Jennifer Saunders opens DISGUSTING fan mail! | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Jennifer, you’ve been sent things by fans. Were you in the theatre
and you got a nice… Was it a letter or a parcel? I know what you’re going to say! No, because you do get sent
quite odd things by fans. Generally, drawings are
nice things, you know, gifts that they’ve sewn or made, but, yes, I did once
get sent pubic hair. Yes! Quite unexpectedly. A lot of it? But how was it arranged? How did you know
it was pubic hair? Oh, no, you… It was when I was doing…
Did the first play. It was years ago –
must be 25, 30 years ago. I was doing a play in the West End –
and the trouble with being in a theatre is everyone knows
where you are every night. You can’t be anywhere else – so they can always
drop things in – and I was opening this
envelope and I thought, “Oh, it’s padded!” A padded envelope. Burst it open… And phew! You go, “Oh…” Wow. Oh! LAUGHTER Oh, I say, and then
a slightly odd sort of cut-up slightly pornographic letter. And of course you report it. And this was a guy who was
doing it in the West End to lots of actresses
in lots of plays. And I think he got arrested after
he sent it to Felicity Kendal. That’s all I know. I think there was trouble then. Or maybe he just ran
out of pubic hair. He’s going for the armpit hair…

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  1. Oh.. my.. gosh!!
    Ugh.. 🤢
    Minute 0:35
    If that happened here..
    I'm sure the F.B.I would want an investigation on whom sent that um.. "hair". 😳
    "Shouldn't you be off somewhere analyzing my mother's hair ?" –
    Selena St. George
    Quote from the movie:
    "Delores Claiborne"
    That was so wrong of me wasn't it?
    Love from 💕
    Michigan, USA 🇺🇸
    Peace of.. 🤮

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