Kitchen Gun – In stores now! 🔫😂 | The Peter Serafinowicz Show – BBC

This kitchen is so hard to clean. If only there was an easier way! Hi, I’m Derek Baum. Say goodbye to daily stains and dirty surfaces with new Kitchen Gun! This sink is filthy! But just three shots from Kitchen Gun… BANG! BANG! BANG! …and it sparkles like new! Look how it cleans this greasy hob! BANG! BANG! BANG! Goodbye dirt! Grubby tiles! BANG BANG BANG! I love you, Kitchen Gun! Rusty taps! BANG BANG BANG! You can even use it on the washing up! BANG BANG BANG! There, all clean again! New Kitchen Gun! Now with Laser Sight and Night Vision for after dark cleaning!

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  1. Instructions unclear : Became janitor at a school and now everyone is running away and pulling the fire alarms when they see me clean, it’s really weird.

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