John Brennan Says Trump’s Latest Comments On Impeachment Show He Is ‘The World’s Greatest Snake Oil

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  1. Brennan should have a free neck Stretching in his immediate future if Justice prevails see my 2 minute video of Crossfire Hurricane Jihadi John

  2. Thanks to the 40% of Americans who are WILLFULLY IGNORANT (think Sarah Palin) we voted for Trump and will do so once again in 2020. I have several small wagers that Trump will at minimum squeak by with just enough EC votes to a second term.

  3. Yes he's dead right that he himself along with the left has made especially the left a bunch of clowns. TRUMP 2020 and if what he's doing is snake oil, then keep going. DO NOT LET THE LEFT BRAIN WASH YOU. Like they have already done to the weak minds who follow them

  4. John Brennan represents the essence of the Democratic Party. God
    preserve and protect him because the country needs to hear from him on a
    weekly basis.

  5. John Brennan represents the essence of the Democratic Party. God
    preserve and protect him because the country needs to hear from him on a
    weekly basis.

  6. John Brennan represents the essence of the Democratic Party. God
    preserve and protect him because the country needs to hear from him on a
    weekly basis.

  7. Vote for democrat's adjenda of slavery 2020. Like Hillary said "you people can't be trusted to make decisions for yourself"

  8. All nations are laughing 😆 since day one. How trump compares himself with Abraham Lincoln 😂 this men is really mentally ill

  9. She can say Economy is good but how do you define it? GDP is below 2%, the 14% corporate tax cut has skyrocketed federal deficit to over 1.1 trillion and rising, which pumped stock market of coarse. Half of corporations are highly leveraged with bad BBB debt, the yield curve has inverted, the debt to gdp ratio is over 105 and rising, we are in a manufacturing recession but unemployment is low. So a lot is bad looking ahead but right now the dam is holding according to the data. Data does not lie it is just data. You can’t spin it unless you ignore history and logic.

  10. Every body knows how much he lies, how much he doesn't care about the people, and how unprincipled he is. What I can't understand is why some people are defending that.

  11. I hope you will consider reading this reply since you seem to be seriously interested in the future of your country. I know it is extremely long. To be clear, I do not live in North America. I live in a country that has been under communist/Marxist-socialist ideological control for the past fourteen years. I have seen firsthand how an extreme fascist government comes to power and operates. Regarding my comments on YouTube videos, I do not converse with any of my countrymen nor any of my family concerning the political events in the U.S.A. And, even though your government significantly influences events in my country, as it does in virtually all countries, practically no one here cares much about the impeachment undertakings involving President Trump and the complaints against his staff and faithful, if obsequious, Republican partisans. All of my information on the situation there comes from the Internet, including YouTube videos and only three Online Newspapers: ProPublica, Snopes and Associated Press. I have no endorsement for any political party – neither Republicans, Democrats or any of the other nearly 60 registered political parties in the United States.

    I have taken an outsider´s interest in your politics because I am concerned that the “I AM RACE” (a spiritual anagram for AMERICA) is faltering in its role as the greatest expression of political and social freedom on earth. That responsibility began with the The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America and the subsequent Constitution of the United States. Those original documents, and some of the amendments to the latter, in my opinion, represent the most humanitarian and unbiased social decrees yet to appear in the annals of human history. “WE THE PEOPLE” has to be the most powerful introduction yet written to any statement concerning the laws of earth´s governments. That said, I am adamantly opposed to extreme fascism, while indeed recognizing that any country with laws, is in some form fascist. Fascism, as I define it, is a system of administrative control over a country´s subjects expressed in degrees from nominal to extreme. I do not relate it to a “type” of government.

    Some governmental policies and laws are socially beneficial and humanitarian while others are not. I am in support of some of the ideology inherent in communism, for example, yet contra to communist fascism, which I see as the enemy of cultural expression, spiritual evolution and individual freedom and thinking. I am in support of some of the ideology behind capitalism, yet contra to unfair market strategies, false advertising and corrupt business practices and exploitation that lead to the harm or suffering of any people. I am especially concerned that currently, all of humanity is controlled by only 0.2 percent of the populace, otherwise known as politicians.

    In my country, we elected a president who advertised for coalition and unification among the many ethnic groups and myriad social interests in the nation. He wanted to make the country great and free from corrupt politicians. I personally voted in favor of the president and I wholeheartedly supported his platform. I enjoyed thinking of living in a racially-free and fair-to-everyone country. In short time, he nationalized all of our natural resources, expunged foreign businesses and imposed unheard of tariffs and taxes on intrusive commodities. Statistically, the economic status of the country grew as did the minimum wage and employee benefits. But people were out of jobs because businesses could not afford to hire them. Rich politicians and their consociates got richer. The poor stayed poor. And, the Middle Class began disappearing, mostly merging with the poor. Does any of this sound familiar?

    The president and vice-president surrounded themselves exclusively with supporters of their own communist/socialist political party. They replaced the supreme justices in the country with like-minded implants of their own who invariably ruled in the party´s favor regarding any controversial legal matters. They claimed that false journalism was dividing the country. That led to creating policies against any reporting that criticized their office or politics. They closed certain radio and television stations that broadcast opposing political ideas or exposed corruption and malfeasance among their party members. Journalists began disappearing; some were imprisoned and some just disappeared. Even cartoonists were jailed for drawing humorous depictions of political leaders. They prohibited certain books from being printed and promoted their own publications that justified their fascist control and their hatred of foreign imperialism and traitorous citizens. Fueled with fanatical nationalism and even racism, they called for the extermination of anti-government protesters and generally announced that those opposed to their regime should leave the country. The president met personally with Vladimir Putin and over a long, friendly relationship made secret plans relating to the exploitation of our natural resources and the establishment of Russian business ventures in the country. Does any of this sound familiar?

    Early in his presidency, our elected leader hinted that becoming a dictator might be the necessary course to follow in making the country "great." Then, following two terms of office, the legal limit, as it is in the U.S.A., the party held a special, unconventional referendum asking the general public if it wished to reinstate the president for an additional term of control. The greater majority of people voted against the proposition. Nevertheless, the president convinced his Supreme Court to overturn the wishes of “We the People” and the president stayed in office for a third term with the idea of remaining indefinitely. At that point he became the dictator he had hinted at becoming. Through deception and blatant lies, the president and his henchman vice-president, maintained national and international support by falsely promoting concerns and policies for environmental and human rights. Does any of this sound familiar? There is not room to describe the dozens of other similarities your government and mine have shared since the inauguration of President Trump.

    We held new elections following his illegitimate running and again defeated the dictator president and his party by popular vote. But they again rejected the will of “We the People” and remained in office. That was too much to accept without seditious protests. Serious and deadly consequences transpired. Currently, my country stands in the throes of incipient civil war. The president and vice-president escaped the country, seeking asylum with a known corrupt government but not before cleaning out one of the countries’ biggest banks and leaving huge caches of Russian weapons for use by their faithful supporters. The two threaten to return to the country and regain power, which, if attempted, will certainly result in an indescribable blood bath.

    There are two main differences between your government and mine: One is, that your country claims to be democratically capitalist and mine claims to be democratically socialist. Yet, despite the semantics, they are both heavily influenced by Russian-inspired communist fascism, which is oriented toward complete control of their citizens through one-sided propaganda campaigns, restricting “The People´s” self-evident freedoms, aggressively subjugating the populace through powerful laws and silencing any opposing human expressions. The second main difference is, that in my country the presidency was controlled by an executive who followed his own prejudicial political predilection; whereas, in your country, the executive is a temperamental, eminently influential individual with obvious high narcissism disorder, which, from my point of view, is much more dangerous for you and for the planet.

    I believe the Russians are gaining support worldwide for their fascist interests while your president is detaching himself from the true democratic countries on earth. Try to remember that fascist communism proposes that ANYTHING is justified in order to gain control – lies, deception, murder, theft, detainment, genocide, et al. I hope you never have to experience that control first-hand.

    Thank you for reading to the end.

  12. Brenna, Comey, and McCabe belong in prison for their illegal activities in the FBI. I hope Barr refers them for prosecution.

  13. Mostly people not American used to believe the government was the problem but the citizens were ok, actually liked us. But now with nearly 40% of the voters supporting Trump they aren't so sure anymore.

  14. Economy??? It differs from state to state,let's not forget most Americans work pay check to paycheck,have no insurance or little. trump made a tax cut for the upper/ rich class. Not every one has a 401k plan it's just BS spewing out of his mouth again & again. Are those ppl who goes to his rallies on a 401 k plan?? Or jobs that pays 50k,60,etc.. few of them do. But like I said lies upon lies by trump& they just eat it up.

  15. From the comments it seems that Brennan has a lot of people upset with him. Guess the propaganda is doing it's job like Moscow Mitch was hoping.😞

  16. Brennan will be indicted. You know the left isn’t accepting Boris Johnson’s victory in England, either. But they don’t dare try that Russia bit.

  17. The economy for the wealthy is great! for the 44% working 18k a year jobs and the 13 million working multiple jobs, not so great. Many having to pay taxes for the 1st time last year, already started with a deficit. 90 billion in addl. taxes, 40 billion in Tariffs, again I say, not so great. Not to mention cities with total blown up budgets to pay for HATE Rallies all over U.S.

  18. Republicans are

    #1 racist white nationalist

    #2 russian agents

    #3 mentally ill

    #4 stupid

    #5 brainwashed

    #6 money hungry

    #7 sexist

    #8 homophobic

    #9 a liar

    #10 traitors

    If I was constantly told this by the news and by our own government ,by Hollywood,by my favorite tv show host , by my favorite tv show characters ,by my favorite music artists,everyday id probably believe it too.but to me I say.if the corrupt gov hates him, if our lying media hates him, if sick pedophile ring Hollywood hates him, of communists hate him, if all these people I know who are evil hate him.THEN I LIKE HIM GO TRUMP!!!

  19. OK, so. I kinda have to admit something. It IS impressive, in a certain sense, how little of a F Trump gives about the truth. He stacks lies on top of lies and squeezes in 4 lies into a single Tweet like it's nothing. It's never his fault, your facts don't matter, and if you question him it's not because he is clearly wrong and lying but because you hate him. It must be so freeing, to be totally disconnected from morals and feel that nothing can possibly be your fault.

  20. in my opinion, president donald j.trump should be forgiven for misguided wrongdoing. and supreme court chief justice ,judge john roberts shouldn't impeach trump ,but give him a fair trial under oath just a fair trial.



  22. Did you all notice how much John Brennan was fidgeting in his chair? He is visibly perspiring… that is one nervous traitor… I think he's starting to realize that AG Barr is serious about holding people accountable, and he knows exactly what the penalty for treason is. #WWG1WGA

  23. Brennan is a laughing mockery of the truth, how did this communist scrote-bag ever become the head of an American "intelligence agency". He repeatedly committed perjury before congress and should be in prison for sedition. This is the caliber of a MSNBC political analyst and a perfect example of why no one takes the media seriously any longer.

  24. In other words, the lying criminal trump had destroyed our reputation around the world, all the while dividing the country into a cult and a noncult basis.

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