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By way of applause,
who here is a fan of karaoke? All right, well, I’m going to slip
down and have a little bit of a chat with you about your karaoke singing. I’ve stopped here on you, sir. Were you applauding?
No, sir. No, sir? Were you applauding? No. Not a karaoke fan. Anybody cheering over here? Have you done karaoke? No. I feel that people
aren’t being honest. Have you done karaoke? Erm, yes. Finally, someone being truthful! Right, when was that?
Earlier this year. Earlier this year? Yes. Did you do that on your own? No, I may well have done it
with my lovely lady. Your lovely lady?
What’s her name? Alison. Hi, Alison. And your name is?
Carl. So where did you do this?
In Newcastle. Do you remember whereabouts? Yes, but I can’t remember the name. Well, let me refresh your memory. Was it Cosy Joes? Yes. LAUGHTER Right. You might be wondering
why I know that you were performing karaoke there. I think you should both stand up. Ladies and gentlemen,
big round of applause… ..for Alison and Carl. Now, Carl… Yes. What were you singing
on the night in question? Kylie and Jason’s
Especially For You. Oh! The pair of you were singing
Especially For You? That’s amazing! Now, we know that you were singing
that because we were recording it. So we’re going to have a listen
and we’d like to see how well you’ve performed, and the best way
to find out how well you performed is to compare it against
the person I strongly believe is the very best at singing
Kylie karaoke – please welcome Kylie! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Wow! Wow! Kylie! Wow, what a reception! Thank you. You’re a legend, Kylie.
What a wonderful reception. You look absolutely stunning.
I feel like you may be talking to two legends in the making. Well, we’re about to find out,
because what we’re going to do, Carl and Alison, is we’re going
to duet your performance with the actual Kylie. So singing Especially For You,
an absolute all-time classic, it’s Kylie Minogue
featuring Alison and Carl. You guys ready? # Especially for you # I wanna let you know what
I was going through # All the time we were apart
I thought of you # To be where you are # No matter how far # And now that I’m next to you # No more dreaming about tomorrow # Forget the loneliness and sorrow # I’ve got to say,
it’s all because of you! # Very good. It’s Carl and Alison,
ladies and gentlemen! Well done. OK. Now, what’s just happened
in this audience is that there are certain people who may
recognise Cosy Joes. And they are really,
really starting to panic. So let’s slowly make our way
down this audience. And somebody’s just thought, “Well,
thank God that they’ve walked past. “Looks like I’m walking…” Oh, goodness, if looks could kill. Please could we just
zoom in on this gentleman? Is it Darien? Darien. Do you mind standing up for me,
Darien? Because what we’re coming
to now is, quite frankly, one of my favourites. Now, you’re a big Kylie fan. Yeah. Say hi to Kylie.
It’s Darien. Hi, Darien. Now, something I need to tell you,
Kylie, about Darien. OK. One of your very, very,
very big monster hits, Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.
OK. I’m a dancer, not a singer. We’ll be the judge
of that, thank you. I’m sorry to say,
not sure you’re either. I’m joking. What’s happened here is I think,
in your mind, you very much thought you were Kylie in that video
with the white dress, really going for it.
Let’s see the reality. Singing Can’t Get You Out Of
My Head, it’s Kylie and Darien. # Just to be there in your arms # Won’t you stay? # Everybody! # Won’t you stay? # Stay forever and ever # And ever and ever # La, la, la # La, la, la, la, la # La, la, la # La, la # Why? # La, la, la # La, la, la, la, la # La, la, la # I just can’t get you
outta my head. # Very, very good.
That was brilliant. Well done. That was brilliant. You’re joking! Oh! You’ve got to give me
a cuddle for that, come on. Not only that, Kylie,
he’s got a Kylie tattoo on his hand! I had no idea. Aw! Right, well… ..carry on! Go on, go on, Darien! Five, six, seven, eight. # La, la, la # La, la, la, la, la # La, la, la # La, la, la, la. # Oh, that was brilliant. That’s about all I remember as well. Yeah! Brilliant. Oh, my God, we’re here
to embarrass you, not give you the best night
of your life. One more time for Darien.
What about that? Brilliant. # La, la, la # La, la. # Right, surely, surely, that’s it. You can all relax,
because there’s no… Erm, I’m sorry, have you
ever done karaoke? I have, yeah. Have you ever done karaoke? I might have done, yeah. Was that in Newcastle
at the Cosy Joes? No. No, it wasn’t? Well, then you’re in the clear. Unless it was Quebec London? Oh, my God. OK. It’s Mark and David,
ladies and gentlemen. Lovely to meet you. Very, very sweet.
Nice to see you. Now, are you good friends, you two? We’re very good friends.
Very good friends. But when it comes
to performing karaoke, there are some artistic differences. Ladies and gentlemen,
singing Spinning Around, it’s Kylie with Mark and David. I don’t even know if I’m ready! Is everyone else ready? # Traded in my sorrow
for some joy that I borrowed # From back in the day # Threw myself my old clothes,
got myself a better wardrobe # I got something to say # I’m through with the past # Ain’t no point in looking back # The future will be, will be # And did I forget to mention
that I found a new direction? LAUGHTER # And it leads back to me. # What? # I’m spinning around # Move out of my way. # Brilliant. Mark and David,
ladies and gentlemen. Kylie, what did you think of David? What were you thinking?
Was it not your song of choice? It was my song of choice,
but I had to go up there to get him to do it,
else he wouldn’t have done it. Oh, it was a ploy? OK. Yes.
Well, well done, then. So you dropped him off? Yes. OK. Well, you’ve certainly
dropped him in it tonight. It’s on national television. Ladies and gentlemen,
Mark and David, fantastic. OK. How sensational is that? Just by way of applause,
anybody else sung Kylie at karaoke? No-one else has sung Kylie karaoke? Not a single person in here? How amazing. Not even Tracy? Hiya, Trace. Tracy, can I ask you to stand up?
Because I know you’re a very energetic person. Tracy, I’m so sorry
to do that to you. How are you, darling? I’m all right, thank you.
Are you all right? Yeah. I’m really nervous. You don’t have
to be nervous, it’s fine. Say hi to Kylie. Hi, Kylie. Hi, how are you? This is Tracy. I’m all right.
You’re all right? Cosy Joes, was it? Or was it Quebec London? Cosy Joes. Oh, bless you, you’re trembling
with fear. You absolutely… ..should be worried. TRACY GIGGLES NERVOUSLY Now, what I really love
about your karaoke, Trace…
SHE GIGGLES NERVOUSLY that you did something,
Trace, that a lot of people sometimes do. And I certainly do it myself. You went big on the dance… ..and you… Because I can’t sing. You completely burnt
yourself out, didn’t you? I know I did! I lost me puff!
You lost your puff! So what we’re going to do,
before Kylie and you duet, is we’re going to show a bit
of your dancing, right? Then we are going to show
what happened to you after you went out all guns blazing. So, here we go. MUSIC: Love At First Sight
by Kylie That was… That was before…
I can’t breathe. You haven’t been dancing
already, have you, Trace? Oh, no. So this was before you sung
Love At First Sight. It’s my favourite. It’s your favourite song and,
after all that dancing, you couldn’t say the words
“love at” or “first” or “sight”. So…
SHE GIGGLES NERVOUSLY Are you all right? I’m so worried about Tracy! Are you all right, Tracy? Yeah. You’re all right? Singing Love At First Sight –
Tracy, your favourite song – here you are duetting
that with Kylie after dancing. Oh, Tracy, here we go. You ready this time, love? # Cos, baby, when I heard you # For the first time I knew # We were meant to be as one BREATHLESS: # When…I heard you # For the first time I knew # We were meant to be… # One HIGH-PITCHED: # It was love,
it was love, it was love, it was… # Ooh! # It was love, it was… # Oh, that was amazing. You’re amazing. Tracy’s made my face ache. That was hilarious. OK, just so you feel better, Tracy,
I’m kind of like that at the end of a show as well. It’s perfectly normal. So what are the tips, Kylie? How do you manage…? Breathe.
Breathe! That’s a really good tip! OK, it’s up to you, Trace. I mean, you noticed
Darien took his moment. You could have a dance
for us now, no singing. It’s up to you. Go on, Trace.
The stage is yours, Trace. Would we have this dance? Come on. We’ll follow you, Trace. # Baby, when I heard you # For the first time… CHEERING # We were meant to be as one. # Yeah! Woo! Tracy, ladies and gentlemen! Oh, brilliant.

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