LFCC News: Searching for Truth Through Information Literacy

♪ [music] ♪ – [Amanda] Welcome to Channel 47
News, Lord Fairfax Community
College’s dedicated news channel. I’m Amanda Freese.
It is here that you will find
breaking news and crucial updates from all four of
our locations. Our main story
today focuses on the Quality Enhancement Plan or
QEP topic of information
literacy. The QEP is part of the college’s
10 year reaffirmation process
conducted by the Southern Association of Colleges
and School’s Commission on
Colleges. For more information on
Information literacy and it’s
importance, let’s go to our chief correspondent Nicole,
with more information. Nicole? – [Nicole] We are in the
hallways of Lord Fairfax
Community College to learn how
our students effectively employ
their information literacy
skills and become true academic scholars. Let’s
see what students we find around
here. Hi, guys. I’m on a mission today
to combat fake news sources and
find out how you guys finely utilize
your information. Can you share
with me some of the sources you guys use? – [Man 1] Social media, of
course. Isn’t that where all the
great news is these days? – How do you know it’s a good
source of information? – [Woman 1] If the article or
sight has a lot of likes, then
you know it’s a good site, of course. – Well, there you have it folks.
If the students agree, then it must be true.
Back to you at the news desk. – Well that sure was inspiring.
Perhaps we need a few more news stories to fully educate our
students on the importance of
searching for and obtaining information,
determining needed information,
evaluating sources, and effectively communicating
that information. These are all
very important steps in information literacy.
So let’s continue with the
second story of the day. – [Man 3] Hey, Josh. I didn’t
know you went to LFCC. – [Josh] Yeah man,
#lionsforlife. – #LFCCRocks. What are you doing
there? #StudyingLooksIntense. – Just working on a term paper.
#ThankGoodnessForGoogle. #Can’tWaitToBeDone.
#IsThisGoodForYouProfessor? – So are you almost done? – Not yet, I’m just looking for
some articles to add as
references. #ResearchForDays.
#I’mSureIt’sLegit. – Where else are you looking for
information? #Library? #ResearchArticles?
#PrimaryResources? – Dude I don’t have time for
that. #SorryNotSorry. – It’s not like you have to go
the card catalog anymore. #ThrowbackThursday. It’s a
simple click on the LFCC home
page to get to the library. #EasyPeasyLemonSqueezy.
#Let’sMakePapersGreatAgain. – Dude what is your issue?
Why would I need to do that? – Information literacy is not
only used for just papers.
#KnowYourSource. #RecognizeTheInformation.
#Evaluate. #ThinkCritically. #ClearlyCommunicateInformation. – #TimeToGetOnTheResearchTrain. – [Both] Choo-Choo – #YourGradeWillThankMe.
#SearchingForTheTruth. – [Woman 2] Hey you two,
#ItSaysQuietLoungeForAReason. #StopHashtagging.
#TryingToGetMyLearnOn. – Well, not exactly the
professional news story we were
going for. #SearchingForTruth. We will go
back to the drawing board, and until next time, LFCC, this
is Amanda Freese signing off. ♪ [music] ♪

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