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  1. What did you expect when you went out and interviewed libtarded people who listen to your libtarded shiyt daily? You yourself are proof that libtards are functioning without any living brain cells. Did you really expect more from your dread dead, drooling minions?

  2. so Jimmy K, Jimmy F etc….when your audiences clap and shout hysterically in approval when one of your guests makes some remark about …equal pay or climate change etc…..doesn't it embarrass you that they are on par with these people in the vid? all uninformed sheep who buy into the sophistry networks like yours put out with all this misinformation.

  3. This is one of the cons to democracy and voting… Which is having dumbass unaware people like these voting out there🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Sad commentary on American citizenry. The only reason Jimmy thinks this is funny is because they will all vote democrat! If he thought for one second these dummies were Trump voters, he would not be laughing he would be screaming to raise the minimum voting age.

  5. I can't tell if the original question was wiped and a 'new question' was inserted into the video. or if they were legit, then i'd love to see the recording of all the other questions and responses of "the hell you talking about?" or maybe like reactions of "wait did that actually happen? THAT'S AMAZING!!" And then the response of " no, the President didn't actually go to jail"

  6. God damnit I promise we aren't that dumb here in North Carolina lol. We are dumb for sure because we vote Republican all the time like mindless retards but 99% of us know the sabertooth wasn't brought back lol.

  7. Oh look kids: it's the comedy show for those without a sense of humor. The audience is dead behind the eyes because their soul has been stripped clean. The formulaic attempt at humor appeals to elitists and wannabes that don't dare to look too closely because the joke might very well be on them.

  8. @ Jimmy Kimmel: Just learned that as a result of your insults toward the disabled vet who has organized the GoFundMe goal, he says that there has been an outpouring of threats and insults toward him. I’m not at all surprised, since the Only thing the Dems have left are Insults. So, what’s left of the Left? ….. ZERO. They have zero solutions… Hopefully you’ll inform your viewers that any GoFundMe donor can, if he wants, get a full refund of his money… I replied the following to the GoFundMe email that explained my right to a full refund:: “Even if Congress fully funds the Wall (Dream Away!) I do Not want my contribution returned to me. That is because it gives me much satisfaction to know that whatever results from my contribution, I like to feel that at least an infinitesimally small part of that Wall IS from Me – I am a ‘co-owner’ of that Wall.” ….. Also, when you and other Leftists insult us, it simply causes us to gain more strength. For me, re this latest Dem smear effort, it has caused me to give yet another donation to the Wall GoFundMe.

  9. OMG, if these are the people who voted, it's no wonder Trump can say lies and be believed. I feel sorry for all life on earth, because with the lack of brains, willingness to lie and/or believe lies by these, probably average humans, the earth is screwed. Enjoy life while you can people, it doesn't look like it's going to be going on much longer.

  10. I literally had to stop watching after the first question, I was so embarrassed for the lady that gave the sabertooth tiger response I couldn’t watch the next one. Note: I also had a hard time watching The Office.

  11. I asked my 10 year old grandson how he felt about the first woman to walk on the sun and he quickly said, "Nana, the sun is TOO HOT to land on"!
    He also knew Andrew Jackson has been dead for a long time, that NK was NOT nuked, that the Supreme Court never approved cell phone marriage….. it's just sad how ignorant people are.

  12. Hmmm they messed up about half of these. This segment is supposed to be about getting the people to lie. Like when they got people to share their opinions of fake bands. But in half the clips the interview lady simply lied to see if the people would believe her. Oh well.

  13. I love how everyone says they watched the news with their friends, I’ve never heard of anyone watch the news with their friends like a football game

  14. The 3 psychological reasons these interviews work are: 1. Authority – people respect authority and the questioner implies the interviewee should know what is being asked. 2. Social Proof – People do what they see others doing, when a serious interviewer asks absurd questions, respondents are likely to take the question seriously. 3. Commitment and Consistency – Once people agree to and commit to an answer, they won't back down when questioned further for risk of looking dumb. Now, it likely takes many interviews to find people weak and dumb enough to agree to anything, but sadly it probably isn't too difficult.



  16. PrAying for 2020 to be a Better year! 🤰🏻💇🏻‍♀️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💍🐶🚗🏘😍❤️👏💁🏻🍷

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