Kamala Harris calls on Twitter to suspend President Trump’s account

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  1. 3 years on and I cannot work out why poor old Cruella still looks like she is about to burst into tears every time she opens her mouth.

  2. Kamala Harris. You don’t respect the office you hold When you don’t give people the opportunity to answer questions you throw at them. You belittle People. There is no way People in America will vote you in For President. You need to fix your attitude.

  3. OK Twitter..go ahead..watch 30 million accounts close..there goes freedom of speech.
    K Harris..nobody is reading 100 million tweets a day..it was fine before Twitter and it will be better when Twitter is gone.

  4. The Democrats are going to take our rights away to speak . Biden wants to ban Giuliani from TV and Harris wants to ban the president from Twitter. The truth is out the Democrats want us to be there slaves. Be afraid America. Trump 2020 or we are done as a nation

  5. Reporters scream at The President any time they are close enough. Reporters are responsible for the current situation. Thank super star raton loco Jimmy Speedy Acosta.

  6. First the Dems want the news to not allow Giuliani to not be on it and now they want Twitter to suspend his account LoL they don't stop at trying to control people do they?

  7. Suspending Trump's Twitter account would absolutely be a violation of the First Amendment. Or did she forget when AOC got in a lot of trouble for blocking people? The First Amendment is something she is sworn to uphold as a sitting member of the Senate. If someone wanted to block her Twitter account, she'd be the first person to fight it in court. The fact that she would even consider this is DISGUSTING!!!

  8. Democrats the Party of Censorship- Take All Your Rights Party. You can't talk, You can't have a Gun, We can't have a President that can be an American with a voice. No Free Speech in America- Vote Democrat to Lose All Your Rights.

  9. She couldnt win in a million years, they all know trump is going to landslide the 2020 elections and want to undo the vote through any means. Pathetic. Biden is a crook and used his position for gain to his family just like Clintons. Lets look at Bidens Chinese dealings too.

  10. Yet schiff, Waters, Green, Cummings et al go on puppet media and say the most outrageous lies that a sixth grader would question and they get absolutely no questions from the interviewer for fear of being censored themselves. What they forget is the Dems strategy of disinformation doesnt work if they cant get it out to the public unchallenged. The first thing a coup does is silence their rivals and take control of the media, exactly what Harris and the left are trying to do here. Imagine the outcry if Trump said Pelosi shouldnt be allowed on media, if AOC should be banned from Twitter, if Schiff cant investigate allegations. That is exactly what the left is doing. They try to silence Trump, Barr, Pompeo, Nunes, Jordan, Guiliani and discredit anyone who doesnt agree with them.

  11. Socialists are a danger they want to close down free speech, this when the Democrats are telling the media to ban people who support the President.

  12. It is awful how the democrats speak about the president on Twitter.
    He has a right to freedom of speech.
    Also,then fake news should be censored.
    They are hurting this country of our with their lies.

  13. She’s topping off the tanks on the Trump Train.. good thing she doesn’t have a gun or she’d shoot herself in the foot …

  14. Has cum-ela stopped the BJ's long enough to say something again? Give her another jumbo deluxe …let her get back to her work.

  15. People on Fox like Melissa still bashing Trump for using Twitter.
    Forget about it. That is a LOSER. Always has been, always will be.
    Just quit it, Fox. Nobody wants to hear you talk about censoring Trump or anybody else.

  16. Kamala, one hyphenated expression comes to mind to describe this and your spirit: 'crypto-fascist'…followed by 'non-electable'

  17. Yes! By all means! Censor the President! We only want to hear Kamala Harris and the Squad! Take away Trump's phone so he can't talk to foreign leaders, shut dow Twitter, put masking tape over his mouth and an iron mask on his head! I'm with her->Queen Kamala

  18. Now Democrats are nothing but seditious traitors trying to cover up their crimes.
    We're coming for you, legally and ethically.

  19. No chic you don’t get to stop him from talking just because he is beating you DemoRats for saying all of your underhanded dealings! So shut up and sit down ! 🐀🤬🤫🤫🤫🤫
    My word for the day…. MSM sucks that’s why he has to use Twitter, Facebook they are not fair…..

  20. Dems like Kamala Harris are scared shitless that Americans may actually be told the truth by our POTUS, so she wants to silence him.
    Nice Try Kamala, no go away you Shill loser who will never be President.

  21. I wish this woman would shut up already. She's known because of the things going into her mouth, not the words coming out of it…

  22. Vote them out keep them out
    Police – doctors insurance co and unions
    Take schools back protect kids and seniors
    Downsize govt reduce taxes
    Slow down immigration to a crawl get a grip build the wall

  23. Dems are like…"I'm gonna tell". What a bunch of babies. They are losing SO bad! And they know it! I think it's funny. Their day is coming soon. Keep tossing out those distractions and we'll keep on INVESTIGATING. Tick Tock Tick Tock – Keep poking the bear…..

  24. Ugh. What a horrible woman. I havent forgotten how she used her privilege to openly lie about her beliefs on Kavanaugh.

  25. This woman would be aweful for America. She pandered to black people and we don't know this woman. Go away Hilda beast 2.0.

  26. Who are these dumb pucks,. you literally cannot take the president of the United States platform of communication to the American citizens under any circumstances you a holes better wake up and realize one thing we the people of the United States have the right to know the state of our Union from our president at any given time he decides fit to tell us you're not just fking with him you're fking with us if you'd open up your brains by way of your fking ears you might just hear what he's trying to tell you he is literally trying to tell you liberals or whatever the hell you call yourselves the truth we the people of the United States will no longer tolerate this kind of behavior from the left. PERIOD

  27. Buy 2024 when Trump walks out of the White House…he is going to own just about everything in America that he already doesn't own! LOL

  28. She has just lost all credibility as an American. Trying to silence an elected president, where does she think she is living, lala land?

  29. I've never heard Kamala "Heels Up" Harris say anything intelligent. But I've heard her pander more times than I can count. Her focus is always below the belt, as it was when she was Willie Brown's mistress.

  30. If he gets censored so should everyone, spare the nonsense about him being a public figure, means nothing. He still has his rights. Even if he sounds like an idiots.

    But that raises a question, when your enemy is making mistakes why stop them? Begs the question if trump is so in the wrong why censor him? If he’s making mistakes let him.

  31. I think what's good for the gander is good for the goose. Suspend his suspend hers. Even Steven. She has done more harm to innocent people than Trump ever has.

  32. I totally agree… My twitter account would have been closed instantly if I used rasist remarks or belittled people with bad nick names. Especially if I degraded government officials with treats and calling them bad names.

    Trump acts like a bad schoolboy and the teacher need to put him straight or have a conversation with his parents.

  33. How about taking away Kamala Harris tweeter account and so she’ll know how it feels to be denied the right? Democrats really think that people are stupid. It’s ok when it’s them being corrupt and breaking the law, or made a mistake of saying the wrong thing, no big deal here , nothing to see, they said, but it’s when the other party, oh boy, they want them ruined, fired, on prison. Looks like a bunch of gangsters in our government

  34. First they say he cant block anyone and everyone has the right to listen to the president… now they say he has to be suspended so noone can hear him. I really dont understand these people

  35. Who could be so stupid as to think that President Trump is lying to the American people, especially when his attorney has signed affidavits to back up everything he is claiming? Kamala wants to censor the President because he is succeeding in draining a very nasty swamp of its swamp monsters. There could be no greater proof of this fact, than all the attempts at censorship and impeachment. Should we all say: shame on Trump for defending himself against all the attacks against him? The whole Democratic House and most of the media are traitors to this nation.

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