JS patterns, React and CSS Grids: #1.32 the latest News (the Good Parts)

JavaScript is still the most popular programming
language among developers! Hurrah! [Music playing] Hi! Let’s talk today about JS patterns for 2017,
need for use of React’s and CSS Grids. I’m Anatol and you are watching the Good Parts
of the Frontend development. [Music playing] JavaScript is still the most popular programming
language among developers. Probably, it’s because 72% of responders are
web developers, hah? Nevermind. By the way, React came top on a list of ‘most
loved technologies’. You can get familiarized with this survey
on Stackoverflow. Let me introduce “JavaScript Patterns for
2017”. It is a really good talk by Scott Allen about
JavaScript language and ecosystem. In this sessions you’ll look at patterns for
organizing code, build patterns, pros and cons of new language features. Supposedly, you’ve heard about GraphQL. If so, you might be interested in the following
article “So what’s this GraphQL thing I keep hearing about?” by Sacha Greif. This is a great intro into GraphQL. Also, you can find here a list of GraphQL
servers as well as GraphQL Clients. Chris Coyier started a discussion namely “When
Does a Project Need React?” on CSS-Tricks. In his post author mentioned seven cases when
you possibly needed React in your project. Sacha Greif posted an article titled “Which
Projects Need React? All Of Them!” in response to Chris Coyier’s
writing. The author puts on the table the benefits
of React. His intention is to convince you to use React
in every single project. Don’t skip the comments, debates are so hot! Nowadays, CSS becomes a more and more powerful
tool. For example, there are four viewport based
units. Asha Laxmi posted an introduction to the use
of CSS viewport units for responsive typography and layout elements. You can read the article on Sitepoint. Writing code is only one small piece of being
a developer. Therefore, Sarah Drasner posted “Debugging
Tips and Tricks for Front-End Developers” on CSS-Tricks. A lot of insights and tips are there. Also, community provided its tools of choice
in the comments. David Gilbertson posted an opinionated article
“rems and ems, and why you probably don’t need them” on Hackernoon. David casts doubt on the statement “ems for
everything” and provided 4 situations, when you might need them. “Does CSS Grid Replace Flexbox?” asked Robin
Rendle. In short, not exactly, but there are some
good examples here. You can read his article on CSS Tricks dot
com. Talking about Grid CSS Rechel Andrew demonstrates
with practical examples what grid layout is, the basics of how to use it and how to start
using it right now. Here you need to write CSS code to grow your
carrot garden! Water only the areas that have carrots by
moving water elements changing the CSS properties. [Music playing] If you like this video give it “thumbs up”,
share it with your friends, subscribe to the channel and watch other episodes. [Music playing] This is all for this week. Thanks for watching and stay curious.

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