Level 30 News Minute: February 22nd, 2019

hello everybody and welcome to your
level 30 news minute for Friday February 22nd Nintendo held its first direct of
2019 with a ton of new game announcements some DLC expansions as
well as a few surprises for longtime fans suffice to say there are more
things than we have time to mention here but some highlights include the
announcement of a new game in the Mario maker series with Super Mario maker 2
some in-depth coverage on the latest Fire Emblem game free and paid DLC for
Captain toad I look at Dragon Quest 11 and some demos in the form of Yoshi and
new IP daemon ex machina other surprises include tetris 99 a 99 player battle
royale Tetris game and a remake of legend of zelda links awakening all the
games announced are set to release this year anonymous sources close to Nintendo
World Report have made comments about Nintendo’s entry into the virtual
reality space with a secondary report from VG 24/7 saying it may have
something to do with intends lab own line of products this makes sense from a
practicality standpoint as antenna was said it doesn’t feel VR is ready for the
mainstream however tying it to his lab o products
may put it on par with something similar and affordable to Google cardboard
Nintendo is no official word on any VR developments demon formers Imran Khan
made a comment on the kind of funny podcast last week in regards to a game
caught dead the Nintendo is planning to revive Kahn went on to say that it is
not a game people would expect and he’s heard enough about it to suggest that it
exists again discussion circulating on reddit have pointed to some augmentin
titles such as starfox racing game retro studios was rumored to be working on as
well as scalebound a platinum games title created as an
xbox exclusive even f-zero has popped up as Nintendo reached out developer
criterion in 2011 to help create the next entry in the long-dormant franchise
and while that never came to fruition it’s possible the big end went elsewhere
or kept it in-house if you have thoughts on what game you’d like to see Nintendo
bring back let us know in the comments as that about does it for this edition
of level 30 news minute if you enjoyed we’d love it if you’d like and subscribe
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