Kamala Harris steps up battle to take down Trump’s Twitter

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  1. Don’t forget the Democrat’s debate, when HARRIS had bragged about putting teenagers in prison for having a tiny amount of marijuana. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. If trump IS impeached…my money is on Pence being Clintonized so that Nervous Nancy is the next president….

  3. This Harris is getting truly desperate. She must be feeling the heat of her failing candidacy and the need to defend herself. This smooze-your-way-to-the-top lady made a huge mistake when she poked the Trump bear. Now, she's wearing a target on her chest. Fatal career mistake.

  4. The average life expectancy for an American is 78 years old. I vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for his VP…..🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. Isn’t there pressing national business that Ms. Harris could focusing on? But if anyone has knowledge of Twatter, it’s Kamala Harris!

  6. Isn't that considered election interference asking a private company the silence the president her opponent in the in the election

  7. She just doesn't want Trump tweeting about her 2 year sexual relationship with a married 60 year old man when she was 30 and single.

  8. if they suspend his twitter they think they will only have fake news to smear him n hide the truth, but it wont make a difference hes gonna win easy. lol they are pathetic scum

  9. 0:20 "Twitter is a private company. They can set any rules they want." Except if the private company is a bakery and the owners are Christians who object to the message that a pair of homosexuals wanted on their wedding cake.

  10. Kamala Harris is on her way to jail I don't think so.And she proves again the squad are some of the real criminals.And needs to be impeached

  11. Kamala Harris no one wants you people don't like someone who acts like a fool.your idea's are crazy and stupid.president Donald j Trump is 10times more qualified than her.willie Brown didn't train you good enough she's weird

  12. These stupid people will then wonder why Trump will win 2020. I hope he does win spite these liberals. Don't really care for Trump but he isn't really doing too bad of a job. Won't be voting either way it goes but he most likely will win and I won't be sad either. Actually will be relieved.

  13. this news caster he’s a flipper why is he on Fox News he’s the negative part of Fox, harass is a big joke delusional liar deceitful personality she’s 5150 so we’re all the Democrats they all need counseling in straight jackets where they all belong frontal lobotomy would work fine For them delusion is there sickness lies and deceit is their foundation! American people get these delusional‘s out of office 2020 is the deadline.🕶

  14. Harris proves why Twitter, Facebook, Google, and other big tech spy monsters need to lose their legal protections and why congress need to break them up.

  15. In Canada, all parties (Green, New Democrat, Liberal, Conservative) want to silence the libertarian opposition, Maxime Bernier of the Peoples Party of Canada


  17. Ever heard if the 1st amendment burnout?! Go smoke some more crack! Better yet, go sleep with the homeless in the streets of San Francisco. Learn what its really like to live life in hardship!

  18. Wow, a United States Senator calling for the suspension of the First Amendment right of the President of the United States. Worst case of Treason I have ever heard, but I guess then ordinary the citizen is just next. 1984 is coming. Remember to lick the boot as it crashes down on your head.

  19. millions of people like myself only got a twitter account so we could follow Trump. and when he is gone, so will we. Twitter is a useless trashcan of liberal shitheads

  20. I kinda feel like Flu Shots are going to be detrimental towards our future ability to be able to fight off simple viruses like the Flu.

  21. Guess she'll have to resume her former job; giving $ 5.00 blow jobs to her illegal immigrant pets; nothing but a no class tramp!

  22. We won't organize any black man to be a Democrat or a Republican because both of them have sold us out. Both of them have sold us out; both parties have sold us out. Both parties are racist, and the Democratic Party is more racist than the Republican Party. Malcolm X

  23. 🎵She's a must to avoid
    a complete impossibility
    🎵she's a must to avoid better take from me
    🎵you think she's a prize at the start🎵but take my advice play it smart🎵she's nothin but trouble better cut out on the double🎵before she gets into your heart

  24. Twitter is Trump's way of being able to lie and con with impunity. Things Trump will not talk about in his election campaign. Having no time for golf, being too busy to leave the WH, never lie to the people, Mexico paying for the wall, tough on wall street(removed the regulations), beautiful healthcare with everybody covered, kicking lobbyists out of the WH (he has given several key government positions), trade deficit ( he has increased it by hundreds of millions), budget deficit (increased by billions), government borrowing ( now at a record three trillion), draining the swamp (he has created the worst swamp in history), Flyn, Manafort and Cohen being great guys and of course everything he swore on oath to do when swearing to his oath of office.

  25. Attacks the president and wants to take away his means of directly reaching his supporters. She is grand standing because of her sinking poll numbers.

  26. Really what a joke instead of working to help the America people she she worried about Trumps Twitter wow that is a democrat for you no wonder that there is so many democrats that are jumping ticket in 2020 election


  28. Don’t care where you are in the polls Kamala, if you can get that monster off Twitter, you have done a great service for your country.

  29. Take the microphone from her ,this Bimbo has nothing to say but enjoy taking .some times I look at Senator or Congress Democrats and I wonder who vote for them and what kind of people live in this country to put such peoples in our house!

  30. A hostile crazy woman. There is no man to jump to get to the Presidential level. She pretty much slept her way to the top in California. Never did a thing for California I believe that was a number of her jobs. IT IS ABOUT HER AND HER ALONE

  31. Just another DemonRat wanting to abolish freedom of speech along with the US Constitution.
    They don't like it because the president can take his message straight the people and bypass the lying fake news.
    Harris is a fake human being.

  32. both her parents were not American citizens when she was born, she was raised in Canada, but that means she is a ANCHOR BABY. Voting democratic is a vote for treason, terrorism, tyranny, and then civil war.

  33. Bad businessdecision to cancel Trumps account. Twitter would tank and change into an eccochamber for radical woke socialists.

  34. Kamala Harris is a worthless individual Corrupt as all hell she was a crook as an attorney and she’s worthless as a politicianAnd she’s worthless as a politician

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