Leaked Documents Give Chilling Look Inside Chinese Muslim Detention Camps | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Why dont they talk about Christians getting persecuted and killed? Liberal media is bad for all Bible stands forever

  2. Home sweet home Ly nes a black lines man look inside sli musli leaked home black lines nez documents chillling look leak documents musli 91% musli chinese

  3. America is dping the same with our spanish people! Also, This is no different than Hitler rounding up Jewish people by the millions. And Trump won't say a WORD because we need nikes and iphones. I'm losing more faith in humanity by the day.

  4. But, but, but China is good and President Trump is a big ol meany because of his unfair trade war with China. Keep supporting communist, Democrat scum!

  5. accurate language and correct communication are fundamental requirements for american press priorities to pressure explanations related to extremism and activism if expectations are for legitimate attention adjustment and correction. if just subtracting the islamic component to contrast the concerns its unfortunate serious subjects are communicated by clinton scam endorsement industry 'expertise', obviously providing the conflicts of interest they cant automatically reject dismiss deny or deflect. could snl get us all back on track, to recognize the guilt the blame the victims the oppressors ? that remains to be seen.

  6. Reversing brainwashing is a good thing, not a "chilling thing". They were brainwashed by Islam, so what China is doing is a very good thing. We need to do the same thing here in the USA to right-wing extremists, especially Conservative Christian fanatics. That is the best way to stop terrorism.

  7. China is just horrible to other races, nation and cultures!
    It’s modern day nazi camps and everyone is afraid to speak up about it…

  8. Speaking truth to power is always dangerous no matter what country you reside in. I greatly appreciate those warriors that stood up & put their lives on the line for the greater good of the people throughout the ages-In the US, the Constitution assures us an ability to put forward the power needed for that change to happen. Sometimes though it doesn't happen quick enough.

  9. 🗣️🗣️🗣️ THIS INFORMATION WASN'T leaked it is a manual for what AM🇺🇸 KKKANS would like to do to its' ADOS-B1 ANCESTRY 😠😠😠😠…YOU people are so PREDICTABLE 😕😕 😕!!!!

  10. The path of Islam is always the same.

    1. Establish a mosque.
    2. Create an enclave.
    3. Grow the population.
    5. Claim victimhood.
    6. Resist host authorities and customs
    7. Exploit lawfare.
    8. Institute Shariah.
    9. Secede.
    10. Take Control.

    Afghanistan was once a Buddhist nation, Pakistan was once Hindu and Lebanon was Christian. Do you see a pattern forming? Today they're all Islamic nations. If we let these [email protected] go unchecked Europe will be the next to fall.

  11. Green light for propaganda now. The powers to be has decided to go after China. After years of planning and waiting they are ready to test China and maybe wake up the real "Sleeping Giant"

  12. 90+ million were killed by communists last century alone to the point the word invented to call being killed by government is Democide

  13. Good ole china for ya suppression at it's best and you people want that country to lead the way in this century, yea right

  14. "Leaked" video of some muslims locked up but not the millions of Christian's being jailed, persecuted, coerced to denounce their faith, not to mention the burning of churches, crosses, and bible….lol GIVE ME A BREAK

  15. Too think the DEMONRATS say nothing about the Chinese government when they actually got caught hacking federal government employee data and stealing it for their country's personal gain!

  16. Maybe they dont want secret hate, bombings, stab rapeings or acid tossing?? I dont know? But i wish we all get along…

  17. What China is doing Germany and Europe did it during WW2…… The U.S. did the same thing to the Japanese during WW2. Hipocrites being hipocritical.

  18. That dude banned Winnie the Pooh i doubt theres any kindness being done to Muslims living in China. If those Himalayan Mountains werent in the way some outsiders could free them

  19. But wait, that is exactly the kind of power these socialist/communist want to give our government. Wake up!! Before it's too late!!!!

  20. Please remember that the Tibetan Buddhists have been suffering a systematic program of genocide and cultural murder since the late 1950's. The Chinese Communist government is intent on erasing an entire civilization and its religion. The atrocities are easy to google. ….And just because America wears the stain of this practice on its own collective soul doesn't mean Americans can't still speak out against these evil practices by China.

  21. This is bad PR for communist china. China's paid spokesperson lebron james has his work cut out for him to smooth this over.

  22. Liberals love Shariah Law more than communism. I guess they want to cut to the chase and impose it hear. Liberals hate freedom and this country now.

  23. USA politicians dont care thats why they support imperial genocide on the North Dakota pipeline and zuckerberg covered it up!!!!!

  24. China won't allow CIA funded groups spread chaos using fake democracy as an excuse. Middle East is already a mess because of the globalist parasites in US government and AIPAC. They fund and arm these groups to overthrow governments in foreign countries for their globalist never-ending wars.

  25. China's been doing this to everyone, not just Muslims, and harvesting organs for years. Yet for some reason the Muslims are getting the attention. I mean, I'm glad that they're getting attention, but why's it take the Muslims? This is an all-religion problem.

  26. He said a terror event on your own people to prevent a terror event is unheard of he must not heard of 911 or any of the other false flag attacks

  27. America shouldn't be too quick to criticize China.I get the strong feeling there are certain factions here in the US that wouldn't mind implementing such measures… we already got kids in camps…

  28. Oh, I really hope the US had treated the native Americans in such a civilized manner. Teach them something, rather than literal genocide, and now they are celebrating it with "Thanks"-giving? who f*cking wanted to give you anything. the US is the cancer of this world. no joke.

  29. Muslims would be doing the same if they were in control. Their holy book preaches that non-believers should be killed and anyone who is a Christian would be allowed to live as a second-class citizens without any rights until they convert to Islam.

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