content they have to keep asking friends, families and relatives. They always feel dependent. Mr Alok always felt the information was incomplete and never understood it. This is why he set up ISH News. He set up ISH News so that Deaf individuals would benefit. By receiving complete accessibility they will understand everything and not depend on others. They will watch and learn themselves. They will watch the news and gain a lot of knowledge. This is very beneficial for all. This was his aim. When Faye questioned Aqil he said that, his educational journey was very difficult and he had to work very hard. He also said that the different Deaf schools in India provide education through oralism. Through oral education, Deaf can never succeed. Deaf people do not understand what is taught orally. This is why they are not able to achieve anything. Aqil said that in schools, if the Deaf are taught in Sign Language they will surely succeed and be able to use their creativity in their profession. This is why Sign Language is important. Faye was very interested. She then questioned Mansi and said that yes, Mansi is an interpreter but her parents are Deaf as well. Faye then asked Mansi what were her feelings about this and if she ever faced any discrimination. Mansi said that Deaf individuals suffer, have difficult lives and many other problems. Here have a look at this video clip. Did you see the video clip? If you want to watch the entire video, here is the link. Just click on the link below and enjoy the entire video. Share the video with your friends, relatives and family. ISH News team is very thankful to Mirror Now as for the first time they invited Deaf individuals who set up a news company. They wanted to show this to the world For the first time they invited and showed questions in sign language. They wanted to show India & the world, the power and beauty of Sign Language. I am very thankful to Mirror Now.

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