Lie Witness News – Canada is America’s 51st State

JIMMY KIMMEL: The NBA Finals. This is the first ever final
between the US and Canada, which, of course, is fun. But I want to point something
out that’s been bothering me. And it’s the
Raptors team slogan. Have you heard it? We the North. You see it everywhere. And besides it being bothersome
from a grammar standpoint, Toronto is not the north. Let me show you here. Maine is the north. Montana is the north. Toronto is part of Canada. And you know what
part of Canada it is? It’s the south part of Canada. I don’t know why I
have to point this out, but Canada is its own country,
which Mexico doesn’t say, We the South, right, Guillermo? GUILLERMO RODRIGUEZ:
That’s right, Jimmy, yes. JIMMY KIMMEL: That’s right. So, anyway, I thought we could
maybe have some fun with this. So we went out on the
street here in Hollywood. And we asked pedestrians for
their reactions to the news that Canada had just
become our 51st state. And of course, that
did not happen. That’s preposterous. But did that stop people
from weighing in on it? Let’s find out in
tonight’s Canada edition of live witness news. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] INTERVIEWER: How did
you react to the news when you heard Canada’s
becoming a 51st state? WOMAN: Surprised. Honestly, I was a
little surprised by it. I didn’t know they
wanted to be part of it. But if they want to become
part of the United States, if they’re willing to help
us out, we can help them, I don’t see what the problem is. INTERVIEWER: What was your
reaction to first hearing that Canada’s becoming
the 51st state? MAN: I was actually shocked. From all the countries
they could choose from, they went with Canada. So that was kind of
surprising to me. INTERVIEWER: What
does Canada have to benefit now that they’re
going to be a 51st state? MAN: Our freedoms. And– INTERVIEWER: One other
thing about America. MAN: Our guns? I don’t know. INTERVIEWER: A study said
that every American’s going to save an average of
$1,000 on maple syrup a year– MAN: OK. INTERVIEWER: –because
the lack of tariffs. Are you excited about that? MAN: I’m looking forward to it. I’m a big maple syrup fan. INTERVIEWER: Where
were you when you found out the news that
Canada is becoming a state? MAN: I was drinking
coffee at Starbucks and watching in my phone,
social media stuff. So I was like, wow,
that’s very shocking. INTERVIEWER: Were other
people watching in Starbucks? MAN: Yeah, they actually were. And they were actually–
some were kind of mad, because I heard them
cursing, and then the other ones were laughing,
and other ones just shocked. INTERVIEWER: It
sounds like chaos. MAN: It kind of felt like,
but everybody’s drinking coffee at the same time. INTERVIEWER: Where
did you watch the coin toss where Donald Trump chose
between Puerto Rico and Canada? MAN: I was actually
at that point at home and drinking coffee. And I almost spit
the coffee out. So I thought it
was so hilarious. Yeah. So that was pretty funny. INTERVIEWER: Can you describe it
to people who’ve never seen it? MAN: Yeah. He was like all nice,
smooth with his suit, with the power tie. Then he just went boom with
one hand and it went up. I don’t know– I lost count
how many times it went up. And then it went back into down. So it was pretty funny. WOMAN: Welcome, Canada,
to the United States. MAN: Welcome, Canada. We love all you guys. WOMAN: Canada, welcome
to the United States. I thought you was
a state all along. Sorry! MAN: Welcome, Canada. And let’s make
Canada great again. [MUSIC PLAYING] JIMMY KIMMEL: All right.

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