Land of 10,000 Stories: 11-year-old Wis. boy is crocheting prodigy

We all know activities come and go for
children. What they like at 5, they often tire of a year or two later. But a boy from La Crosse, Wisconsin is the exception. As Boyd Huppert shows us
when Jonah Larson wound himself up in this hobby he did so for the long run. In
this corner house in La Crosse, Wisconsin a grandfather clock gives beat to many
a grandmother’s craft. “I turned 11 on January 5th, Saturday.” Jonah Larson has two grandmothers… they just don’t crochet five hours a day. Jennifer Larson is Jonah’s mom. [Jonah] “Been doing it for half my life.” [Jennifer] “Sometimes he gets up early before I even get up and he’s at the table of crocheting at like 6:00 in the morning.”
Morning and night. [Jennifer] “‘I’m going to sleep now, mom.’ but underneath that cover there’s his crochet hooks and a flashlight.” A light first lit when Jonah discovered in a bag of discarded craft items his aunt’s crochet hook which led
him to YouTube. [Jonah] “Found a base stitch video and from there on I was hooked.” Hooked … seriously. [Jennifer] “He made a dishcloth for his first project and he
mean it perfectly.” That’s the first hat Jonah made. He was 5. [Jonah] “Here’s a personal favorite … It’s my sunset afghan with a border I made. [Jennifer] “He’s are crochet prodigy.” [Jonah] “It’s a Scandinavian throw.” [Jennifer] “I think you were about 8 when you made that one.” Jonah’s mom hosted the first of several
of his projects on Instagram. [Jennifer] “It was a afghan he made of 800 flowers. He was probably 7 at the time.” “You had that group that was absolutely
fascinated, then you had the doubters … ‘What? You gotta be kidding me.
There’s no way that kid did that.'” [Jonah on YouTube] “Hi fellow crochers! Today in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make these adorable baby shoes.” Today Jonah has thousands of social media followers, his
own catchphrase: “Goodbye and crochet away,” and a cowl-neck trend he started by
crocheting one for his mom. [Jennifer] “Thousands of people started making it and they just refer to it as the Jonah Cowl.” Jonah also gets fan mail … mail and gifts from around the world. [Jonah reading] “‘Dear Jonah, You are an inspiration to so many people.’ These are some nice colors.” [Jennifer] “One day I came home and there was five boxes about this size on our porch. I do have a picture of that once we dumped all that
yarn out Jonah was sitting in the middle of it.” But the kid who may as well have a
thousand out-of-town grandmas started his life alone. [Jonah] “Yeah.” That’s Jonah at the orphanage in Ethiopia after he was abandoned as a
newborn by his mother [Jennifer] “There was a really high possibility he would have some cognitive delay. He was very sick … he was malnourished. [Jonah] “Yeah … lucked out.” Jonah adopted by the Larsons at 5 months, now has in his grasp his own slice of the American dream. [Jonah] “My family, my two dogs and crocheting.” Jonah’s favorite time … crocheting with his mom close by. Keeping tabs on the hundreds of orders
for his work, a yarn company sponsorship offer, and an upcoming
national talk show appearance. [Jennifer] “We would fly you and Jonah and on the 30th.” All while
mastering advanced 9th grade algebra in the 6th grade with bigger plans ahead. [Jonah] ” I’m planning on attending West Point to the academy and then becoming a surgeon.” A surgeon. [Jonah] “This is kind of helping me prep for that.” Doctor Jonah Larson’s
patients will be in good hands. [Jonah] “Well when you only have a short time, you got to make the most of it .” [Jennifer] “That’s true.” Boyd Huppert, KARE 11 News La Crosse, Wisconsin. What an incredible young man. Jonah told us that he was a bit of a rascal in
elementary school but his behavior got better when his 5th grade teacher
started letting him crochet in class. It helped keep him focused. Now if you’d
like to check out more of Jonah’s work you’ll find an Instagram and Facebook
link at I was talking to Boyd earlier this week and he said that
Jonah’s mom has often been accused of the what of doing the work … oh yeah
… because it’s so good but she said the only crochet needles she ever picks up
are the ones that she finds he leaves around the house, so it’s all him. Interesting how he was attracted to do that and then became great at it
right I mean just you find something on YouTube and you learn how to do it and
you become so good at it it’s only good things gonna be coming for that young
man in the future doctor a great story

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  1. I love this story.♥️ I crochet as well. I found it to be very therapeutic. I battle Several disorders. It keeps you from stressing out. It keeps my mind complacent. It put your focus on something more positive. Great job! 🙏♥️

  2. I love Jonah! He already understands that a good surgeon has great finger dexterity. What better way to develop it than crocheting?!!

  3. I'm so very proud and happy for Jonah! And thank God that someone wanted to adopt him and give Jonah a chance in life! This lets us know that true "LOVE" sees NO COLOR! I pray that the good Lord continue to bless him and I want Jonah to know that with God on his side; he CAN become "WHATEVER" he wants to in life! May God bless him and his entire family!

  4. Nowadays when even girls shun these arts, it's fantastic seeing a boy crochet like the pro he is. Wish other young people would emulate him, to their own joy and benefit. Congratulations

  5. I used to knit in class… helped with my ADHD. I only had one teacher complain that I was a distraction (for her! I sat in the back and none of the kids paid attention to me). As soon as the needles went down, my mind wandered and I couldn't focus. I'm still like that as an adult. I'm knitting gauntlets while watching this vid! 😆

  6. If Jonah becomes an orthopedic surgeon he could gift his patients with booties and gloves to cover the fingers and toes for patients with surgically repaired arms, and legs and have digits sticking out.

  7. Love watching him crochet he makes so many beautiful blankets and everything else I am very proud of him and how he donates his projects to kids and adults that are in need of them.

  8. I've been crocheting since I was 12 years mother taught me. I'm 68 years old, and still going strong….

  9. Oh you sweet sweet boy… I wish you nothing but the BEST of EVERYTHING life has to offer you… 😊♥️🍒

  10. Jonah, I am impressed by your ability and your accomplishments.    You are doing an amazing job with the crochet and teaching it and keeping up with your schoolwork all at the same time is marvelous.    God bless you, young man, He is surely keeping His hand on you as you grow in so many ways.    Thank you for sharing.

  11. I wouldn't say he's a prodigy. Crocheting is literally doing the same thing over and over again. He can read, follow directions and remember how stitches work. Everyone who crochets does the exact same thing.

  12. Forget those stupid "spinner" distraction things. Stick a crochet hook or some knitting needles in your kid's hands! At least that's productive and not outright dumb!

  13. I bet it is in his dna. His ancestors could have been masters in some kind of fabric production over there in Ethiopia.

  14. I’ve been crocheting for over 40 years, and I’m not even close to as fast as he is. What an amazing story.

  15. Ive been crocheting since i was 7 but i never did the amazing work this young man has done!! He is truly gifted and very special. I wish him great life.

  16. Teachers everywhere, hear this! He did better in school when he was allowed to do his desires, in addition to listening and learning. Please look at different avenues for each child to succeed, within the classroom. Way too many children are separated out, or drugged with ADHD type chemicals when it could be as simple as letting them create something while you lecture, or while you are teaching. Please keep an open mind to different possibilities. He is a genius at work.

  17. How blessed his biological mother would have been if she hadn't abandoned him. How blessed all aborted babies would have been if hadn't been aborted. This video touched me deeply.

  18. That would be his nonverbal statement that school isn't enough for him to sit through without something to do

  19. What a sweet child
    And he's so lucky to have a wonderful, supportive and loving mom ^U^
    Wish them the best

  20. I love this kid. Been doing this for years, longer than his life! And I still can’t be as good as he is. He is so awesome!!!! And his story is absolutely heart warming.

  21. God bless you mum for adopting a black. God bless you for your love and care towards Jonah. You'll never lack anything in your life in Christ Jesus Name. Love

  22. You are amazing boy and your Mom is wonderful. I wish you all the best and your future is very bright

  23. I follow him in YouTube and Instagram n saw his flower blanket n I learned to make it myself n a baby blanket for my niece. PS I'm 41

  24. Jonah…you are such a special young man and such an inspiration..May your life be filled with love and much happiness.

  25. How people can dislike that such talent inspired kid! I think they watched this video upside down for sure. God bless Jonah and your lovely family endid ❤❤👏👏👏😗

  26. Boys can crochet and dance. Girls can be police officers and fire women. As long as either sex can meet requirements or standards they should be what they want to be. If I had a daughter I would teach her how to defend herself, operate a gun and work on her car. I hate it when women and many men don’t know even the basics of car maintenance.

  27. That's no accident! That there is thousands of years of ancestral knowledge and instincts. Your people built hundreds of pyramids and mastered Math eons before the West. You my dearest Jonah are the messenger of your people. We pray for your birth mom. We absolutely salute your life mom, she nurtured you to be the honourable person you are!

  28. I learned from my grandmother when I was 8. It took me a few years to finally create my own pattern.
    Jonah is sitting there create trends with his patterns.
    Good on ya Jonah. Keep up the good work.

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