Kidnapped 8-Year-Old Girl Rescued By Police | NBC Nightly News

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  1. I hope mom invest in a 22 or something plus some shooting lessons. I know I would. What is the scense in keeping this guy alive? There is no hope or rehab for him. He's sick in a way he will Neve be cured of .

  2. Isn’t the death sentence a legal penalty in Texas? 🤔 another question can make his death as painful as possible?

  3. 😭 how awfully disturbing…Thank the Lord she has been found and rescued ❤ I pray for this lil gurl because the road to recovery is a tuff one..but she will make it 🙏✌✌❤

  4. This is why ALL women should be armed as he snatched her daughter I would have cocked my gun and I bet he would release her or release his soul from his body

  5. This will be one of those "guard mistake" moments. Some one will leave his door open on purpose one night or let others outside while he's working out. The cops want these people dead just as much as the people in the comments honestly

  6. What they really need to do with him is put him in a nice dark facility with extremely overzealous sodomites for as long as he can survive and then revive him for another round then repeat

  7. That poor mother probably stayed in a state of panic for hours, along with her daughter. I hope that monster dies in prison.

  8. It’s the upbringing of people and the non help for mental illness is what is making our society a problem .(really glad they caught the guy ,good job track him down cops and civilians that helped aid during the search for her)

  9. I don't have kids but I have a 40 smith n Wesson, and by God if anyone attempts to harm them while in my presence… Bypass the judge n jury and hello morge PERIODT!!! ILL gladly do time😡

  10. Hey sexual urges are very very powerful and can over power your state of mind always. But yes throw this man in jail because he let those sexual urges control him and put a young girl in danger. The worst that we can do to this man within the law has already been done. Life in prison.

  11. These fools are brazen!!! To snatch her right from her mother…. so good folks… strap up and protect yourself and your family

  12. Let’s try to hide that POS 6ft under …. for
    Life !!!

    Nice job officers !!! Hoping one of you heroes put a dent in his eye …

  13. And they don't want police officers that have AR-15 big giant guns that'll scare this piece of s***. I wish they would have just shot him.

  14. So why is he allowed to keep his genitals after this… it’s almost 2020 for goodness sacks! You tried one of the grossest things in the world, and now say goodbye to it scum!

  15. Hmm let's see, life in prison.
    That's 3 free meals a day plus housing and possibly gym benefits.

    That'll be approximately: $231,723.83 in taxpayer dollars.
    Better off than being homeless.

  16. Dirty,digusting,filth. people like this should be left to the families of the victims to declare thier own justice.wouldn't have an opportunity at it to another

  17. The Lord will have his day with this sicko if he doesn't repent
    just pray that baby can recover mentally physically spiritually and emotionally

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