Israel under fire prompting heavy retaliation – 4.11.2019 TV7 Israel News

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcast to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
Palestinian Islamists fired a barrage of rockets from the Gaza Strip towards Israel’s southern
communities, prompting a series of Israeli strikes against Hamas militant installations. The U.S. State Department released its annual
“Country Reports on Terrorism 2018,” in which – as it has been since 1984 – “the
Islamic Republic of Iran retained its standing as the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism.” The Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah
Ali Khamenei declared that he will not lift his ban on negotiations with the United States,
describing the two countries as implacable foes. Palestinian Islamists fired a barrage of rockets
from the Gaza Strip towards Israel’s southern communities, over the weekend. Ten launches were identified crossing the
Hamas-controlled territory into the Western Negev region of the Jewish State – shortly
after 9 PM on Friday evening. Eight of the incoming projectiles were immediately
intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-rocket Defense System, whereas one rocket scored a direct
hit on a private house in the Israeli city of Sderot. While extensive property damage was caused,
thankfully, the family living there entered their home’s bomb-shelter before the rocket’s
impact and emerged without injury. Several hours later, the IDF conducted retaliatory
strikes against terror installations in the Gaza Strip. According to the IDF spokesperson’s unit,
Israeli Air Force Fighter-jets struck a wide range of Hamas terror targets throughout the
Palestinian Strip, including numerous military installations in the southern and central
districts of the terror plagued enclave. In its statement, the IDF underscored that
it “views the rocket attack(s) targeting Israeli territory with great severity and
is prepared to continue operating as necessary against attempts to harm Israeli civilians.” Furthermore, in spite of the fact that it
is widely believed that the Palestinian Iranian-proxy Islamic Jihad was responsible for the rocket-fire,
the IDF echoed Jerusalem’s position, in which it “holds (the Islamist) Hamas (which
controls the enclave) responsible for all events transpiring in the Gaza Strip, and
emanating from it.” It is important to note that the Palestinian
Islamic Jihad in Gaza vehemently denied its responsibility. The Iranian-backed organization relayed a
message to Egyptian intelligence officials, in which it emphasized that its leadership
remains committed to de-escalation. In tandem, Palestinian sources told TV7 that
rogue field operatives belonging to the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad were responsible
for the rocket fire over the weekend, and that they acted without the authorization
of their organization’s leadership. Meanwhile in Jerusalem;
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisted that Israel’s retaliation is a legitimate
response to the indiscriminate rocket-fire from the Palestinian enclave. During his interim government’s weekly cabinet
meeting, the Israeli leader reiterated his position, in which Hamas will be held accountable
for all attacks that originate from the Gaza Strip. “Immediately after the firing at the area
adjacent to the Gaza Strip, I convened a discussion of the security leadership at the Defense
Ministry. I ordered that we attack a series of objectives;
therefore, the air force attacked them. You could certainly be impressed by the power
of the assault. It must be understood that as far as we are
concerned, Hamas is responsible for every attack originating from the territory of the
Gaza Strip.” Netanyahu further noted that while he does
not intend to go into detail vis-à-vis Jerusalem’s security plans, Israel will continue to take
action against the enemies of the Jewish State “on all fronts.” “We are in a very sensitive and volatile
security period on several fronts – north, east and south.” / “I do not intend to go into detail here
about our plans. We will continue to take action on all fronts
for the security of the State of Israel, both openly and covertly, on land, sea, and in
the air.” Meanwhile in Tel Aviv;
Tens of thousands of Israelis gathered at the city’s Rabin square, where late Israeli
Prime Minister and war hero Yitzhak Rabin was murdered in 1995 by an ultranationalist
Israeli Jew, who opposed his interim peace talks with the Palestinians. Speaking to the rally, which marked the 24th
anniversary of the heinous murder of the late Israeli leader, former IDF Chief of Staff
and Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz declared that under his leadership, he will stride
towards pursuing peace with Israel’s neighbors. “Peace has always been a Zionist and an Israeli
dream. Peace is no longer only an Israeli interest
but a joint interest of many countries around us that face the craziness of extremists.” With regard to the insufferable situation
in southern Israel, in which more than a million Israeli citizens have faced years of indiscriminate
rocket from the Gaza Strip, the former military chief vowed to restore deterrence – by any
means available. “In the government that I will form, we will
restore deterrence – by any means available to us. Hamas leaders will be held personally responsible,
Hamas headquarters will be destroyed and the time of showing restraint will come to an
end, if there is no complete quiet in the South. We will restore deterrence and we will know
how to fight, but we will also know how to utilize that deterrence and how to restore
hope. Just as (PM) Yitzhak (Rabin) would have done,
if he were here with us today. ”
Meanwhile in Gaza city; The Islamist Hamas organization accused Israel
of exacerbating the situation by targeting one of its military training installations. According to the Hamas-controlled health ministry,
one militant was killed and three others were wounded in the Israeli strikes. “The Israeli offensive that targeted the Gaza
strip tonight and caused the loss of a martyr and injured people whilst also terrifying
children, women and citizens is a crime that is added to their (Israel’s) series of crimes. The occupation alone is responsible for all
the circumstances that come as a result this attack. The occupation is trying to export their internal
troubles at the expense of our people. The Palestinian resistance will not accept
this.” It is important to mention that the European
Union condemned the indiscriminate rocket fire on Israel. An EU spokesperson said that firing rockets
at a civilian population was unacceptable and must stop immediately and unconditionally. The EU condemnation against the indiscriminate
rocket fire toward the Jewish State, joined additional countries from around the world,
including the United States. Meanwhile in Washington;
The U.S. State Department released its annual “Country Reports on Terrorism 2018,” in
which – as it has been since 1984 – “the Islamic Republic of Iran retained its standing
as the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism.” Introducing the report, the state department’s
Coordinator on Counterterrorism Ambassador Nathan Sales highlighted Tehran’s expenditure
to support terrorist groups that promote the Ayatollah regime’s malign influence across
the Middle East. “In 2018, the Islamic Republic of Iran retained
its standing as the world’s worst state sponsor of terrorism, as it has every year
since 1984. The regime, often through its Islamic Revolutionary
Guard Corps, or IRGC, has spent nearly a billion dollars a year to support terrorist groups
that serve as its proxies and promote its malign influence around the region – groups
like Hizballah and Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.” In addition, Ambassador Sales pointed to the
growing threat of Iran’s malign activities that is not confined solely to the Middle
East – citing bolstered efforts by the Islamic Republic to assert its dominance in the continent
of Europe. As such, countering Iran-backed terrorism
remains a top priority for the Trump administration. Meanwhile in Tehran;
The Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared that he will not lift
his ban on negotiations with the United States, describing the two countries as implacable
foes. Speaking to a gathering on the eve of the
40th anniversary of the seizure of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, the Supreme Iranian leader
emphasized that his persistent refusal projects the Islamic Republic’s power and dignity
in the face of American efforts to influence the country’s nature. “The most important answer has been that further
influence on the country by the U.S. is blocked by the Islamic Republic.” / “Discouraging negotiations (with the U.S.)
is not merely something emotional. A strong logic supports it. It blocks the enemy’s way of influence. It shows the world the power of the Islamic
Republic and the dignity of the Islamic Republic.” For more information on Israel and its region
visit our website at WWW.TV7ISRAELNEWS.COM

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  1. Israel will win this situation💪💪💪
    Peace for Israel, Peace for Jerusalem🙏🙏🙏
    God Bless 🙏🙏🙏


  3. TIME LINE 3:24…….YESH!…..FATAH and HAMAS and any other TERRORIST ORGANIZATION that fires upon ISRAEL, will receive DEFENSIVE RESPONSE from the IDF, DAVIDS ARMY. ISRAELS right, to protect the RESIDENCE and COMMUNITIES of ERETZ YISRAEL. Amein.

  4. Concerning to what to pray for Israel, this is what to pray for Israel according to Jesus Himself for His beloved Israel.

    Read the book of Matthe 24:15-24

  5. I pray that Our Living Loving Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua will give great Wisdom Decernment and Guide The IDF Military Soilders and that Israel Prevail and triumph over their enemies .

    I pray all IDF military soldiers come back home safely to the arms of their loved ones.

    I pray that Israel will not suffer any damage , Especially No loss of Life in ISRAEL .

    I pray that the enemies of ISRAEL will have such a Horrible Great Loss and ISRAEL will have peace for a long while.

    I pray that ISRAEL'S Enemies will Fall at the waste side and they leave ISRAEL Alone having their tails tucked between their legs with horrible Fear of Our Living Loving Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua.

    That they would think twice before for coming Against ISRAEL ever again.

    I pray In The Name of My Living Loving Holy God Jesus Christ Yeshua Amen.

  6. Lord God please lead Israel, give wisdom to leadership, knowledge of you to all your people. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess Yeshua is Lord.
    Shalom Jonathan and TV7, thank you for speaking truth, in a world where the medianites lead the world astray.
    The EU is a shocker, condemning Gaza, must be a first! in recent years of condemning Israel with their bias views .. May God watch over and protect Israel.. shalom shalom..

  7. 🇮🇱🇺🇸🇬🇧🇦🇺🇳🇿☦️✡️ Jerusalem is England’s real national Anthem god bless from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  8. Has anyone informed BG that you cannot make peace with terrorist's? Anyway, I will pray for Israel and Jerusalem. God's will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

  9. 🙏🙏🙏🇮🇱💖🇵🇭
    Praying from Phil..
    For the safe and peace state of israel.. AMEN!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  10. This tit for tat cannot continue. Israel must do more than retaliatory strikes. Israel has the right to do whatever it needs to for the security of Israel. I suggest the complete destruction of 1 km of adjoining Gaza for every series of rocket attack against Israel. That means Gaza will have less and less territory until all of its people are huddled in the remaining south Gaza, or less. Bennie Gantz is very naive. He believes he can negotiate peace with those who have tried to destroy Israel for 70 years and always negotiated in bad faith. The International Community will always condemn Israel as will the United Nations so go ahead and do what you need to do. Begin to destroy Gaza kilometer by kilometer

  11. Holding Hamas responsible for Gazan attacks is the right approach. Hamas can say it wasn't them. The IDF can say, "Then give them this for us." And deliver a punishment they'll hate. They can decide how to go from there. Israel can roll either way.

  12. Stop bombing Israel and you won't keep getting your behinds kicked.
    It's very simple.
    You're (Hamas) just lucky I'm not in charge!

  13. 9:21 Funny they've got the Head Terrorist talking about Iranian power and dignity, while they show groups of enslaved women and grown men in ridiculous, ninja-style headgear. And don't they look happy? They really know how to live over there in the Islamic State, er… Republic. Meanwhile, Israelis their age are dancing in clubs, going to concerts, movies and dinners right now. Elohim>Allah.

  14. Reality is….We didn’t put up with Hitler and We sure as heck are not going to put up with Hamas attacking our brothers and sisters in Israel, we will fight for America..For it is written in the holy scriptures spoken by Yahweh “those who bless Israel I will bless them also. We are with let’s turn Gaza into a parking lot.

  15. Israel allowed Hamas to gain strength, Israel could end them and their leaders In Qatar or where else if they wanted

  16. Jesus, died on the cross, and He is the KING of all ,and Jesus,is the Lord of all,, The Bible, is all truth,😃💪

  17. Back in 1995 we had mid-week prayer meetings and the Lord Jesus was adamant that we pray Israel NOT trade land for peace. Sad that Rabin was not of the same mind.

  18. Carpet bomb Gaza for a month, kill everyone and every structure standing. Flatten everything in Gaza. Let Gantz handle the situation. Then carpet bomb Iran too.

  19. God wants all to believe and be saved… Sad, that maybe to end this Islamic threat IS to wipe out Iran; this people have gone past a "line" that perhaps they can not go back… They are so deceived and listen to a "leader" who knows nothing but hate and destruction. Why do world leaders always say (after an attack) "please stop hitting people with your rockets, not nice, someone will get hurt, please play nicely…"

    May God bless the prime minister of ISRAEL Benjamin Netanyahu: THE ONLY REAL LEADER LEFT IN THE WORLD!

  20. TQ. TV7 crew and Mr. Jonathan Hessen for excellent presantion and good updates. Faithfully, praying for your Nation. ISRAEL the nation of my GOD. Blessed be ISRAEL forever.

  21. The future of Israel and her salvation is certain and no one could alter it. Likewise her trouble is certain for it is written and has been decreed by God through prophet Daniel, on the other hand, God is committed to rescue His people. Let us pray according to God's indtruction, according to Jesus' instruction. To all genuine Israeli, take of good courage and be joyful for your God will fight for you. True Christians are praying for you around the world.

  22. You guys need to stop the rocket attacks. They aren't going to go away, they've been going at it since the 70's. You're going to have to do something more than retaliatory strikes. It's abhorrent to think of the government using them as bargaining chips. Thanks for the news.

  23. Benny wont get to try and make peace with countries trying to kill people in israel and benny will get fired apon israel so hey benny good luck for your peace plan bibi will pull more votes than benny and the same shit will hapoen like the second elections give up benny your a piece of shit long live bibi

  24. When is someone gunna realize shooting back in froth doesn't work fuck Iran and the strip turn them in to glass and keep Israeli soldiers women lol

  25. When will people learn you attack God's land and people you will lose , the Nazis lost the Egyptians lost …. ECT …. Cut the crap ppl. Abraham's seed and Christian's will never die !!!


  27. Praying for Peace and Blessings for Israel and her people! Blessings to you Jonathan Hessen and family!EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS❤️🙏😇

  28. If anyone from anywhere that attacks Israel are terrorist! Then Israel should destroy all areas with Bombs that that out a few city Blocks. That would stop a lot of them shooting!

  29. Now in such a case, what the UN and EU wants Israel to do? Just sit there and do nothing? And let Hamas or Hezbollah fired 🚀 rockets into Israel and it is ok? Israel is a sovereign Nation, she has all right to protect her Citizens. First of all, if you read the Scripture, there will be no peace. 1 Thess 5:3, The only one to bring peace to Israel is Messiach. Not anyone. We all that love Israel should be saying Baruch haba B'hem Adonai or Baruch Ha-Shem

  30. Millions of innocent Gaza civilians killed by Israeli army and air force but main stream media supporting Israel why ? Where's human rights watch community?

  31. Love and prayers from America to Israel! What is amazing is that there are many Iranians living in America yet they burn our flag. What do they mean by it? Do they not care about their own either? Why? One thing I know that their are both good and bad people in every country and nation on earth that is true. But it is a hate filled action to burn any flag (for that is the symbol of a nation and a people). Forgiveness sets me free not my enemy. When hatred becomes passed down from father to son how will it ever die? Unless Love intervene? Love is the only thing that can overcome hatred. I do not hate the people of Iran no matter how many flags they burn. Lord willing they will not defeat me in such a way. Praying daily for Israel! May the Lord make Israel a praise and a glory in the earth at this time! Israel is not going anywhere! Israel will remain! May God bless you all exceedingly abundantly beyond all you see or imagine. 🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱🇺🇸🇮🇱

  32. Shalom, May Yahuwah bless you from Zion/Tziyon. May you see Yerushalayim/Jerusalem prospering all the days of your life, and may you live to see your children's children. Shalom in Israel/Yisrael. (Psalm 128:5-6)
    Yahuwah Elohim bless Yisrael I 💖🇮🇱 long live 🇮🇱🌹 and all Spiritual Israelites Messianic believers families and assembly in the world and keep them safe I pray in the name of Yahshua Ha'Maschiach Amen HalleluYah. With 💖🌻💙🌸💜 from INDIA 🇮🇳💞🌹💜💐💚🌺💛🌼💙🌷💕

  33. Satan, the father of Cult Islam instigating hatred toward Israel and sadly arabs/muslims NEVER been able to realize this truth.!!

  34. It's time to PULLOUT Ayatollah Komeni from his underground hideouts and execute him publicly,
    That demonic CULTISH MULLAH is more dangerous than Abu Baker Al baghdadi.!!

  35. That phony Pally talking about Israel's attack being a crime, but forgot to mention that they just fired Rockets into Israel and I guess to those morons that's ok, but you can not fire back at us…. LOL Idiots all, never learn.. PM Netanyahu should take Gaza back and kick the phony Muslims out of all lands of Israel..

  36. Death of a coward not a matyr. If you could only tell the truth and embrace peace by acknowledging Israel has a RIGHT to exist the mid east would be silent but alas the cowards cannot do this. God bless and protect Israel and the United States. God forgive the US of their crimes and be merciful for your people that are in the US by the millions.

  37. Israel Be wise! What they're for is to create war, to destract the mission to word peace towards middle East with Israel & the rest of the world!

  38. There is no peace for the wicked the people of the shall win any threats peace on Israel 🇮🇱 and Jerusalem shalom from Nigeria 🇳🇬 God bless you mr Jonathan Hessen for the news am always praying for salvation of from the surrounding wicked.

  39. caparing east wioth west is wrong way its just pot calling the kettle black neither ha sit alleast is worsein some areas etc its just adifferent kind of spiritual problem. thasts all theres a lot of snobbery in this its just pot calling the kettle balck.Iran does this allthe time sayign it is better but thats nonsemnse.

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  44. Israel is fully justified in defending itself by targeting where the rockers were fired from!!! IRAN is being controlled by the Father of LIES!!! AND IT'S PEOPLE ARE BEING DUPPED BY THOSE THAT WILLINGLY SERVE THE HORRID DEVIL!!!!!

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