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  1. Republicans are cheering.  Remember this when voting. We need to vote out all Republicans . Only then can Republicans pick up the pieces Trump created and years from now Republicans may again be a great party. For now? Shame on Republicans.

  2. I got an idea why don't we take all the money from the military and build a wall all the way around this country! That way we won't need a military! And we can tell the rest of the world of bugger off! It'll be great again!

  3. The WAR in Iraq and Afghanistan does not make any sense but when it comes the protection of the People of the US Democrat have a problem. Open Borders, Sanctuary Cities, and on it goes for Democrats.

  4. must the wall be built all at once? can't it be built in phases while taking into account the crucial aspects of the military projects into consideration? & besides i thought Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall was it another lie?

  5. Yup and Trump screws the military that overwhelmingly supported him and whom he pandered to. SUCKERS…

  6. Hopefully something pops off and the military doesn’t have something or something isn’t properly done lmaoooo. Didn’t u red cave beasts learn from Greece n Rome y’all doing the same ish… this is beautiful… epic!!!! Keep it going Trump your doing great 🤣🤣🤣

  7. It’s not like they won’t get it back, we spend 130-150 billion dollars on illegal invaders. The wall works, invaders are already down in number.

  8. Lol trumpi is thanos he is b .. slapping the usa maybe after he is.done se can call it Afghanistan 2.0 lol keep voting trump please lol

  9. What TRUMP has done is making our defenses weaker by stealing money that strengthen our defenses,he is failing to defend the Constitution by putting our country in a vulnerable position compromising our defense projects

  10. I think it is fine. One day, Mexico will pay back the money as they are supposed to. Trump will make sure that Mexico pays for them unless Trump is voted out of office in 2020. Make sure he is the President for the second term.

  11. Democrats don't give a damn about wasting money. They waste money all the time. That's what they're good at. If the wall wont work then the Democrats would be all for building it. The Democrats threw away more taxpayer funds on a shutdown to prevent a wall from being built than would have been spent on building the wall. All the Democrats are doing with their attempts to keep the border open is prove to Americans that a wall will work.

  12. Just this ALL of this completely wasteful spending is to appease a small, racist portion of the population… Unreal! If Obama had tried something of this nature, the gop would have immediately removed him from office. Oh the hypocrisy!

  13. Even with this information Trump zombies will still think is a better way to spend the money going to military. That’s Trump telling USA, UP YOURS!!!!

  14. The big question is whether the wall construction contracts will go to Trump's company, to Trump's relatives, or to Trump's campaign donors.

  15. Now this should be a very needed wake up call to his supporters. What is wrong with you? This is about our national security. He obviously doesn't care about real military threats. Is the wall really that important that you are willing to sacrifice our national security in a big way? Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall and not our military! Wake up!

  16. trump foamed at the mouth when a football player took a knee in protest claiming it "disrespected the military and all who served" now he is pissing on their childrens heads and calling it rain and i bet not a single one of the flag waving fanatics that whined like little bitches over kneeling are gonna say shit about this…………support the troops but only when its convenient the second it isnt they can go fuck themselves should be their motto

  17. Trump is overstepping Congress’s constitutional power, and indirectly, the People who elected their Representatives, by spending $3.6 billion without a budgeting bill passed in Capitol Hill. The man who promised he would get Mexico to directly pay for the wall mentioning it over a hundred times during his 2016 campaign, and saying he would never resort to taking executive powers like Obama did, has failed to keep any of his promises. Not only is he a con-man, a charlatan, a snake oil salesman, and a disgrace to this country, he is unconstitutional. A corrupt King can only ride on an autonomous economy for so long until the people starts to see through his lies.

  18. Most of y'all mad about this but your Congress wouldn't approve the wall being built they have "Power of the purse" and didn't approve the funds

  19. 750 billion a year budget… that is 3/4 Trillion a year… next closet country… 100 billion China… we need to relook at our military budget.

  20. Hm Maybe if those lawmakers would have done their job… Build the wall. Build it tall and improve our immigration policy. Sorry not sorry I know longer have sympathy for illegal immigrants who are coming in entitled to all the benefits we aren't even giving our legal citizens.

  21. Kleenex is bringing out a new toilet paper line shit on the starz and stripes lol
    😜The rest of the international community already are 😂
    See ya round buddy boy

  22. VERY INTERESTING!! For the fact that nobody knows, the contractor builder of the wall was link to KUSHNER Companies LLC.
    Smell somethin' FISHY???

  23. where is the people protesting about it? veterans will suffer because of this and yet no uproar. I guess you people are to busy looking at your phones watching funny videos on facebook.

  24. Russia is not invading the U.S.!!! China is not invading the U.S.!!! But millions of illegals ARE invading the U.S. and threaten to alter our way of life!!! Yes, there is a national security crisis at the border!!! Trump – the Commander-in-Chief – is simply defending the country's sovereignty!!!

  25. What…….? Mexico is NOT going to pay for the WALL!? lol Our Military does NOT GET NO RESPECT from this JERSEY SHORE administration.

  26. When 2016 came, I wasn't worried that he got elected; I gave him an opportunity. I definitely did not voted for him but wanted him to prove people wrong.

    This was his one act throughout his whole entire campaign that he made that bold promise, which would never happen. But to pull this move just proves that he is not capable of leading us. He will have the military support cause is the law, but come election day? A lot of people will vote against him, big time and no matter how many tweets he bitch and moans about it will fall into deaf ears.

    So much for Mexico paying for the wall, hahaha!

  27. He already stripped children born overseas, while their parents served, of their citizenship. Now they are taking the military's housing, schools, childcare – etc. Thinking that will be distraction from lose of cyber monitoring ability ?

  28. In a way I'm glad it's coming from the military. We already pay them 700 billions dollars. I'm glad it's coming from them rather than taking even more money our wallets. They are way over funded in the first place so might as well come from them. Majority of people in the military are trump supporters too so they'll support this since it's for their country. I say it's fair game and it's a win win for both sides since they arent directly charging tax payers more.

  29. Wonder how these fake CNN people would feel if an illegal immigrant killed one of their family members knowing them they will say oh well just let the murderer or rapist go he didn't mean it

  30. I don't blame Dopey Donald at all. Yes he is mentally deficient but not deficient enough not to realise that there is not a single person willing to put their head above the parapet and just call him out for the outrageous and stupid way he is ruling over the once great USA. America used to be brave and brash, afraid of nobody. Now an overweight mentally retarded imbecile has the entire country running for cover. I need to tell you America, this is not a good look and not a thing that would have been tolerated in the past. Keep America Great? LMFAO.

  31. I don’t understand. Why doesn’t anyone think we don’t need a boarder? We definitely need one at least it’s not out of the taxes.

  32. Wait wasn’t México supposed to pay for the wall I thought thats what the nazi orange said a million times and and you believe the idiot a million times oh but wait now the military is paying for it.
    Sup wit that whities.


  34. The lie of the century belongs to our president Donald Trump, I guess Texas will be annex by Mexico so Trump can say Mexico paid for the Wall that was Never going to be built anyway things like that are not done overnight it'll take years to construct and Court battles by the score !

  35. You poorly educated voters in Kentucky and Virginia that voted for McConnell and trump are getting what you asked for. You morons actually thought Mexico was paying for his wall lol. Brainless souls.

  36. Let's see, what else can we do to assault our military? We don't want trans. soldiers, we don't want the soldier's children born overseas, or their parents who fight for our country and are only US residents, and not almighty americans. We don't want training and pay raises since we have to have the money to build a useless wall to seperate us from a bunch of rapists and murderers who live in Trump's imagination. Well done mr. Trump, mr. Putin must be pleased.

  37. figure that his crippling our defense for this country are military personnel but he's done crippling the Crooked FBI agencies what kind of shit is that that's right America you heard me right he should be crippling the dirty rotten FBI agencies for eavesdropping on the American people of course who are working for him now why doesn't he cut their share why the military why our defense system there has to be a gimmick why we need our military stronger than ever and he is crippling us what's next

  38. Build the wall huh for the people who voted for that know what do you got to say about that he lied to you huh now he is crippling our country are you satisfied now do you still want your wall or do you want to be a prisoner in your own country for the rest of your life I told you people I told you it's not a good idea but y'all didn't listen to me did you now look at yourselves

  39. Oh and it doesn't matter a name politician or Democrat it doesn't matter what matters is that he's crippling our country and he's making us look bad real bad and if we the people do not do anything about it we are all going down with the ship you get what I'm saying

  40. They should not, they deny the funds to the President for the WALL and fix the law to avoid illegals, what else they were expecting???🙈 he needs to act accordingly😆

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