Largest human mattress dominoes – Guinness World Records

3, 2,1 GO! Ladies and gentlemen Yayyyy Cheers Now we’re actually going to Donate all the Mattresses locally in DC Community service event that we are able to donate all of these throughout the city

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  1. This record has now been broken at an event in China with 2,016 participants – check out the spectacular 4K quality footage here >

  2. おすすめに出てきてびっくりした笑笑!同じ同士いますか?


  3. Imagine if they forgot to record this whole thing

    The Guinness world record guy:*checks vid* wait where is it?? I forgot to record it MOTHER F-

  4. People these days cant do nothing without taking their phone out, as soon as everyone fell they started taking phones out to record lol

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