Labour MP tells Boris Johnson to apologise for burqa remarks

Mr Speaker, if I decide to wear
a turban, or you decide to wear a cross, or he decides
to wear a kippah or a skull cap, or she decides to wear a
hijab or a burqa, does that mean that it is
open season for right honourable members
of this House to make derogatory and divisive remarks
about our appearance? For those of us, who from a
young age, have had to endure and face up to being called
names such as towel-head, or Taliban, or coming from
bongo-bongo land, we can appreciate full well the hurt
and pain felt by already vulnerable Muslim women when they are
described as looking like bank robbers and letterboxes. – Hear, hear. So rather than hide behind sham
and whitewash investigations, when will the prime minister
finally apologise for his derogatory and racist remarks which… [applause]
– Go on, Tan – Racist remarks, Mr Speaker,
which have led to a spike in hate crime and given the increasing prevalence
of such incidents within his party, when will the prime minister
finally order an enquiry into islamophobia within the
Conservative party, something which he and his
chancellor promised on national television. [applause] – Order. Order. Let’s hear the
answer. The prime minister. [jeering] – Order. Order. Order. The response
from the prime minister will be heard. The prime minister. – Thank you Mr Speaker. Now, can I just say to the
honourable gentleman that if he took the trouble to read
the article in question, he would see that it was a strong
liberal defence, as he began his question by saying,
of everybody’s right to wear whatever they want in this country. And I speak as somebody
who is not only proud to have Muslim ancestors but to
be related to Sikhs such as himself. And I’m also proud, Mr Speaker,
to say that under this government we have the most diverse
cabinet in the history of this country and we truly
reflect modern Britain. We truly reflect modern Britain
and Mr Speaker, what we have yet to hear from anywhere in
the Labour party is any hint of apology for the virus of
antisemitism that is now rampant in their ranks. I would like to hear that for
the honourable member opposite.

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  1. Boris Johnson’s burqa comments ‘led to surge in anti-Muslim attacks’ ►

  2. you guys have really surplus time to waste – but no changes will be made from your coments here.

    so shut up – anyway, Corbyn is to be in No.10 soon, no matter you like or not.

  3. Ofcourse he had to bring up antisemitism. Because that's what being right wing is all about. Antisemitism this and antisemitism that.

  4. Typical MP. Dodges the question and puts the blame back onto whoever asked the question.
    Parliament is like a fking zoo. Is this really the best the country has to offer.?

  5. Tories talk about the will of the people ,there afraid to even meet the public .they know there policies kill people yet the brain-dead vote these vile evil scumbags!

  6. Parroting his hero Trump. Looks like him, too. The only difference is Johnson can speak in complete sentences. But the complete sentences are bosh.

  7. Somebody remind this guy of 100m+ Indian's that were slaughtered by the adherents of the "letter box" religion. I'm in agreement that Boris Johnsons comments were stupid. But let's not look at history through Rose tinted glasses tanmanjeet because it has never been all smiles and rainbow's between you guy's.

  8. Imagine standing in Parliament and shouting that all should have the freedom to wear what they want but not to speak as they wish.

  9. …and what of the sexism …men made to wear suits, shirts and ties whilst the women can dress fairly much as they please

  10. We have nothing to do with Mr Boris's comments…but here is my friend Boris and Reese smooge are saying in a more better language…."society needs to see your face if you wish to to interact with society…we all bring our game face in this society if you cannot do that please stop trying to be a contributor…cos we cannot identify you…you can be legion demons for all we care!!!!

  11. Do you know what’s racist? The fact that the western world is being slowly ethnically replaced by migrants from the second and third world.

  12. He was told what to wear red turban.. And he admitted he was told what to say in an interview.. A weak labour MP and calling someone racist for what they wear is not racist..

  13. How many times would you ask for Bojo forgiveness? He has done that many times when touring the country prior to him becoming PM.

  14. look at the hostility, hate and intolerance of free speech on display from this disgraceful Labour goon. I doubt he gets this riled up about his Anglo-Saxon constituents' problems.

  15. Seems to me you can wear or say whatever you want in this country except if you are a Christian. People have been dragged through the courts for their Christian beliefs and lost their jobs through wearing the cross

  16. How much time is wasted in parliament, it's utterly incongruous. From finishing his question it took 25 seconds of commotion, plus calming from speaker, before Boris started responding. It adds up to hours wasted meaning other important issues never make it to debate, what a circus.

  17. When I first saw this on the BBC last night, even before Boris answered, I knew he would respond about anti-Semitism.
    "Ooh, well what about you? Your party did this so I can do that"
    I'm no fan of Corbyn but he is completely correct when he stated that Boris has yet to answer a single question. MPs often waffle but this is another level. If Boris has a multicultural family tree, which is why he needs not apologize, he obviously doesn't rate his ancestors much.

  18. Labour is pulling out all the cards to destroy Brexit, Labours past Prime Minister Tony Blair and his story spiner Alistair Campbell need to apologise for the dossier known to be false exaggerated claims about Iraqs weapons of mass destruction making a secret decision to carry out the invasion regardless of whether there were weapons of mass destruction or not. An action based upon lies. I don't see the Labour Party Insisting for an apology and asking for forgiveness from an act of total devastation.

  19. England has been given away to everyone else in the world and the ordinary English have to shut up or be prosecuted. How would the indigenous peoples in the capital cities of the countries these ethnic minorities come from respond to being made minorities and lectured to by others non indigenous to their country? It just wouldn't happen. We are mad.

  20. Right, so all of a sudden mr tammanjeet recognised Johnson's fault! Why didn't he comment anything about the khalistanis and Pakistanis protesting outside of Indian high commission in London, what happened to his tongue and rage on that issue, why is he instigating the community indirectly to come out in thousands to protest! Hypocrite!!

  21. Sajid Javid hang your head in shame allowing yourself to be tokenised like that. A truly spineless worm of a man.

  22. Religion has no place in politics they are brutal thought control mechanisms that should be openly challenged and driven from society

  23. Boris Johnson is a disgusting man, who isn't fit for office in any way, shape or form. The sooner we see the back of him the better.

  24. Pointless question that has nothing to do with brexit, boris speaks the truth, they do look like letter boxes or bank robbers. Boris is not a racist, look at his cabinet, he is just stating the obvious. If you come to the UK to live, you need to integrate with our way of life, while I am all for people wearing what they want, completely covering your entire body and face in public is not normal.

    We need to implement a ban in the UK for full face coverings, whether that involves bike crash helmets or burkhas.

  25. Because it is populism politics here you now all believe it is appropriate well you are so wrong Johnson is a seaside donkey not a thoroughbred race horse 😃

  26. The timing of this shouting mouth piece comes along with the bringing down Boris Johnson and his Brexit attempt ,using every means to take him down even the race card

  27. Why isn't Mr Singh waving a Pakistani or kashmiri flag. Mr Singh forgets that Boris was married to a women with Indian decent.

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