LFC TRANSFER NEWS : Liverpool hot in chase to sign £190,000 a week star in January

Liverpool had been laying with England
international Jaron Sancho for quit sometime in the last three folds
Zacchaeus they have to we know what Coakley rules you’re not mom in the
winter transfer window aspect Windham defender the nineteen years old
Starro want to leave the German club whoa are us also willing to listen to
offer to get rid of him in January the British thought climbed the terrain for
keeping a watchful eye on the stage situation on the other hand report on
German suggests that Hilla that the like of Liverpool Manchester United and Real
Madrid after hard candy they’re too high up the servants in January last season
the teenage face suspension made it in toward the Bundesliga team of the season
after impressive performance for cotton under the management of blue seein
fabric in the league his daughter 26 film and Brittany contribute in love her
then 29 call to alcohol and certain in assist
in the card campaign the head office called Stefan girl and profile 9 edges
in IV nephron for the general Club Santos scored a sublime goal against
Barcelona in the midweek champion leaks pixel magnitude to the opening goal or
late in the day versus health I’ve been living so why does the dragon management
one to him but what wound up console with his discipline and rightly so
Department Manchester City player private layer from international duty
last month and was fined and suspend the game against mönchengladbach
morning moreover repost against the table tune-up led for the team meeting
before the Champion League time at the Nou Camp under for half a day to start
him on the bench presses cattle and jaian remember back in 2016 Saco lipid
layer for training on stick Club furnace at him by setting him bay from the club
preseason us to the first international was never about to fix his relation with
the general manager and was eventually uploaded Liverpool
do need to improve the different depth of their offense but in your view so
they will sign someone like a dungeon Sancho who has swaps disciplinary
consent you

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