Kim Jong Un Signals Big Decision To Come Likely Involving The United States | NBC Nightly News

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  2. why all the negativity maybe the big gift is hes disarming his whole country and changing the government to a Republic….

  3. Yawnnn maybe they didn't know what happen when Japan attacked the USA. The only thing that's going to happen is Kim's going to take down the North/South Wall!! Because walls are racist

  4. I like how NBC just speculates that North Korea is gonna send nukes over here lol
    Just report the facts and stop sprinkling in your clouded prophecies

  5. There is no negotiating with a psychopath like Kim Jong-un. How Trump ever thought he could reason with a brutal dictator like Jong-un is beyond me.

  6. Every winter when the north koreans are starving due to the regime, Kim threatens the world with missile tests. Maybe instead of building nuclear missiles Kim shouldve focused on taking care of his people, feeding them, and offering peace to the world so they can have an economy based on goods, not threats.

  7. I think President Trump made a chess move by calming NK for a while so as to calm tensions between them and Japan. Now that Japan is secure and tight with US, no matter how loud KJU gets we’ll have it under control. Also NK volatility is Chinas problem now, add world pressures, and it’s not looking too good for NK or China.

  8. "But if we do, will use it!" 👌, with such a flipping snark as putting the 🌍 in danger. Take #45 first! Since this 🍊
    wannabe warrior is so poised for a fight!!!
    The assertion "We are ready to take this all the way", without an ounce of diplomacy!
    ✋ 🚫 ⛔ you 🍊

  9. Why can’t ALL countries dispose of their nuclear weapons? 🤔 We can use the energy, but weapons of mass destruction are irrelevant if humanity wants peace for all.

  10. I think Kim Jong Un means exactly what he says 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I believe Kim Jong Un is done playing with uneducated, toddler Trump. I believe he's going to stop all trade with the United States, until uneducated toddler Trump is out of office. My Hope? Is that all other leaders on our planet, stops playing with uneducated toddler Trump. I believe everyone should stop trade with the United States, and make the codicil, that Hitler Donald J Trump (uneducated toddler Trump) is taken out of office, and replaced with someone who is actually educated. Educated in the way that needs to be, for the benefit of the United States. Not somebody that hides his school records. Not somebody that hides his taxes. Not somebody who continually makes horrible decisions, that are not beneficial for the United States. Not somebody that lies every time he opens his mouth. Let's hope the other leaders follow what Kim Jong Un is doing.

  11. Bring it , you’ll be met with the force of 28 countries and 10 million youth with guns , nuclear subs , tanks and planes . Do it

  12. There is no way 'Ol Kim pulled himself into the saddle on his own. He would have needed huge ladder. Also, the horse looked like it wanted to buck him off. He looked scared to ride it!

  13. I really enjoy and BC it reminds me of the clowns mainstream media can never tell the truth of white genocide in South Africa and when the war breaks out in America NBC will cease to exist who's going to watch it when there's no electricity

  14. The fkr is playing a narrative of a pale rider calling out Christian biblical revelation. Let’s get it on , that revelation says we win

  15. He should run a Donkey. Fits more to his character. His popular, only in his country, nowhere else, so why so much popularity for this Imbecile.

  16. President Trump seems to threaten everyone wherever he goes! What a guy? On the other hand why do I always hear the song from Team America whenever I see a picture of Kim!

  17. Iran is rioting against the mullahs. We're going to have to fight North Korea one day anyway. They will launch a missile in the ocean for Christmas.. there he goes killing more fish.!

  18. Kim Jung Un built a Socialist Utopia City just for BS and the Squat. Progressives are welcome to become NK citizens. Please leave, you are not welcomed in USA. LEAVE!

  19. this is not news. this is a joke, you people have just cut up sections of interviews to create a hateful clip that is designed to scare people. you should be ashamed of yourself if you really think this helps the world in anyway.

  20. I don't speak Korean but when I see someone in Texas riding their horse I don't usually interpret it as a sign they're going to be testing missiles and nuclear weapons.

  21. To the leader of North Korea you are nothing run 20 minutes you'll die you don't know how to write on Horseback you're a fraud a fake what's going on in this world there's a joke

  22. Kim baby, if you’re going to get me anything get me a pass for 7 minutes in heaven with Nancy Pelosi. Thank you!

  23. We'll last year Kim Fatty Fat gave the S. Korean President dog's for Xmas dinner. The south don't eat dogs so they made pets out of them.

  24. Why ths heck would we send ANYTHING to North Korea? We KNOW HE IS NOT helping or feeding most of his country! Anything went to this man or his regime is used specifically FOR HIM.. and the very elite of his people in Pyongyang! Anyone outside that city gets barely ANYTHING.. they have no life at all and are made to "believe" it is supposed to be that way! This man and his regime are about no one else in that country and why would we send him ANYTHING..he certainly will not help his country with it. WHY WOULD THE USA LIFT SANCTIONS for this crazy man? it if u want to defend him..this is my opinion..we all have one

  25. i’m sorry- but i just need to get this out somewhere.
    i’m fairly young. i haven’t experienced much of my life. and i really want too. i am looking forward to going to college, and being a veterinarian for small animals. but i can’t do that if i have to worry about “what if we get nuked?” or “what if there is another war?”. and i know it’s not just me. i’m really hoping that they settle this as ADULTS, instead of being foolish and selfish. the lives of the people that they are representing will be lost if they can not work this out. i’m hoping for the best out of this situation. may god bless you all.

  26. behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.

    — Revelation 6:1-2

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