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Joe: You think we should do it? Zoe: You and mum versus me and dad? We’re
definitely going to get more. Joe: Alright then. Game on. (laughter) Zoe: So here we are, in the woods. It’s
sunny but really cold. We saw squirrels, bluetits, magpies…. It’s been really good fun. Dad: There you go, submitted. Zoe: That’s so cool Dad, Are we winners? Mum: No, I’m not going to accept that! Zoe: Oh look, you can see what other people
have seen today as well. Mum: Oh wow, we were there Joe: Take a video! Joe: Oh look they’re Bewick’s Swans Dad: Excellent camera work, very good! (Sound of Videogame being played) (Sound of television) Joe: Oh yes Joe: Mum, dad, please can you help me
do some homework? Mum: Yep, of course we can. Joe: Group Project. Space Race. Joe: Rocket engines are reaction engines and
as they don’t need external material to form their jets they can perform in a vacuum
and are used to propel spacecraft. Dad: How you getting on? Have you finished
yet? Joe: Yeah, I’ve finished Dad: Excellent work. Joe: Dad, please please can we go here? Dad: I think we can manage that. Joe: Yes! Mum: Guys, Kate’s here Guys: Hey! Shiasta: Oh wow! Look at the crowd! Zoe: Smile! Shiasta: You’re on the screen! Zoe: I wonder who else is watching?

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