Katty Kay: Lead Anchor, BBC World News America and Co-author, Womenomics

I think that is the single biggest
challenge for America right now and that’s how to stay number one in the
face of global competition and these changes that are going on at home let me
give you a couple of numbers that show you the magnitude of what America is
facing right now in 2003 IBM had 6,000 employees in India
and 135,000 here in America IBM today has a hundred and ten thousand
employees in India that is more than the number it has in the United States ge
the world’s largest manufacturer has five R&D centers around the world only
one of them is here in America and of course when we look at some of the
entitlement issues the situation is even more bleak America spends far more on
health care than any other country in the world 17% of your GDP compared to
France is 11% and that’s the next big spender but America only ranks 37th in
the world in terms of the quality of its care that puts you one place behind
Costa Rica and one place above Cuba now I don’t think Americans want to be
spending that much money for that poor quality of care and the costs of course
as we all know of health care are rising very fast it’ll be by the end of this
century you’ll be spending more than half of your GDP on health care that’s
unsustainable America has to find a way to address health care costs in fact you
know the president and senior Republicans will tell you America
doesn’t really have a deficit problem what you have is a health care problem
get health care spending under control and you’re halfway there to solving the
battle China it is a real challenge for America a decade ago the United States
accounted for one third of the global economy it’s now less than a quarter and
it’s going to fall to 1/6 by 2020 when China becomes the world’s biggest
economy in the first global education study of its kind conducted last year
Chinese students from Shanghai were compared to other international students
they’d never compared Chinese students before they came out number one
maths in writing and in science American students came in at 17th

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