Joe Budden On Tyler Perry, Embracing Arrogance And His First Cologne | MSNBC

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  1. Is there anyone connected to trump, including family members, who isn’t a criminal, liar, in jail, or under investigation?

  2. The Republican Party today: Putin lover trump, Moscow Mitch, Leningrad Lindsey, Kremlin Kennedy, Nikita Nunes, DWI Gaetz, and GYM Jordan

  3. Can someone explain to me what is this ridiculous idea of doing an interview indoors in a winter coat? I've seen it on other Hip Hop programs. They look absolutely ridiculous. Is MSNBC having a problem with their heater? Or is this guy in a nightclub wearing sunglasses?

  4. Is a fat middle aged lesbian (self described) with a brain the size a planet, the only one who will save us from Russian annihilation? Discuss.

  5. What a lovely segment to break up all the difficult news. Gucci Envy was my smell of choice. Was crazy expensive but a family member worked for a high end department store so I got it for cost price. Still crazy expensive tho

  6. CIA created thug gangsta rap culture to glorify drug dealing i/ gang wars in innercity to jack up the cost of GUNS and DRUGS and destroy black communities to fund their black Projects in places like Undersea bases near Ponce Puerto Rico and southern CUBA which were just destroyed XPLODED Biggest drug dealers of all are CIA

  7. That's Tyler Perry s table He knows what he want s his work to say It speaks for him ,his thoughts. No one can dictate his going out of his mind .I just love his works so far.

  8. The coat, the coat , the coat & the coat remind us of the late Liberace , but unfortunately that one is a signature “ I’ve arrived “

  9. Comedy for the Senses:

    So cute-“I’ve got the Ear Buds” /“you know a lot of people have the buds”—

    “Can I ask you, Nick—what your scent was?”

    It could be said that Axe in the 2000’s is The Old Spice of The 70’s.

    Real question: do men buy just what smells good to them in hopes that it too has the same effect on who they are trying to attract? Question for the masses—

    As far as said coat is concerned, women wear uncomfortable (clothing/heels/lingerie) fashion for fashion sake-its all drag.
    What is a ‘drag’ for me personally is the chinchillas(?)

  10. Take action and make sure T's not reelected. Join George Conway and other Rs who are mounting a big campaign to counter T misinformation and release the truth to sectors that voted for T.

  11. Joe Buden is trash. I almost unsubscribed over this. This segment is a reaaaach for including black culture in your regular news cycle. How about incorporating more minorities into your regular segments instead of creating this poor handout of an "urban" segment. You all look and sound …. you just look and sound.

  12. Dirty move joe to get on msnbc and speak first on Tyler, positive or not. Narcissistic has a negative connotation. Could have spoke on anything in the world up there.

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