Kennedy on ‘caucus craziness’: Give Iowa a break

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  1. They all have been at my door in rural IOWA, now going after my disabled son, both of us registered independents, but they dont want to talk to me, and Im not letting them talk to my son……..we stay RED for TRUMP in IOWA, too many farmers got Trump signs up in the fields!

  2. Kennedy always gives the "down to earth" view of politics. Great lady: smart and lovely. Fox is wise to have her and her crew onboard.

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  4. I live in Iowa … We are bombarded with the bastards everywhere we look… I go to the Urinal and there is Mayor Pete looking at my junk… I flush the toilet and up pops Bernie, Joe, or Liz the liar !!!

  5. Don’t let her little cute dress distract you from the fact that They only need 4 votes to bring in more witnesses.

  6. Arrested – George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Flynn, Richard Pinedo, Alex van der Zwaan Konstantin Kilimnik, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, Alex van der Zwaan, Sam Patten

  7. Okay. She is cute as heck with her nerdy glasses, but she should not insult Iowa just because it's small fry in a big game. I mean she don't insult her husband just because he is small in the manhood department, now does she?
    Every vote counts, and every state counts. President Trump understands this. Why doesn't she? Did you hire her just because she got connections?

  8. Terrible. Can't even concentrate on what she's saying. Do they all have to look like call girls on Fox. The outfit Trish Regan had on the other night was completely unacceptable. Off the shoulders, evening wear. Fox is getting extremely nasty with the women. We need to boycott them on this issue. Looks extremely sexist . Getting to the point where I'd enjoy seeing a middle aged, overweight woman who was not beautiful and was not poured into her dress. It's getting insulting. Please, give our eyes a break!

  9. Sanders is not a democrat, they can't even get that right. Oh don't forget the heart attack. And come November will be 79.

  10. Why are is there even such a thing as a caucus and why would Iowa be first and why would they matter at all. It makes no sense.

  11. the importance of Iowa is that it is the one place where literate informed people make the decision. They may still make their decision because of emotion but at least true debate has a chance to happen.

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