Kevin Feige Reveals New Details about Marvel Phase 4! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

– Kevin Feige reveals new
details about Marvel phase four. Even though we are inching
closer and closer to finding out whether or not the Avengers
will defeat Thanos and bring half of the universe back to
life in Avengers: Endgame, that’s not stopping fans from looking off into the not-too-distant
future to find out what’s next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, specifically in phase four! Obviously, the big elephant
in the room now is how will Marvel incorporate the
X-Men and Fantastic Four into the MCU, since they were
acquired in the Disney-Fox deal, and would we start
to see them sprinkled throughout phase four? Well, up until this week,
MCU mastermind Kevin Feige has been light on specifics,
but now he has revealed a little bit about what
to expect, or even, more specifically, what not to
expect about the next chapter in the Marvel films. In an interview with our friends
over at io9, Feige laid out that there is a five-year
plan in play with two major directions in which phase four is heading. It is two very distinct things and I hope they’ll feel very distinct. But there is a similar mentality
going into it, which is how can we continue to
tell stories with some of the characters that audiences
already know and love in a unique way, in a different
way, in a surprising way, of which we have a lot of plans
and ideas and work already going into it? Then, how can we introduce new
characters that even hardcore fans, comic fans, have barely
known or barely heard of. That’s really exciting, too. So it sounds like phase four
will be bringing us fresh new takes on characters we know and
love, as well as introducing us to lesser known characters
from Marvel comics canon, considering what we’ve previously
heard about the upcoming MCU film slate, everything
that’s been announced does fall into one of those two categories. On the docket, we’ve got Doctor
Strange 2, Black Panther 2, Guardians of the Galaxy 3,
and a Black Widow solo film, which take up the slots of
characters that we know and love, and then there’s the Eternals
and Shang-Chi, which could arguably fit into the barely known or barely heard of category. But what about the prodigal
superheroes who have finally returned to the house of ideas, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four? When asked about whether the
X-Men might be joining the MCU for phase four, Feige intimated
that you might not want to hold your breath. It’ll be a while, it’s all just
beginning, and the five-year plan that we’ve been working
on, we were working on before any of that was set. So really it’s much more,
for us, less about specifics of when and where the
X-Men will appear right now and more just the comfort factor, and how nice it is that they’re home. That they’re all back. But it will be a very long time. Given that there is almost
two decades’ worth of X-Men film lore that was created
while the mutants were under the Fox banner, it seems like
giving fans some time to let the previous iterations of
the X-Men fade from memory is a good idea, how we still
haven’t even seen the final two entries of the Fox X-Men era, Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants, both
of which are still slated for release this year. So what does this all mean for
how phase four will play out? Well as we mentioned,
the Eternals is under way with Angelina Jolie and Kumail
Nanjiani, recently rumored to be joining the cast,
and we know that James Gunn is officially back in for
Guardians 3, though production will have to start after Gunn
fulfills his obligations to DC with Suicide Squad. Add the aforementioned
sequels to Doctor Strange, and Black Panther, as well
as Black Widow’s solo film, all of which seem to be in
various levels of development, and it appears phase four
is moving right along. However, while the majority
of the X-Men are being put on ice, it does seem
Disney is keen to get at least one of the merry mutants
into the MCU a little sooner than later, Deadpool! Disney head honcho Bob Iger
has made it clear they’re pushing the Merc with the
Mouth front and center by literally putting him front and center on the Disney home page. The big question is, how and
when will Wade Wilson pop up alongside the other MCU heroes? Not exactly sure when, but
it’ll reportedly be in some R-rated capacity. But what about the other big
property, the Fantastic Four? Well, Feige didn’t mention
the FF in the interview. We have known for awhile that
phase four will be heading the way of the cosmic, as
evidenced by upcoming films like the Eternals. And who better to represent
cosmic adventures, than the FF? – That’s what I’m talking about. – That’s pretty nice. – Now with the Thanos
storyline wrapping up soon, Marvel is going to need a new
Big Bad and as far as Marvel villains go, the Fantastic
Four have some of the best Big Bads in all of comic-dom. Kang the Conqueror, Galactus,
Annihilus, the Super Skrull, and of course, the biggest
bad of them all, Doctor Doom. Now it’s been reported that
Legion writer, Noah Hawley, has been in touch with Kevin
Feige about his Doctor Doom script, so there is a strong
chance that Feige is prepping the first family for phase
four, and as we’ve said before, the tagline is right there waiting: Marvel’s Fantastic Phase Four! It’s too good not to use. – Ugh.
– No. – Regardless, we won’t have
to wait long to get all of our phase four questions answered. Feige said once Spider-Man:
Far From Home has hit theaters, he will be more than forthcoming
about what fans can expect for the future phase,
and what do you know? Comic-Con and its Hall H
are going to be rolling out two weeks after Spider-Man drops! Could we get our answers then? Read between the lines, yeppers! Oh, that’s gonna be insane. That’s gonna be nuts. But what do you folks think? Are you excited for phase four? What other obscure Marvel
characters do you hope get their own standalone movies, and what
is your favorite comic book character Chris Evans has played? Captain America, Johnny Storm, Lucas Lee, Jensen from The Losers, or
Curtis from Snowpiercer? I liked Lucas Lee. Let’s discuss! Thanks for watching, be sure
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  1. I’m super excited for phase 4 I hope the MCU never ends they tell the best stories and have the best track record financially at the box office as well

  2. Sooo…what is this? Did that girl start this channel herself? Is this her thing? Or is she just a hired host?

  3. simple, do a story along the lines of Avengers vs. X-Men. Explain their sudden appearance is caused by the excessive use of the infinity gems which caused a tear in dimensions, so it lets a bleed through of multiverses and they start off fighting each other but end up teaming together to solve a bigger issue…. maybe like Galactus on a galactic binge of worlds after half of his food supply went poof after the Snapture.

    (before anyone makes a fuss about it, this is just a random idea I had. not to be taken seriously, just for fun.)

  4. I’m more concerned about getting a good fantastic four movie for once. I need a good portrayal of my favorite villain. Looking really good btw Jessica. I dig the hair

  5. Every time I see Chris Evens in a movie all I can think of is the scene from “Not Another Teen Movie “ where he has the banana sticking out of his butt.

  6. The whole midnight sons I'm hoping for. A new blade, ghost rider and morbius the living vampire, along with blaze and vengeance.

  7. If we going cosmic, instead of just the fantastic four bring in the ultimates! We only missing Adam brasjeer, Monica technically, and america chavez

  8. What about Norman Osborn in Fase 4 being presented on Spider Man Far from Home Pos-credit Scene?
    He'll be a nice Villain to MCU

  9. I hope he is talking abt doing Rated R superhero films like Wolverine and Punisher maybe ..but since its Disney this will probably stay my Dream

  10. After a swift hit to the face from Caps shield, all Thanos could do was look on to his imminent demise as Cap mutters the words "Flame on"

  11. I am gld that Kevin Feige is ticking to his long term plan and not changing it for the sake of just adding some fan fav Marvel characters. It means he values quality of storyline
    No wonder MCU is successful.

  12. I'm looking forward to future project's from the MCU Shang Chi, Black Widow, Black Panther 2 Dr Strange 2 and hopefully at some point eventually the return of Blade which was a major successful franchise outside of the 3rd film in the trilogy and is among my favorite Marvel character's. It's To bad actor Wesley Snipes probably won't be reprising his role as the Day Walker Blade.

  13. 5 Years More For X-Men?, smh. As Long As They're Done Correctly, The Mighty Marvel Way. I Would Love To See Legion and The Age Of Apocalypse w/the Celestials Giving Him His Tech. Chris Evans Nails Every Role He Plays. 'Nuff Said.

  14. I still remember jessica chobot from when i was like twelve on ign i think then mass effect 3 happened and she disappeared lmfaoo

  15. After watching him in winter soldier
    He deserve an award 🥇

    20 year from now people still be saying wow 😲 . Some of the fighting scenes are just jaw dropping

  16. The Fantastic Four can have their own MCU film, but, like Spider-Man, their origin needn't be reprised- just make SURE that absolutely Nobody associated with the 2016 FF fiasco are involved.
    Dr. Doom can be the main villain, and, in later films, he can become the Infamous Iron Man.

  17. i remember fantastic four as the first superhero movie that has more than 1 hero in the same movie. I was thinking at the time how it will awesome if some of the other heroes can get together too and now we have avenger…. I feel old. lol

  18. The "That's what I"m talking about" clip from Fantastic Four has been overused and needs to go away. As for the X-Men, even if they are not introduced in Phase 4, it would be nice to see random (lesser known) mutants popping up here and there.

  19. Marvel will most probably either Add multiverse or add secret wars without Capn america most probably as The only team left are FF and Xmen(but xmen is a distant plan) so this is the only viable and rational option

  20. I believe that mcu is heading towards marvel illuminati. Cap will die in endgame and Tony will survive. Illuminati will be a good way for introducin Dr. X and Reed Richards, thus x-men and fantastic four. Later on Tony will also die and Secret Wars will be in play.

  21. Not exactly obscure or not known but i would love MCU agent venom seeing as they have already introduced flash Thompson may somewhere down the line

  22. 4:05 "the fantastic four have some of the best big bads" it's just that the fantastic four themselves are kinda boring.

  23. Honestly, I hope this Doctor Doom movie doesn't happen, in the MCU or at all, really. I never really cared for this villain movie trend that studios have been trying to push for years now and I'm already sick of it. These characters are not meant to be stand-alone characters at the center of their own film franchises, they're the VILLAINS in OTHER franchises.

  24. Going forward I like Dr Doom to be the big boy villian in the marvel cinematic universe like how they were building up for thanos I would like the same for doom

  25. You'll need to bring in Dr. Doom and introduce him with the Dr. Strange story "Triumph and Torment". Don't care if you bring in the Fantastic Four. I'm even of the mind that the reason all their movies have failed in the past is because they are not grounded in reality. Dr Doom, with his personality, his arrogance, and his background, is a truly three dimensional character that the MCU needs now that Tony Stark is dead (oooops SPOILERS!!).

  26. Actually, I am guessing it's going to happen a lot faster than you think, but will take place in a very different way. Watching the latest trailer for Spider-man Far from Home. Fury and Peter talk about the multi-verse. My guess is that characters will cross over through the multi-verse like crazy!


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