Israel: ‘Ready for Iran battle’ – TV7 Israel News 25.09.19

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcasting to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
Prime Minister and Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival, Blue and White Chairman
Benny Gantz, held their second meeting this evening at the President’s Residence in
Jerusalem, as part of their continued efforts to form a national unity government. Israel has joined France, Britain and Germany
in accusing Iran of bearing responsibility for the recent attack against Saudi Arabia. U.S. President Donald Trump emphasized in
his address to the U.N. General Assembly that while the United States is not interested
in war Iran, it will act to protect America’s interests. Israeli Prime Minister and Likud Chairman
Benjamin Netanyahu and his rival, Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz held their second
meeting at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem this evening, where they updated
President Reuven Rivlin about the progress made in negotiations between their respective
delegations. According to domestic media reports, the talks
have focused on several issues – including various rotating premierships, a division
of ministerial portfolios, and several matters pertaining to religion and state such as public
transportation on the Sabbath and civil marriage. Another critical issue is the passage of a
military draft bill into law; disagreement on which was one of the main reasons for the
dissolution of the previous-Netanyahu government prior to the April 9th elections, earlier
this year. Law requires President Rivlin to appoint a
candidate by next Wednesday, who in turn will attempt to form a government. The Israeli Head of State has reportedly set
two guiding principles for the Netanyahu-Gantz negotiations – the first of which demands
that the government be shared and equal. As such, Rivlin has proposed that ministerial
portfolios be divided evenly between the Likud and Blue and White, excluding smaller factions
from a preliminary arrangement. The second principle mandates that neither
side boycott members of the other party. Accordingly, Gantz must agree to sit in a
government under Benjamin Netanyahu, and Netanyahu must accept a rotating-premiership with Benny
Gantz. The no-boycott clause is also applicable to
the integration of the ultra-Orthodox factions as part of a broad coalition, despite Blue
and White’s pre-election pledge to establish a secular unity government. It is important to note that Rivlin has warned
both Netanyahu and Gantz that he will not allow either side to deliberately delay coalition-building
negotiations. In fact, if the President perceives the unity
efforts have reached a dead end, he will delegate the mandate of forming a government to one
of the two candidates, even ahead of the 2nd of October legal deadline. Now to New York city, where;
World Leaders are currently attending the annual week-long opening of the United Nations
General Assembly. Among those addressing the plenum, Turkish
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seized the opportunity to condemn Israel – for what he
referred to as, ‘its ongoing atrocities against the Palestinian people and the city
of Jerusalem.’ Ankara’s leader claimed that the current
Israeli government, under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the administration of U.S.
President Donald Trump, bear full responsibility for the perpetuated conflict and suffering
of the Palestinian people. Erdogan further urged the international community
to protect the long-accepted consensus that a two-state for two-peoples roadmap be the
sole solution to the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian dispute. “Esteemed delegates, today, the Palestinian
territories under Israeli occupation have become one of the most striking places of
injustice.” / “The current Israeli government and the
(U.S.) Administration, right next to these (unspecified) murders and atrocities, is intervening
and attacking the historical and legal status of Jerusalem and holy sacred lands and artifacts. As Turkey, we have a very clear stance on
this issue, the immediate establishment of an independent Palestinian state with homogeneous
territories on the basis of the 1967 border with East Jerusalem as its capital is the
only solution. “ With regard to the American peace initiative,
the political dimension of which has yet to be unveiled; President Erdogan warned that
the plan will most definitely lead to more bloodshed. “Is the aim of the initiative, promoted
as the deal of the century, to entirely eliminate the presence of the state and people of Palestine? Do you want another bloodshed? All actors of the international community,
particularly the U.N. should provide concrete support to the Palestinian people, beyond
more promises.” Responding to Erdogan’s rhetoric; Israeli
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a filmed statement from his residence in Jerusalem,
in which he ridiculed the Turkish leader’s statements as ‘absurd and deceptive.’ “The one that does not cease to lie about
Israel, the one that does not cease to massacre the Kurds in his land, the one that denies
the heinous genocide of the Armenian nation, should not preach to Israel. Erdogan, stop lying.” The Israeli Prime Minister also released a
separate statement, in which he joined France, Britain and Germany in accusing Iran of bearing
responsibility for the recent attacks on Saudi Arabia. “Britain, France and Germany have said that
Iran is responsible for the recent attack in Saudi Arabia. Let me say on behalf of the state of Israel,
very simple: Iran did it! A – Z. Israel will know how to defend itself against
this type of aggression, and we call on all the members of the international community
to join President Trump’s efforts to increase the pressure on Iran. That’s the only way to stop Iran’s aggression.” Back at the United Nations headquarters in
New York; French President Emmanuel Macron used his
address to the General Assembly to reiterate his warning that the “risk of a serious
conflict based on a miscalculation or a disproportionate response” has reached an all-time high in
the Persian Gulf, especially after the September 14th Iranian attacks on Saudi oil installations. “The attacks on the 14th of September against
Saudi Arabia have clearly changed the situation. And so, bearing that in mind, today, we have
a risk of a serious conflict based on a miscalculation or a disproportionate response. Peace is at the mercy of an incident of a
miscalculation and the consequences for the region would be very serious, too serious
for us to live on the edge of a cliff.” President Macron also took the opportunity
to reject accusations that Europe’s conduct toward Iran has been naïve –by insisting
that “it takes courage to build peace.” “I’m not naive at all and I don’t believe
in miracles. I believe that it takes courage to build peace. And that is why it’s important for the United
States, Iran and the signatories of this agreement to show this courage.” During his remarks to the U.N.G.A., U.S. President
Donald Trump responded to global criticism of Washington’s conduct over Tehran’s
malign behavior, by emphasizing that the White House is not interested in war. That said, the American leader asserted that
his Administration will never fail to defend America’s interests. Trump further warned the international community
‘not to subsidize Iran’s bloodlust,’ and repeated that as long as the Islamic Republic
continues to sow destruction and terror, the United States will move to apply additional
pressure. “The United States does not seek conflict
with any other nation. We desire peace, cooperation and mutual gain
with all, but I will never fail to defend America’s interests.” / “All nations have a duty to act. No responsible government should subsidize
Iran’s blood lust. As long as Iran’s menacing behavior continues,
sanctions will not be lifted. They will be tightened.” Now in other news;
With the approach of the High Holy Days on the Hebrew calendar, Israel’s National Security
Headquarters has just published travel advisories for the public regarding various terror-related
threats worldwide. Israeli citizens are recommended to immediately
leave Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, avoid travel to Turkey, and postpone any non-essential
trips to Morocco and Sri Lanka. Furthermore, the defense establishment has
announced that global Islamic elements have called for attacks against Israel and its
citizens. Despite its defeat in Syria and Iraq, the
Islamic State has continued to perpetrated terror around the world and declared its intention
to carry out additional attacks in Turkey, India and Pakistan. For more information on Israel and its region
visit our website at WWW.TV7ISRAELNEWS.COM

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  1. 💕 God 💕 is not fooling around, pretending. Neither is Jesus. Neither Abraham or Israel. The word of 💕 God 💕 is the reality. Accept it, live in it and you find שלום. 💕 God 💕 one and best. Amen.

  2. Erdogan is the good Samaritan here. God loves the righteous.

    Like it or not, Palestine suffering is pain in a lot of people's hearts.

    If anyone can read the signs, Palestinian sympathising nations are steadily growing in power, while the west is steadily declining.

    Israel should compromise and offer Palestinians a state.

  3. Praying for Israel ❤ and its beloved people & their eternal capital, Jerusalem 🇮🇱 Blesings to PM Benjamin Netanyahu, may God give him strength 🙏🏻

  4. Shalom, mam.president of isreal recomended primenister bi bi to form next govt. congratulations to nathnyahu, I amconfident sir will form next government.

  5. tricky bibi at it again as m. olmert sayed recently dont be surprised if you wake up & hear he has started a war anything to stay in power classic meglomanic dont be fooled by his overtures 2 christianity he is a christ rejecter that jesus was only a freedom fighter

  6. There is no such thing as Israeli occupation of the land it belongs to them given to them by the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and there is not nor has there ever been a so-called Palestinian people


  8. He is talking from both sides of his mouth. Who is he trying to convince?
    We know the truth! There is no such people as “Palestinians”.
    They are from Jordan, and that’s where they all belong.
    The Nation of Israel, is never, and will never, be their homeland.
    God bless Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and God bless His HOLY LAND,
    ISRAEL, and His Holy City, JERUSALEM!

  9. I am not saying that Iran is innocent, but I know this , that Israel is the root cause of a lot of bad things in the world . And if you don't agree you are as guilty .

  10. I would refer all of these persons that are commenting to: Amir Tsarfati at Behold Israel. He is the best when it comes to Bible Prophecy

  11. No "PALESTINE" …. EVER.
    GET 'EM OUT,…

  12. God let Israel destroy Iran, let Israel wipe the Turks and Arabs off the map as ou promised.
      If you find it is true and can prove that such a detestable act has occurred among you, you must attack that town and completely destroy all its inhabitants, as well as all the livestock.  … Keep none of the plunder that has been set apart for destruction.  Then the LORD will turn from his fierce anger and be merciful to you.  …  “The LORD your God will be merciful only if you obey him and keep all the commands I am giving you today, doing what is pleasing to him.” (Deuteronomy 13:13-19 NLT)

  13. Can some body tell Erduan Turkist Prime Minister if KURD can claimed ANKARA or PART of ANKARA to be their future Capital City.

  14. "CRIME AND CORRUPTION: An "Epidemic of Crime" Exists Everywhere. – We are living in the midst of an "epidemic of crime," at which thoughtful, God – fearing men everywhere stand aghast. The corruption that prevails, it is beyond the power of the human pen to describe. Every day brings fresh revelations of political strife, bribery, and fraud. Every day brings its heart – sickening record of violence and lawlessness, of indifference to human suffering, of brutal, fiendish destruction of human life. Every day testifies to the increase of insanity, murder, and suicide. Who can doubt that satanic agencies are at work among men with increasing activity to distract and corrupt the mind, and defile and destroy the body?And while the world is filled with these evils, the gospel is too often presented in so indifferent a manner as to make but little impression upon the consciences or the lives of men. Everywhere there are hearts crying out for something which they have not. – The Ministry of Healing, 142, 143. (1905)Cities Worldwide Full of Crime. – The world over, cities are becoming hotbeds of vice. On every hand are the sights and sounds of evil. Everywhere are enticements to sensuality and dissipation. The tide of corruption and crime is continually swelling. Every day brings the record of violence – robberies, murders, suicides, and crimes unnamable. – The Ministry of Healing, 363 MTC 41 – MTC 42.1

    We are near the close of time. I have been shown that the retributive judgments of God are already in the land. The Lord has given us warning of the events about to take place. Light is shining from His word; yet darkness covers the earth, and gross darkness the people. "When they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them; … and they shall not escape."599The Lord is removing His restrictions from the earth, and soon there will be death and destruction, increasing crime, and cruel, evil working against the rich who have exalted themselves against the poor. Those who are without God's protection will find no safety in any place or position. Human agents are being trained and are using their inventive power to put in operation the most powerful machinery to wound and to kill.600The judgments of God are in the land. The wars and rumors of wars, the destruction by fire and flood, say clearly that the time of trouble, which is to increase until the end, is very near at hand.Soon grievous troubles will arise among the nations, – trouble that will not cease until Jesus comes. As never before we need to press together, serving Him who has prepared His throne in the heavens and whose kingdom ruleth over all. God has not forsaken His people, and our strength lies in not forsaking Him. CCh 336.3 – CCh 337.1"

    Written By: Ellen G. White (1827-1915)

  15. Turkey is a lie. France wants to run and hide behind a wall of words.  Its in their history.  Germany just went around it and captured France.

  16. The former land of Canaan is holy land. For Jews and Christians. It was promised to the Jews as a home for eternity, and the Christian world also finds its point of origin here.

    Israel has every right to self-defense of its homeland against bloody terror by rocket attacks or suicide bombings.

    Netanyahu and Likud are taking the right path and no tolerance or even mercy should be given to criminals.

    Shalom Israel! 🇮🇱🇩🇪

  17. Turkey is Meshach & Tubal of Ezekiel 38 Bible prophecy. They are part of the conglomerate that will attack Israel in the very last of days for THIS WORLD. The God of the Holy Bible will of course have the FINAL VICTORY.

  18. If the President of Turkey is so concerned about the Palestinians, why would he come to the Gaza Strip and take the terrorism, the Hamas, the jihadist and the Gazans to take them to Turkey?

  19. Blow Iran out of EXISTENCE, oh wait it's okay God will do that himself very SOON! THEY are HATE in it's worst form possible…Wanting death to America as well as others only PAINTS their NAME as EVIL…EVIL…EVIL…!!! Father Son and Holy Ghost

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  21. Dear Mr. President
    Would you please explain what is our interest in Persian Gulf? that we have to lose our faith, credibility, and our young men and women’s lives? And destruction of at least 5 countries? Isn’t that enough ? or perhaps we are in situation that must obey Saudi and Zionist demands? the must inhuman, aggressor, terrorist, Tyrant, murderer regimes in the world

  22. My God Yahovavhey-Nissi-Yireh does have his mighty army prepared to take action against all those who should know Him and Keep His Commandments. All those who should have made His divine name known throughout the earth but rebelled against his Sovereignty. My Elohim and His Mighty Army are prepared to take up this controversy as prophesied in Isaiah 66;15, vs 16 "For Yahovavhey himself will for a certainty take up the controversy, yes, with a sword, against all flesh; and the slain of Yahovavhey will certainly be many. Amen and Seal! I am the one who is the daughter of Zion. For my Lord has told me so and has been my tutor!

  23. Vey! i'm iranian and i hope a war break out between iran and israel so the gates of hell be open onf the poor tiny ambitious country of israel. btw we already have thermo nukes. so don't brag about your stolen american nukes. we got it for tow times. one with help of Mr abdul qadeer khan who is pakistani but that is typical nuke. the second one provided by north korea which is thermo nuke and one of those is enough for the whole rat hole of israel. there is also russia around. the zionist regime will collapse in less than 15 years.

  24. How rich for Erdogan to talk about human rights abuses. Journalists, Jews and Kurds living in Turkey might have a little something to say about that – if they could.

  25. Iran is all the press as if has done something great, give Iran IRG to Isis, Iran IRG will have no soldiers left, ISIS defeated SAA, hizbullah, and IRG militias, it's Russia that makes the difference instead,not Iran,

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    How dare that clown tell us what we should do. You can't deal with the devil. And Iran and it's allies ate the devil.

  27. Some 600 years before the birth O Jesus Christ or more than 1,000 years before the birth of Islam, Zechariah (8:18) wrote ….the Lord of Hosts says this: I am coming back to Zion and shall dwell in the middle of JERUSALEM. Jerusalem will be called Faithful City and the mountain of the Lord of Hosts, the Holy Mountain….. So, what Jerusalem is this Erdogan talking about?

  28. It's only fools that believe iran can be defeated in this pressure,iran has been ready for war despite chocking sanctions,this war must be avoided because it is a war that no country will be able to claim victory

  29. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in the day of trouble. Israel cast all your cares upon Him for he cares for you. May The Lord bless you and keep you safe in the day of trouble, may He cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. Blessings from the uk.

  30. LOL Israel couldn't defeat Hezbollah they ran home and Hezbollah now has over 275K rockets ..the US patriots missiles couldn't stop the attack on the Saudi gas fields….and the Iron dome is a copy of the Patriot…..isreal cant sustain casualties in its cities or even its military there isnt enough people….go dream on…they will have to have someone else fight for them …their other army the US military. And ask any US Commander they Us army cannot defeat Iran….ISIS was created by the zionists to create a land bridge to invade Iran from Iraq by bringing in mega amounts of troops…thats not going to happen now……they aint going to defeat the Iranians with just contractor/mercs and the US people are not going to go into a draft to fight …not going to happen and they ( US war hawks) know it.

  31. War with Iran will be the end of Israel trust me Iran will wipe out tel Aviv, my advice to Netanyahu is don't take the test Iran will respond with full effect!!!

  32. Just another sly trick by Isreal to leure America into a war with Iran. If enough nations join hands in acusing Iran Mr. Trump may find its enough push to declare war on Iran. I hope that Mr. Trump is smarter than that.

  33. YESHUA HAMASHIACH IS MESSIAH ❤️ Stop doubting Israel and Repent IN JESUS NAME ❤️ ADONAI❤️ No more time ! We are Last generation ! Shalom .

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