Killing Eve (BBC America) Trailers HD – Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer series

[Music] [Applause] I know you are an extraordinary person exceptionally bright determined I know something happened to you [Music] I know you’re a psychopath [Music] you should never tell a psychopath the earth obsessed are you upset [Music] I think about you all the time I think about what you’re doing and how you’re doing it with I think about what you eat before you work or what shampoo you use to think about what you feel when you kill someone I just want to know everything dead and it’s all your fault I keep hurting people until I catch her I have to find her she wants me to find her [Music] [Music] tell me what you want and one of them is how about Anita please [Music] when was the last time you worked yesterday was it a successful mission and show them toys in the heart then watch the sparta terrain from his eyes she’s fine thank you how would you kill me if you could Pat oh no how would you kill me i paralyzed here with saxitoxin and suffocate you asleep chop you into the smallest bits I could manage and take you to work in a flask and flush you down a restaurant toilet [Music] [Music] huge question I have absolutely no idea [Music] there’s been an assassination in Vienna [Music] what is this I’ve walked into the inside of my brain this is an unofficial official tap on the shoulder aren’t there more qualified now aren’t you why you’ll intuitive you make insane suggestions oh thank you you know like you’ve been on holiday or something what do you mean don’t know you sort of glowing gosh I was right about the assassin they want me to trace her sounds dangerous I know you sure you want to do this yes she’s killing people and that’s why you want to do it [Music] anything you need at the shop one meal cool do you want milk we think she’s been operating for two years across 10 countries she’s highly skilled as yet untraceable and frankly she’s starting to show off right by some will what do you think you’re having an affair [Music] We Need to Talk okay can we go somewhere with no balloons love being very nice I’ve been excited to see you really or is it because you know I’m angry [Music] do you think I don’t know everything oh my god sorry it’s just there’s never anyone in here Kenny lives in the internet you can find anything track anything trees anything monitor anything or anyone sorry about the smell what’s going on oh did you get me clothes off no Joey’s a bit what’s one the rest of that okay from what I can eavesdrop on a Russian sex trafficking politicians been murdered in Vienna on now I know from out why they cried about it here don’t know was it a contractor I don’t know you really earn your money you know I have no idea what we do here [Music]

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  1. Yes! Finally a show about a female psychopath! We need more shows like this. There is such a thing as dark violent women. Love it when there's a female villain.

  2. Isn't this like that other show…. The fall, but whit a female serial killer, and a detective obsessed with her…?

  3. The show is quite nice after 2 episodes. It's very interesting and I cannot wait for them to meet again, now after they know who they are and see what happens!

  4. I think I comprehend a little, Villanelle is struggling in deciding to kill Eve because it's like she's is the only one that seemingly cares to know her.

  5. As much as I like Jodie, I'm so bored with the same portrayal of psycho and sociopaths over and over again. I wish ppl would show a more real representation of someone with p.d.

  6. wait a minute, isn't it the same plot as Naoki Urasawa Monster? a psychopath how want to be catch by the MC meanwhile let a bunch of of bodies in the way.

  7. British people educate yourselves, Italians in Tuscany do not listen to southern Italian music, nor they play it at weddings, the music at the wedding is just southern Italian tradition, not for the whole Italy and Tuscany is in the central north part of the country. The Italian kid speaks Italian with southern Italian accent (he has southern Italian features as well), maybe a little bit of education about other people's culture is not a bad thing…

  8. It's like Batman and joker. Especially when she said "I need to find her , she needs me to find her." And then she(Sandra) wasn't able to kill her really but kinda turned out to be a little twisted herself.

  9. Bad robots need good code. I will talk to her. She will totally get it. She will change. That's her plan, it would seem. But, does a robot always desire what she needs? ..
    IF your enemy hungers…

  10. For some reason they remind me of Batman and Joker where they share a bond deeper than the other can admit.

  11. it's a good movie, i did see them all, but how the fuck can enyone use this kind of people as a MI% or MI& spy or agant, if they are so big pussy all of them, no selfdefens, no wapen's or enything, i do really not understand this Eve do not learn fast how to use a Gun and Knife and some kind of selfdefens, and the Boss there did fired her fuck a pussy he is, sit and cry like a baby. i do not hope we have this kind of agant in my contry, becorse then we are fucked up already.

  12. Love this drama this has just came to the UK love the female psychopath theme a great drama with a fantastic female cast and very little men best drama series in ages Jodie as main lead is just so funny and I can't help love her even though she kills for thrills

  13. I wonder how Sandra Oh felt when she realised that she was being upstaged by the infinitely more talented Jodie Comer.

  14. Eve is supposedly an MI5 security officer yet is completely overmatched by a female assassin. Show doesn’t make much sense.

  15. При всем уважении… Ну не поняла я этот фильм. Сначала прям заставляла себя смотреть, потом втянулась, после просмотра неоднозначные чувства…

  16. CHRISTINA!!!!!!!!

    Wait I thought you we’re the chief of cardio and now you’re hunting killers?
    Why’s Meredith not with you?

  17. Creo que, como lloramos en el cine sabiendo que no es cierto, aquí nos fascina un personaje, sin valores, porque sabemos que no es cierto. – o no ? – La ficción instala la posibilidad o la toma de la realidad? La belleza, la seducción, el arte de una actriz nos hace naturalizar el crimen. -Cuáles son los valores? La vida humana. Además, pareciera que la asesina tenía que ser lesbiana. Siempre ensuciando la elección de una mujer de otra mujer. Grandes trabajos de dos actrices. Jodie Comer excelente.

  18. Me: ok, I'm gonna watch this show for Sandra Oh…
    Also me 8 episodes later: I'm in love with Jodie Comer 😍
    (What a beautiful discovery!)

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