Legal specialists warn Trump national emergency declaration sets dangerous precedent A.M. News Link

Legal specialists warn Trump national emergency declaration sets dangerous precedent A.M. News Link The White Houses announcement Thursday that President Trump would claim emergency powers to build his border wall without congressional approval was a way out of the political crisis he created over shutting down the government. But while the move means the country will avoid another protracted shutdown, legal specialists warned that the long term costs to American democracy could be steep. As a matter of political reality, such a declaration permits Mr. Trump to keep the government open without losing face with his core supporters by surrendering to congressional Democrats on his signature issue. As a matter of legal reality, the proposal is likely to be bogged down in a court challenge, leaving any actual construction work based on emergency powers spending an uncertain and, at best, distant prospect. But no matter what else happens, Mr. Trumps willingness to invoke emergency powers to circumvent Congress is likely to go down as an extraordinary violation of constitutional norms — setting a precedent that future presidents of both parties may emulate to unilaterally achieve their own policy goals. Dangerous. Abuse. Lawless: Bipartisan attack on Trump national emergency declaration Trump once called executive action on immigration dangerous, unconstitutional and impeachable Immigration advocates just sued the Department of Homeland Security over its Remain in Mexico policy McCabe says he ordered obstruction of justice probe on Trump Amazon pulls out of New York headquarters plan Amazon will pay a whopping dollar 0 in federal taxes on dollar 11.2 billion profits William Barr was confirmed as U.S. attorney general. Heres what to expect on crime, immigration and marijuana Lawmakers fume that former Tillerson aide refuses to comply with investigation, which she denies Atmospheric river wallops California; what are these rivers in the sky? Heres what the Green New Deal actually says Where are they now? March For Our Lives activists remain committed to gun control Denver teachers elated to be back in classrooms following deal to end strike ORourke says hed absolutely take down border wall near El Paso if he could Suspect charged for setting fire to Pizzagate restaurant South Carolina lottery winner where are you? dollar 1.5 billion still unclaimed, and clock is ticking One of my worst fears: Colorado trail runner who killed mountain lion describes his life or death fight Maduro reveals secret meetings with U.S. envoy Pence accuses Iran of pursuing another Holocaust, lashes out at allies More Brexit embarrassment for May as parliament defeats her again Kremlin, after summit, says no offensive planned in Syrias Idlib Kashmir attack: India says Pakistan had direct hand in deadly convoy strike Shamima Begum: ISIS teens return to UK could be prevented

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